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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sulit Talaga

Well it happened. I returned home.
It's now been a few months since I've been home, and so much has happened it's insane.  Heavenly Father has blessed me abundantly. The day after I returned home- I was blessed to get a message and phone call from my old job, asking me to come back to work. Although I was unsure about finances, and what I was going to do with my life, things also just seemed to all work out. So many other blessings just seemed to come...and the biggest blessing that came my way...well, that was Bud.  The man that I had dated before I left for the mission, and had been writing throughout my mission, and had hoped and prayed would still be there, well...he was. :)  And as much as I thought I was falling in love with him before I left, well....that was nothing compared to how I feel about him now.  We started dating again almost immediately after I got home, and by April 30th were engaged.  We will be married June 22nd. And let me tell you, he was well worth the wait. It fills my eyes with tears when I think about how blessed I am, and how complete I feel, now that I've finally found him.

These last few months have been a real whirlwind, but they've been some of the best months of my life.  I cannot even begin to express to you my gratitude for our Savior, for the love that he has for us. For how much he loves his missionaries and watches over them; not only while they're serving him in the mission field, but also when they go home.  I know that He knows us individually, and that we are never alone.  I know that he will fulfill all the desires of our hearts, if we will but be faithful to him, and keep His commandments.  And if we really love him...we will.

Here's to finishing another great chapter of life......
and all I can say was......It was worth it.  Sulit Talaga :)

 Saying Hi to Dad & the Family for the first time in 18 months :)
Putting up the final dot on the 'count down' calendar

 The Man of my Dreams :)

 The best is yet to come...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'll Be Seeing You...

Mar 24, 2011

Well...where to begin?!?!  We're here. I can't believe it...but this is the last email you will get from me before I head back home.
This week has been filled with lots of excitement.. haha We've had a dinner appointment every night this week...I hope I still fit in my skirts when i get home :) haha It was funny we went to Sis. Salvatera's house (I call her Nanay 'mom') because she's like my mom away from home...actually her personality and the way she dresses remind me of mom really. anyways...she asked to have a family home evening over there. I was excited. When we got there...she told us she felt inspired, that she would be giving the lesson. Well...guess what her topic was about. Marriage and family. haha that seems to be everyone's favorite topic these days. haha
I'm sorry but I've gotta throw out another blooper ni sis. leuluai. It was so funny when we ran into the ward clerk and she asked "kumusta and patay?" (or how was the dead person?) and Bro fancis just replied. "uh...patay pa rin sister". or (well, he's still dead). hahaha It was sooo funny. Ah I will soo miss sis. Leuluai...she is hilarious!
Also..Sis. Pamesa taught me how to make a cake....using the stovetop is sweet....I'm way excited to show you. Well...maybe you already know how and I just never knew it...but I was way excited when she showed me how to do that...I thought you needed an oven...I was wrong. I'll teach you next week maybe :)
Of course not wanting to waste any time and try and get every event in as possible that I can before I leave, this weekend we had a ward 1/2 day mission, and we had a great turn out. Also...we had "Sevilla Night". We planned it to be like a ward FHE....but they ended up having a part where they pulled me up to the front and the members all came up and said their goodbye's to me. Can you guess if I cried or not?! haha :) Actually I did pretty good...I held it in.
This week I had one of the coolest experiences happen to me of my whole mission. About a "preach by the way"....and how strong I felt back to talk to him...and how the Lord had totally prepared him. There ya've got a cliff hanger...I'll finish the story in a few days when I see you in person.
Actually the truth is I just ran out of time...haha so I have no choice but to wait to tell you.
This work is the best. The gospel is true. God loves us soo much, and he's given us the ultimate gift. His Son, that we could again return to his presence and be like Him. I love you all dearly, thanks for your support these last 18 months. I may have only had 18 months to live it. But I will have eternity to remember.
I'll be seeing you....

The Casilla family

Dinner with
the Casilla

More of my family here

After missionary coordination meeting, our Bishopric

Me with Sister Kimberly.  She never knew why I
always told her her name was soo beautiful and
she was too...I told her it must be cuz of her name.
We just she knows my secret...
I love her name  :).

Good-bye Sevilla...I love you all!

Red puffy eyes!  Saying Goodbye is very hard to do.

Monday, March 18, 2013

What A Great Week!

Gradution from our Career workshop
 Mar 18, 2013

Well Hello there wonderful family,
I don't think i've ever been lacking so much sleep or traveled soo much in my entire mission. We traveled to Baguio one day. Another day we traveled to Aringay- Agoo for exchanges. Another day we traveled to SFLU Bayan to help with a marathon, and earlier- I traveled here to Dagupan. I woke up at 2:45 3 days this week....oh my goodness....its been great. Sulitin ko po ang oras d2 sa mission yata!!! hehe
This week I got asked to lead companion exchanges with (I think it was 9 sisters) it was a great experience! It was a different feeling being the one in charge- and it actually ended up being a really spiritual experience as we did an activity about "Our Purpose" and talked about what we expect from our mission before we came and how we're fulfilling our purpose...everyone was in tears. Yes....sisters kasi kami! :) haha
This week we also got to participate in San Fernando La Union Marathon- It was soo sweet...I totally miss the runners atmosphere...I'm excited to be around it... malapit na ang summer time kasi!
This week...we also got a lot of rain. know the picture I sent you a few weeks ago...did you notice the condition of my umbrella?! Yes...well I haven't been using it cuz it was pretty pathetic...and I don't want to spend money on a new one. decided to rain. haha It was awesome...I got soaking wet...well that wasn't the awesome part...haha but we enjoyed ourselves. IT was Sis. Leuluai and sis. Pamesa's first time working in the rain. I have so many fun memories...I remember the first time I worked in the rain...and I hated it...and then grew to love it hahaha I will miss the Pilipine least even though its not technically rainy season...I got to experience it one last time before I leave! Who knows...maybe it'll rain again this week! :)
This has been soo fun....even though the past few months we've just been planting and planting seeds and finding and finding the "elect" our fruits are starting to pay off...and I"m excited that both Sis. Leuluai and Sis. Pamesa will still be here to see the fruits of their they too understand as I do that everything we do has a purpose. And I mean everything. One of my favorite families right now ( I mean, of course they're all my favorite...but basta...this family is just amazing) Sina Bro. Jonathan & Sis. Elvelyn....they went to church last sunday and had a great experience. Well that thursday (we were on exchanges) we went to their house. I was shocked...we all were and it showed as sis Elvelyn whipped out these 2 pages that she took of notes and she told us about what she read in the book of mormon...and it was soo in detail about Lehi and his family and everything and how she could apply it to her life. Oh my goodness. She said she prayed to know and it was like something came over her...she knows its true. I looked at my 2 companions and then realized quickly that all of our jaws were dropped open....and our eyes were huge. We were speechless. haha words could not express the happiness that we felt. We went back to teach them twice this last week...they're progressing talaga. I so love them, and when I'm there I can just see them in baptisimal clothes and at the temple....It's gonna happen. they are the elect. They are what we call "ripe" or "hinog" and I am so priviledged to know them.
Herra, Heart and Azure

I know that God loves us and he knows us better than we know ourselves. I know that he has a plan for us, and that nothing happens by coincidence in the gospel. I am so privileged to be one of his servants in this great work.
I love you all and I am sooo excited to greet you next week.
In my prayers always
Yours truly,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Greetings From Sevilla

One of my fav. sisters...of course. I got to see Sis. Valera for
the last was hard saying goodbye!  :(
 Mar 11, 2013

What a week. Actually, this week has been a great one. We have been struggling with Investigators here in Sevilla. This area has seriously felt like open area, because (I think i've mentioned this in previous emails) but they were teaching like the same 10 people. Over and over and over again. And then when her trainer would get tired they'd just go to the members' houses and hang out. we started from scratch. Thats why I have loved staying in my previous areas for so long, because when you stay there past the first 4 months, thats when you really start to see the fruits of your success. We have been planting, and planting, and planting seeds. This week- I watched our sacrament attendance boom. Our Investigators Gospel Principles class was completely full. We have 8 people now progressing for baptism.
It broke my heart last night as we found this one family- Apilado family. Si Brother...he was baptized when he was a child- and his family went inactive so he's a member, but he doesn't really undestand the gospel. Sister- his wife-(they're not yet legally married) they have one child- months old pa lang. Anyways- they came to church....and they had such a great time and made a lot of friends. It was soo great to see. Last night, we went over and taught them. When we were there the spirit was soo strong as we talked about eternal families- and how they can be together forever. I sat back as I watched my two daughters teach the lesson- because I told them (sila and bahala) or it was up to them.....they had to take control of the lesson and teach it haha..I know, I'm mean. haha Anyways...they did a fantastic job. At the end- Sis. Pamesa extended their baptismal date (which will of course be after their wedding) for May 11. Their reply was Yes, of course. Then Sis. Apilado just looked at me and said wait...Sister Allen won't be here. Of course I said, well there will be a replacement- and they'll be here. The important thing isnt' that i'm there, it's that she's taking the first step towards being an eternal family. At this time, my heart broke. It's true- I won't be here to see her baptized. I have grown so close to them in such a short period of time- I will miss them. But....I know that what they've felt...they will never forget. They know the gospel's true. Even though missinoaries transfer- they're never permanent. What they do for those people; and their influence-- Well, that is permanent.
Sunday was also an emotional day, because Bishop Baro got released as bishop- because he's moving to bacnotan. He asked us to sing a song- he wanted hymn 97 "lead kindly light" but we wanted it to be a surprise. So...I sung the first 2 lines of lead kindly light. Then my companions joined in and we went in to "God be with you till we meet again". Everyone was crying. It was really pretty. Sis. Leuluai's voice is amazing.  It was also sweet listening to Bishop say his goodbye to the ward. He is soo sweet, he absolutely loves his wife and 3 daughters. It is so obvious- he started to get teary eyed as he talked about his wife- how she was a modern day emma. They truly are an amazing couple- and they've influenced more lives than they may know. I know they've influenced mine. I so want my relationship some day to be like theirs.
Anyways, of course this week has been one full of learning.
I love you all, and youre always in my thoughts and prayers


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Last Transfer Week Here In Baguio Mission

Sis. last borne in the wilderness!

This is our's beautiful!!
Mar 3, 2013
Hello Family!!!!
What another fantastic week here in Baguio...well okay, here in Sevilla :)
I have another child! should have seen the look on all the other missionaries' faces when we took a family picture. haha :)
I cried soo hard......I was surprised. It was just a completely different feeling as I was standing in the Mission home, talking to all the sisters there- and I had a realization that wow...I know every sister here. I love every one of them and I have relationships with all of them. I am going to miss these girls- this is that last time that I will see them. I just started crying...and then they did too. haha we were a mess. We then went to the sacrament hall and I have to tell you it was the best feeling as we all stood and recited D&C 4 and sung our Baguio Mission a huge group of elders and sisters- for the last time. I'm not ready to say goodbye. But.I know that my work is slowly coming to a close here in Baguio Mission. It was a bitter sweet- Sis. Perina and I just cried when I saw her and we hugged...realizing that was the last time I'll be seeing her...I am soo lucky that everything worked out that I got to see all of my children and past companions here at transfer point one last time. That was such a great day!
My newest companion, Sis. Pamesa is from Mindanao---malayo. She is very sweet, and I'm sure these next few weeks are going to be great. She's not afriad to speak in the lessons- so thats a great thing...its going to be fun training again. Its been fun, and it's keeping me busy training 2 at one time....these next few weeks are going to be busy making sure that we're doing everything that we're supposed to- and training them so that they can be trainers. This next transfer- after I go home. They're expecting 22 new Sisters to come...almost all are will be  interesting- I'm kinda sad I won't get to be around for it.
Anyways, all my time is up, but I love you all. Sorry its short- but at least you got tonz of pics!

Our Zone T Shirts

Us Sisters at Transfer Point....Our Family Picture


Another Family Picture

My sisters....oh how I love them!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm A Mom Again...And Now A Grandma!!

You know your umbrella's about had it
when everyone who drives or walks by
just says,,,"nakakahiya naman ang
payong mo"...or that's "your umbrella is
embarrassing"  haha, I'm trying to
make do.
Feb 24, 2013
Well...what a great week...I can hardly believe it...I got a call from Elder Mayes...again...(one of our AP's) I've been called to be a trainer again!!!!! This will be my 4th Child!!!! haha.....that's crazy....we figured...I spent the first 9 months of my mission learning...and the last 9 months have been spent training! haha It should be fun! :) President said I may also be put in a trisome! I was also really excited because Sis. Valera also got called to be a trainer too!!! :) She's soo great, and she's gonna do a fantastic job training!
Yesterday I had the best Ward Council Meeting that I have ever had in my mission. It was amazing...Bishop Baro is amazing. I just love him! I wish I could take his family home with me in my suitcase...I don't think they'll fit! :) We had all of the auxilaries present,and when it came time to talk about missioary work, we presented our plan to have the members be the missionaries and teach the new member discussions- and they're all on board to do it. Not to mention, we also told them we wanted to have a member present from every auxillary at our MCM meetings so the coordination would be better- and more effective fellowhsippers. We then scheduled EFFECTIVE fellowshippers at that time for this week- this week is gonna be awesome. Oh...and not to mention we went through the entire ward directory with all of them and identified who are the active and inactive- and also the part member families. I told them that's who I want to really focus on- the part member families. You can kill two birds with one stone- you're rescuing the lost members- and at the same time you're finding new investigators- and helping bring families to the gospel- so they can be eternal. sounds like a win-win, right?! haha
Anyways...we also had some funny things happen this week.....this cute kid...Raven came in and was explaining to me how sometmies kids at school are rude to him and say stuff that's not nice. I asked him really?! And then I made the mistake of asking him what they said....cuz i thought it was just picking on him....he started swearing up a storm in front of me...and using just....the worst words. was sooo funny Me and Sis. Leuluai at the same time were like "wooaahh...that's enough. ok...stop na" hahaha it was sooo funny we freaked out. I had another wake up moment about how terrible real life really is. Not to mention....we were teaching a recent convert who is 10 years old with her siblings....and we were talking about eternal marriage. They told me they didn't want to get married....that they didn't want to have kids. they said "it's soo hard to give birth" and were explaining the difficult process. haha I was shocked...then they said well..."when I get pregnant, that's when I need to get married". I think I about freaked out...I had to be sure not to scare them but I got soo mad that that's what these kids interpret marriage as...if you get pregnant- then you have to get married. It's soo messed up! I just firmly told them about eternal marriage and being eternal families.
I got to see Sis. Valera again!!!  She's training!
(BTW this dress...yeah a member bought it for me
for like 50 pesos...that's about 1 dollar in the US!
We taught the cassilla family- they made us eat Bagoong at manga na hinaw...i HATE it...i thought i was gonna throw up...but i had to say "mmmm, masarap!" so they wouldn't get offended. hahaha
Anyways, I"m out of time again
I love you all

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Week in Sevilla

Yes...we really are missionaries from
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints.  And yes, our message is one of
Feb 17, 2013
I have sent so many pictures this day, i have had absolutey no time to write youa out this week.
just know that this week was amazing.
We had a great turn out, there were 17 ward members who came to our half day mission, before only 4 would this is progress. not to mention, the members are starting to work.
Sis Leuluai and i sung in sacrament..of course, we sung my fav hymn, "I know that my redeemer lives". The spirit was soo strong. The first 3 verses were in english, and the last was in Tagalog.
We also had zone interviews with President. Mine was more like an exit interview. He just asked me about my plans when I go home and told me I need to start thinking about it.What i'm going to do with schooling oh and of course, all the church leaders' favorite piece of advice...dont delay in finding your enternal companion. Oh man...I just asked him if I could stay here. Actually, at the end he just asked me if I was ready. I just broke down and cried..I just said...i don't want to leave. He told me that I should know that there is nothing else that I could have done to be a more successful or obedient missionary. He told me that my time has come. That the part i'm afraid of is not necessarily to leave, but to leave this great experience behind. The spirit is always so strong, this environment is the best that you could ever have. I have been so blessed to be here.
This week was a good one.
I love you all. You're in my thoughts and prayers always