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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mabilis talaga ang oras d2!

Just waiting....hoping they'll open the church.
Hello Family, another week gone by!
This week was of course, a great one :) haha this week we had our first Zone Training (that's something new) we didn't have that before with Pres Jensen, but with Pres Monahan, we have it now. haha It was really great actually, I learned a lot, and I guess we'll be having that every transfer now so (every 6 weeks). We also got to go to Urdaneta again this week for the New Missionary Training. They don't say everything to the new missionaries their first day there because frankly they're exhausted, and they don't get much out of the first few days. haha Now, they've been here 2 weeks, so we returned for more training. Even though I'm not new, I still feel the spirit so strongly and leave the meetings feeling charged and ready to go, I just Love Pres Monahan.
This week I have been sick. I lost my voice and my throat was really sore. I think it's because of the weather changes. One minute it's sooo hot, the next it's pouring rain. But it's okay, I'm recovering now, I got a priesthood blessing, and even though I've felt really crummy....I've still been able to teach and work at a normal pace, thank goodness to answered prayers.
We had a couple of really great experiences. One experiences was to a new investigator, we had taught her once, I found out that she is really devoted to her Protestant religion, and she told me that's why her kids haven't gone astray, because of their faith, because of the church. I just tried to relate to her,and she is very gospel oriented. Anyways, we left a book of mormon and covered the first 3 principles of lesson 1 with her, but didn't go too in depth. Anyways, we showed up at her house again, and she wanted to listen, she said she had some questions about the book of mormon. Panic quickly came through my head as I thought uh oh...hopefully I know the answers. hahaa anyways we sat down and she just said "I've read this book, and it's a good book. It doesnt seem to be evil, but I want to know why we have it. Why isn't the bible enough? I've read about the prophets here like Alma, and Nephi...why weren't they mentioned in the bible?" So...I was first panicked because usually here in the Philippines, they don't ask very in depth questions like that, they just believe. But...I was grateful...i did know the answer. haha then I dont know why but "2 Ne 29:8-10" flashed through my head- anyways I didnt know why and I thought...i'm not really sure what exactly it says there but ok...i'll trust my thought. haha good thing. We turned there, and it was perfect for her, she understood and the verse there was just a simple verse about needing 2 nations to testify- but it was what she needed to here, and the spirit was very strong as we bore testimony of the truthfulness of the restoration and taught her. I will always remember our experience with Sis. Ditas. Sure, experiences happen kind of like that every day- but for some reason, this experience was more intense and it was just a good day. :)
Later that day we went to the hernandez family because their baptismal interview was this last saturday. By the way, the passed! And, when we were their their kapit bahay (neighbor) is also a less active member and his wife has serious anal cancer. They can't do anything about it, because they dont' have any money so she can't get medicine really or treatment or figure out what the problem really is. She is always in pain, and she cries a lot. Luckily, she was having a little better of a day. We were standing up outside next to her as she was seated and started making conversation which (thats the first time in 5 months that she's actually talked to us). I dont know why but somehow next think I know I took a seat and started testifying about how I know she's had a lot of trails and problems, and that especially her, but all of us- we dont know when our last day will be on this earth.I asked her about where she is going after this life- she didn't really know but she said she had hope that she would be with her family, but if it wasn't possible, this life was just gonna be it for her. I testified that because of the Gospel- I do know where I'm going after this life, and that she can know to. I told her that is why it was so important for her to listen to our message, because through it she will find that hope and peace that she's looking for. She told me with tears in her eyes that she wants that, that she wants to be with her family. I dont know how it happened, but somehow as I was preaching...I challenged her to be baptized and prepare now. Her response was, when I'm feeling better and can listen. I told her, 'kung hindi ngayon, kailan?" or...if not now, when? She just looked at me and said...okay, now. we will be teaching her the discussions. The spirit was sooo strong- all 3 of us were teary eyed.
The Hernandez family, I will have to tell you their story completely next week...its a really good one. *talk about cliff hanger, right?* hehe jk  Anyways, they passed their interview, and their baptism will be this next week.
This gospel is true. It is why I am here, and it needs to be a part of who we are. We do not know when our last day on this earth will be, but if we are faithful we can be rest assured that there is a mansion being prepared for us in the Kingdom of God.
Anyways, I love you all,
Have a great week!

Hernandez family passed their interview!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Week In The Life....

They actually eat's part of a tree
trunk.  It's called "kahoy kamote" or
something like's disgusting,
but they love it.
Aug 20, 2012
Hello Family!!!! What a great week, can I just say that enough?! :)
First of all, I did not notice Shawn, but I did see the Philippines flag, and I said to my companion, Look, it's the I did point the flag out, however sorry Shawn, I didn't see your face
:( haha but that'.
s way cool that you got to do that for Pres Monson's birthday!

This was seriously such a great week, we set up appointments to meet with the RS & EQ presidency and review the less acitve work, the RS pres no showed to our appt, but the EQ pres mtg was a success! :) I copied a list of all our appts and gave it to him for the week so he can assign people to work with us, and then I gave him my "plan" for the workshop that we held this last friday to all the EQ & YM in Carmen ward. It was soo great, Elder Matthews & Elder Terry came to workshop friday too- we taught them the basics of home teaching and how to approach, many of them are scared because they really don't know how to approach these less actives for the first time, or what they should say. So...we taught them, then we had them voice their individual concerns, then we role played or demonstrated fake situations for them to see how we would handle them. Then we taught them about what they should do at a home teaching appt. to use doctrine and bear testimony those are techniques here that we call "BRT & ALDT". Build Relationship of Trust & Ask, Listen, Discern, and Teach. in that order! haha

My companion, she is soo great, just I love her, she is soo cute and little and just...a sweetheart, our personalities are perfect...and she's a great missionary. Your companion really makes a difference in your teaching...that's one lesson I've definatly learned here. We both have to be worthy, we both have to be diligent and want to be instruments in His hands...and Sis. Perina...wants that, so we've been able to have a lot of really cool spiritual experiences just in the last week, and I know we have many yet to come! It makes me miss my nanay or mom here in the mission field, sis. feels like just last week she was my comp.

We had a baptism this week, Bro RJ Ancheta, he is the cutest kid...still a kid, but it was really happy, they are now a complete family too! :)

We visited a lot of less active members for the first time, and are having a lot of success with our investigators, The hernandez is really preparing for their baptism Sept 1st, they're active in all of the activities, bro. hernandez wants to help the less active members in his area and visit them, and they're keeping all of their commitments, it's been fun to watch them progress!!!! I cried this last week when I received a letter from bro. Hernani Bidan (convert in first area) his daughter is now the YW president, and he just received the melchezedik priesthood....and is waiting for his calling....he is such a leader, I am soo glad that they are so active in the gospel!!

I LOVED the birthday broadcast ni Pres was fun to hear some songs that weren't from EFY but musicals haha I cried when they sung "All I ask of you" hahaha I know, I know...but it's such a good song! :)
Ah...I almost forgot...guess what?! I rode in a car yesterday...what in the world...I know, I was soo excited, I forgot what it felt like hahaha first time in almost a year! haha :) Sorry, I was kinda excited, I just had to share my excitement with you! :)
Anyways, I love you family and pray for you often, especially Mom, Dad, and Melissa, that you all will heal na maayos...or heal properly :) haha

Us with the Uminga family!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Never A Dull Moment :)

Off we go now to Rosales--Me and my new companion,
Sis. Perina.  She is soo cute...and soo little! I look like
a giant here!

Us Sisters at transfer day.  I love them!
Aug 13, 2012
Well Hello! So...yep, never a dull moment here in the Pines. We just laugh when something funny when we're riding in a tricycle with no bubong (or roof) and it's pouring we're all huddled together in this little tricycle that normally fits 3 people, and we're holding up our umbrellas as Bro. Gonzales is driving us soaking wet...haha we just stop and say "only in the Philippines" and then laugh. hahaha
Tuesday, we went to the dentist for Sis. Ragragio- she had a filling fall out. Well, while we were there I was in the waiting room. The news was on- I saw the may "baha" or floods there in Manila, but I was trying to avoid it and it was okay, I could tune it out, because it's "bawal" or we're not allowed, of course to watch tv. Anyways, all of a sudden I hear english...and it's blasting from the tv- the receptionist turned it on to a movie- in English- maybe cuz she thought I didn't understand the tagalog, I don't know...anyways I just saw "jack black and some strippers" and my eyes got really big and turned around I couldn't tune out the bad langugage cuz it was soo loud. My eyes started to got teary eyed and I started to sing "Heavenly Father, are you really there" the A child's prayer song.   hahaha The receptionist was gone so I couldn't ask her to change it, there was no off button on the TV....and I felt dirty. haha I can tell already I'm probably gonna have a hard time adjusting back to real life. hahaha now I can laugh at it, but at the time I really just felt gross inside...that was kinda a funny experience.
Wednesday we found out that Sis. Ragragio got transferred! That was really unexpected because usually they stay longer than just 1 transfer (6 weeks) in one area- and I have been here for 5 months Carmen. Anyways, she was shocked, but okay with it. I'm here...still :) It's okay with me, I love the people here! We also had a baptism wed night, Sis. Alexa Uminga & Ginalyn Marzan! They're 2 of my favorite kids here :) It was sweet!
Friday- well, Sis. Ragragio and I got picked up by the elders in the Jeepney and she was all packed....we said our goodbyes in Urdaneta, and I met my new companion. My Panganay hehe (my first born) She is such a doll...we saw 2 sisters walk in that are fresh from the Manilla mtc and all the sisters turned to me and said "that one is gonna be your daughter" and they pointed to Sis. Parina. I thought the same thing..hehe she is sooo cute..and little! I just love her! She is so easy to love! And...she doesn't need a trainer. She came already trained. :) Anyways, I can tell this is going to be a great next 12 weeks. :) 
I finally got up the courage to approach our RS President (you have to be careful around her, and she doesn't want to do her calling) anyways I just said, Sis. Damasco- I need your help. We have these 15 focus names, and some of them are sisters- can we meet with you and your presidency and discuess how we can help them? Thanks! She said YES! haha :) I'm excited- so yes, finally we will hopefully see some progress with the RS.
Also, we will be having a training workshop this Friday. We've asked our DL to come with us to the workshop and help give it. The EQ president here wants us to train the home & visiting teachers because they want to visit the less actives and do their assignment, but they  don't know HOW. So...we're going to do some role-plays and teach them how to approach the situation. It should be exciting!
This Sunday Carlos Marquez came to church again. After 5 months of going to him, he is now finally coming to church. We taught him Saturday, and he said that he will continue to go to church every week- because he noticed blessings in his life come to him- he didn't feel like elaborating- but he noticed a difference, that made me happy :) He's seeing the light unti-unti.
This week, I have never felt so unadequate in my entire mission, I have had a lot of thoughts go through my head like "What in the world was president thinking...why am I the trainer?" haha It makes me want to cry when I think about how now I am  in the position of Sis. Fajardo- I remember her telling me she only had 7 months left in the mission and I thought're almost done..I still have 18. haha that's forever...but it's not. It goes by soo fast- too fast. I know this work is true with all my heart, and I know that I am blessed to be a part of it.
Well, this should be another great week, the work is soo true and great. I love you all! Give everyone my love there, especially Melissa....I am praying for her, I am glad her surgery was successful, and I know the Lord will take care of her.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Buntis Pala Na Ako! (I'm pregnant now)

Aug.  6, 2012

NO worries....that's what they call it here when you've been called to be a trainer! :) I'm training...I cannot believe it!
Sadly, our baptism this week did not follow through. Oh my goodness I was soo sad...I wanted to cry when Ryan announced that he smoked a cigarette....he cried when he found out we had to postpone his baptism. We postponed it to Sept 8th now...hopefully it will follow through. But we still have a double baptism this week, this monday! Alexa Uminga & Ginilyn Marzan, they are the cutest and some of my closest friends here in Carmen...they're 9 years old. haha Yes, but I LOVE them, they are soo adorable and when you're with them, you just want to smile :)  Anyways, I'm really excited for their baptism! We extended the baptism of the Hernandez family, which I am very excited about! August 25th is their baptism. If you remember, Bro Jerry has been inactive for 19 years, and he is now a returned member, and his family is now getting baptized...they're soo great I'm really excited!
So Wednesday while we were having our companionship study we got a phone call.  I was very confused when Elder Tolman said "Sister Allen, we have good news, do you want to guess what that is?"  I just said I'm not a very good guesser, please just tell me haha I have no idea.  He said "You've been called to be a trainer! We'll see you in Urdaneta friday for your 'train the trainers' meeting." Then he asked me how I felt...I just said "Naku Elder, Kinakabahan na naman ako!" haha or "Ah! Elder, I'm really nervous now" haha I then had a little freak out for about 5 minutes, and tried to move on so we could continue our studies. haha
Friday- we had our "train the trainers" meeting. Me & one other sister, Sister Garnacea (who will be going home in 2 months) are the sisters training, and 8 elders. As Pres Monohan started I just wanted to cry he said "I want you to know you are called by revelation.  Each & every one of you are here because of inspiration. You have a lot to live up to because you are the first trainers that I have called as a  mission president and our goal with the Baguio mission is to lift the entire mission. You have been called to represent and set the tone for the mission." Lets just say I felt like I needed to run to the bathroom and throw up.  I all of a sudden felt all of my inadequacies and things come rushing to my mind.  I don't know how I will do this, but I know that it was a call from the Lord, and that if he thinks I am capable, well...bring it on, right!? :)
Anyways it was a crazy week, sorry that I'm out of time so this letter is pretty short. I love you all xoxoxoxo
take care and I will let you know next week how the training goes