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Monday, April 30, 2012

Labis Kitang Namimiss

Kim and Sister Olila
 Apr. 29, 2012

Hello Family!!!!
How was your week? Mine was soo great, of course! :)
So many great experiences, of course, and time is
flying by! I cannot believe it's may bukas!
So...I went throught my first Payong (umbrella)
here in the mission field...and it isn't even rainy season.
We were working saturday night and we heard this huge
thunder sound, tapos lightning, it scared me  haha then
Sis. Olila just said, grab your payong, get ready.  I said,
but there's no rain. She just said, just wait for it. haha
all of a sudden it was pouring...and I mean POURING haha
I have never seen rain like that.'s not even rainy
season. Next thing I know I'm covered up to mid calf in a
baha or (flood) haha    and then I saw this cute little old
man with a cane hiding under like a bus waiting
station or waiting shed- and he had groceries in one hand,
I felt soo bad for him. So I tugged Sis. Olila and she and I
agreed we should help him haha    so we did, and I was
SOAKING wet...because I used my umbrella to cover him.
I just laughed...what more can you do!? haha
Then we walked him to the door, and he just went in and
slammed it, he didn't even say thank you. haha
oh well...haha it was a funny experience really. Then we
didn't have any appointments, because we got "pantid"
or they weren't there, but we still wanted to work, so we
decided to try the "bautista" family, they were lasing
or (drunk & drinking) the middle of the rain we saw
this cute family and they motioned for us to come over so
we did, and then they said for us to wait there while the rain
passed, so...we did- we ended up teaching 7 young men-
like 18 years old age it was a good experience, of course
they didn't really take us seriously at first, but by the end
I think they felt the spirit. Because of the rain, we were able
to teach them, and it ended up being a blessing. One of
them is a cousin to brother Jeff Gabertain ( active siya, and
he is leaving on his mission in 3 weeks now) so...small
world, especially in the Philippines.
Saturday day we had National Service Day. It was soo
much fun, we got  to go hiking haha in order to get to the
service project. Our ward all piled in the back of this pickup
truck and it was just...a fun day, I loved the hiking, it was
beautiful! :) I saw caribao swimming & I slipped & fell....
and cracked my camera screen, that was sayang...or
sad but it's alright because at least it still works :) haha
Anyways, it was just a great experience!
Anyways, I am running out of time, because I've been
uploading pics , but it was a great day.
So I read Proverbs 22:6 this morning, it really is soo
true, family is so important, and it is so important to
teach your children the principles of the gospel so
they wont loose their way. The orenia family is a good
example of that now, they are so sweet, we taught
them last night, pres & sis fajardo came with us again,
I am amazed at the unity in the ward here, it is soo great.
Sis Tessie Villar (mother ni brother Tim villar the 21 year
old who is now starting his mission papers) she was
talking to us about how she asked her husband
questions about what she was reading in the book of
mormon and he answered, and they were talking about it,
she is excited because now he is getting involved in the
church unti unti (or little by little) and that night they
were gonn a have a "date night" at the bukid haha
it's cute to see their life change :)
Last night we taught sis Jovita Jeinar too...she doesn't
go to church, she goes to the catholic church because
she got offended by bishop a while ago, cause she said
he told her that she wasn't a member, because she didn't
have a record. Anyways, bishop doesn' t know why she
thinks he said that, but bishop is kind of a joker, so maybe
she just misunderstood him. Anyways while we were
there I texted bishop and told him we finally were able to
teach sis Jovita and that he should come over if it was
ok...he came over, and apologized and added to the
lesson, he is soo willing to help and magnify his calling
it is soo great. Ah, I'm overwhelmed with love for the
people here, the leaders here and just everything.
Many other great experiences but no time to write,
I"m sorry but I love you all and pray for you always!

Our hike to get to our service project

Labis kitang namimiss
(ha dad, figure that one out) :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Again From Sto Tomas...

They have signs here for you to find our Church!
 Apr 22 , 2012

Hello Family!

So another week here, I can't believe it's week
3 now in our transfer cycle...half way over with!
We're excited because this weekend we have
national day of service this coming saturday.
All missionaries are required to go out and serve.
We have a huge Rosales zone project
planned with all the wards here and we'll be
planting trees and flowers. Should be great..!?!
It will be a fun change. This week we met many
many less actives- we're still trying to find and see
who is out there. We ran into a family- both were
baptized into the church when they were binata &
delaga (or single) got married in the Iglesia church,
and now have 3 children....they completely forgot
about the church- and now we found them, they
said they were shocked when we came to their house,
they thought they'd been forgotten about. Nope,
their name is still in the church.  Bishop came with
us to that appointment, and invited them to the ward
activity this saturday, they're doing geneology :) I am
blown away by the activities & ward here, they're
great....still have many problems, don't get me wrong-
and they think their leadership is terrible, but it's a
step up from my other area- they have no idea all the
good things they are doing!
Anyways, Bishop worked with us yesterday, he
rotates between the 2 sets of sister missionaries here
every sunday. It was really nice to have him there,
Bishop looks like he's a 19 year old boy haha he is
soo skinny and little and just cute like a little boy
haha :) Anyways, it was great! We have one family
here, the Orenia family, we're trying to get them ready
to enter the temple. They're recent converts and have
3 children, they are really progressing. We walked in
and Brother was studying for how to magnify his calling
and help the young men- I was shocked- he is really
taking his calling seriously, its nice :)  We had a dinner
appt last night at the Rabe family- he's the 1st
counselor in the bishopric; his daughter is the 1st
counselor in the RS Pres, and his other daughter is
the 1st counselor in the RS stake Pres. haha they're
really strong & great, although earlier I was shocked
when he bought a drink when he was working with us
and it was the sabbath day...that will be what our next
lesson is about with them :) Honoring & keeping the
sabbath day holy. Anyways, it was great because
we got the "scoop" on the ward and the problems
that needed to be fixed.
My sunday schedule is a little different. We come
home from church directly, cook lunch, then return for
MCM I don't have to attend all  the meetings here like
I did in my last ward because they're self sufficient...
actually I thought they were until Bro Rabi told me all
the things they're not doing. So maybe we'll have to
start going to all their meetings also and help them
get organized, but yeah I only go to MCM meeting now
because we have a ward misison leader who goes
to then we go out and work sama with or....
with bishop on sundays or other ward missionaries.
They need more older missionaries though to relate to
the other older less actives...we'll work on that too.
One more thing to do :)
Oh, I had the opportunity to talk to this one  boy, his
name is Julius Packlib He is a leader of barcada SI or
(group SI) seroiusly its like a "gang" only they claim
to help teenagers and let them experience and try new
things but in a "safe" environment. He is in charge-
He's a baby too...only 24 years old he said it's a
nationwide club. Anyways, I felt weird- there were
like 10 people gathered around us they all listened
because they wanted to be closer to "papa Jesus"
haha they always call Jesus Christ "papa Jesus" drives me crazy! haha.  So I stated our misisonary
purpose, told them to read the pamphlet and text us
if they wanted to learn more haha it was a really weird
This week we also got to celebrate Brother Jeff
Gabertans birthday! He is leaving for his mission in
ano...3 weeks now! ah...crazy! Anyways, he is sooo
excited- we had a family home evening with them,
it was a lot of fun. His parents are less active
returning...they want to be sealed in the temple,
and they've come a long way! It is soo fun! I will
send pictures of that :)
So we have one LA Tim Villar.
He is in Nursing school & about to begin Med
school to be a doctor. So big deal, right?! Anyways,
he's 20 years old (they end high school here at age
16) Anyways, he said he will serve a mission when
he graduates med school. I told him he'll be 27
and it will be too late. It was probably one of the
top powerful lessons I have shared, when I bore my
testimony and I told him I could relate to him, I had
my schooling, a great job, I had it all going for me back
at home. But...I chose to leave it all, because I know
that it's important to serve the Lord. and what you do
for those 18 months or 2 years will define the rest of
your life. It makes you the person that you are, and
I know that the Lord will bless me when I get home. I
told him that after thinking about it and then reading
the scriptures, he should get on his knees
and ask God to help him know if he should serve
a mission, and then wait for a feeling from the spirit.
He told me he would do that. We followed up with him
this week and he said that he did that, and that
the feeling came, and he felt overwhelmed and a great
love from God. He said his goal first is to be worthy to
partake of the sacrament, then he will work towards a
mission. I asked bishop to interview him and told him
what was going on with him. Bishop interviewed him this
Sunday, and it turns out he gave him his mission papers
that he will be starting now. haha    Oh my gosh I could
NOT believe it. I am still soo happy that he has a desire
to serve a mission, he really does have a testimony, and
he will be a great missionary.
Anyways, that is my report for this week. Many
miracles, of course. Many challenges...of course, but all
in all, it's great because I'm a missionary!
Love you all and you're in my prayers!

The Jeff Gabertan Family

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sto Tomas Area

A "jello" transfer party!
 April 16, 2012

Well, hello Fam! This week went by really fast.
I am still trying to learn my area...there is soo
much, although my first area I was in
charge of 39 Barangay's...or like 39 towns. Here-
I am in charge of like 10, but it is loaded with
members. I was surprised and really shocked to
find out they really don't know a ton of less
active members. They have an even smaller
church here than my last area, but more members
that attend it. the sacrament hall is packed. The
Bishop is great, we got to have a PEC meeting...
it turns out they weren't having that before, but I
told him we'd meet him at the church at 6pm
for pec meeting, okay? haha and he just laughed
and said okay...and invited the other aux leaders.
He said he knows they need to have the
meeting, sometime he just slips, but thanks for
the reminder. I just said hey no problem. haha
Anyways, we had our pec meeting, and Bishop
really is pretty organized, and he has the support
of leaders. They are all seeking to magnify their
callings, and that's what it takes in order to have a
successful ward. They have forms written out, and a
computer, and when I ask them to do something,
like for a copy of records they get it to us. Its great...
they have organized Home Teaching, the EQ
President, Pres. Fajardo is soo great. Not related
to my trainer, Sis. Fajardo, but still he is soo
great! Turns out the former bishop here was
former companions with my old Bishop,
Bishop Noel DeGuzman, when they served
their missions years ago in Quezon City. I was soo
taken aback when after we had our MCM meeting
yesterday, Pres Fajardo asked if we could go
with them to a few appointments, they were having
a "Preisthood Carivan" so some of the elders
quorum members were all going to visit less
active members. I was soo impressed.
Pres Fajardo is soo great. they invited us...I
didn't have to invite them haha :)   Anyways,
that went well. Each ward here has 15 focus
names of less active families they
wanted to rescue, the missionaries here before,
haven't even met all of those 15 names, and
the ward isn't doing anything to help them...a
nd the year is 1/4 over with already...hopefully
we can get going on it. I have noticed here,
the people's hearts are more hard here. People
were very accepting of us in Lingayen,
but here....they're stubbern, and don't want to
return.  Jun Samson, one LA- we visited him
and he said sorry I''m a convert to
"Iglesia ni JesuCristo" and talked about how
his church had the truth and was so great and I
 just wanted to say to him "do you know that the
founder of your church used to be LDS, but because
he didn't get callings that he wanted in the church
he went apostate, and then he
created your church and made it like a business
so he makes money? No you didn't know that?
Hmm...well it's the truth" but of course..I
didn't say that...but I really wanted to :) haha
Instead we taught about the Apostasy. I have
learned that is really the key to helping
them understand why we have the true church.
That is why only WE have the true priesthood authority
for ordinances, and that is why it is important.  hahaha
Anyways, needless to say their hearts really are
more hard here. And before I got here, I was really
discouraged when I saw they had 0 inv with bap
dates, 0 progressing investigators, 0 progressing
returning less's like starting over. They only
had an average of like 15-maybe 20 appointments
for a week- usually like 3 appointments a day. I just said,
are you kidding me?! haha I couldn't believe it...I had
about 40 appointments a week at my last area. They
waste their hours by cooking huge meals and won't
leave the house until 1 o'clock. Also, they talk
forever with members, and go to fhe appointments
with active members that don't really need
strenghtening as much as some of the other members
or LA's. I don't know how to fix that without being rude.
Whenever I suggest or comment that it isn't needed,
I just get weird looks and reasons why they need
to go.        
I try and use my time wisely. I don't want to waste my time
here, I know that I am accountable for every minute
here in the missionfield.
Sis. Olila is great, she is a great missionary,
and she is really great at preach by the ways...we
are learning from each other, they just need to learn
how to use their hours more wisely. I am getting
frustrated though...oh well its like D&C 3:3 says, the
work of god cannot be frustrated...but only the
work of man. So in order to fix the problem, we are
going to be finding like crazy all the less actives,
they have over 1000 members in Carmen ward, and
10.5% attendance. haha So...we'll find the low hanging
fruit, and start over. Its hard to find though and
suggest ideas when I don't exactly know the area...
like at all. I don't know who is really active, and it's
soo many names to memorize. I'm just praying that the
Lord will help me remember all of the many people
here and their needs.
On the other hand...great things about my apt situation.
I am learning how to cook many many philipino
dishes....I am gonna be a real pro when I get back.
I cook it, but I don't really eat it...because they
fry everything's soo easy to cook philipino
style rice & fry whatever you want...eggplant...chicken...
liver...whatever haha That is why all the philipinos have
high blood pressure...haha So...I will cook but not
always eat, but I want to learn! :) Also, Sis. Olila
agreed to run with me every morning! I am soo
excited...we go running every day now and it feels
soo good, I'm starting to be healthy again! haha :)
This week I was reading in personal study, and I read
Moroni 8: 2-3 and I just started to get teary eyed as
I thought of Dad talking to me. I replaced my name
with son, Moroni. The mission is busy, and hard...but
at the same time not really hard. It's the best place you
could be, and it's doing the work of the Lord.
And as Dad always says, the standard of truth has
been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work 
from progressing.
Anyways, of course the work is going great, and it's

Transfer Day!

been another great week here in the Pines!
xoxoxo Love you all.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Kid you not... it was not posed- I asked "Ming Ming" to pray and
she just automatically went into pose, haha.  She is soo cute I
will miss her!
 April 9, 2012

Hey Family!
So....this week was a busy week...crazy really.
I cried soo much as I said goodbye to my many
friends & almost family in Lingayen and got
transferred to a new area. I now live in Rosales
Zone- In charge of Sto Tomas area and Carmen
Ward. Our ward is supposed to have over 1000
members. We now have 250 about active- it is
expanding and they're getting ready to split our
ward into 2 wards. That's why we have 4 sisters
assigned to our ward.
Meaning...we have 4 sisters in our apartment, and
it's really fun! I like it! 2 Americana's & 2 Filipinos.
Our bishop is really great, and is dedicated...and

the leadership is just...still lacking, but it's okay...
that's why we're here. The important part is they're
trying. So soon....our ward will be splitting, I don't
know how soon though...maybe months or in a year.
I am now Co-senior companions with Sister Olilia.
She is soo great you guys! I just LOVE her. She is from
Cebu, and we get along really really well. Like really
really well...her & sister Fajardo were like sisters from
before this life really! :) She is soo sweet, and we
teach really well together. This transfer is going to

be fun, I can tell that already!
I remember a month or so ago Shawn asked me in
a letter what the hardest part of the mission field was...
I wasn't quite sure how to respond, but now I know.
It is transfers. Knowing that I won't be there to help
the RC & Invest & LA's continue to's a
heart breaking feeling, to know that I am responsible

for them, but yet I have to be so far away. I love each
of them, they all have a part of my heart, and I am
going to miss them terribly, I already do.
Wednesday- the Single Adults & all the people who

would work with us threw a surprise get together-
we met them at the church center- and they sat in a
circle and each gave me a "SR" or simple remembrance
and talked to me- it was really sweet of them. There
were many tears, and as it came time for Brother
Kenneth Sison (our RC) to talk he started to cry-
so much he had to leave the room. Later his mom
told me he is really struggling with me leaving, I'm
like his Mom in the church. haah he's cute- I am going
to miss him, and I pray he continues until he serves his
mission. Later they all sung with a guitar "God be with
you till we meet again" and I just cried & cried- I

got a video of it I was happy about that! :) It was a
very bitter-sweet experience.
Next day the Reyes family threw a dinner party and a

ton of people from the ward came over. It was so great
of them- Brother Salvador (the dad of Recent converts
Merla & Briggs and current investigator with a bap
date Mark) came over (which gradually his heart has been

softened, and now he likes us...before he hated mormons
because he didn't know about us. Gradually we've
introduced ourselves and been his friend and unti
unti he now just is a great friend). He came over and

started to tear up as he asked if he could say something.
HE talked to me in front of everyone and told me how
he didn't know how his kids were going to make it without
me. How I was like their mother and I helped them come
unto the church, and how he thanked me for teaching

them to be good people. To believe in God & to not drink
alcohol & smoke or even kape.
I just cried & cried- to think that the Lord is working

within this father now- I know that some day...soon...
his heart will be softened and he too will be a member.
That was a moment when I thought...okay-
I did as Pres. Jensen has asked us to do...when we leave

an area- leave it better than you found it. I think I can say
I did that now.
Friday I woke up at 3am in order to be transferred...
and I know what you're thinking but of break,
no extra time to unpack & get settled..can't go to bed a
little early..nope...gotta work just as hard! hha :)
It was a good experience though really it was really fun
to go to Urdaneta and have a little conference, and

all the Elders Ijust LOVE them...they're like little brothers
...some of them like children haha :) So my new home like
I said is with 4 sisters. When we first got there out of
the middle of nowhere it just started to pour rain...I have
never seen rain like this before. I can tell I'm going
to be in for a real treat later in the rainy season! :)

haha We got to go to General Conference this weekend,
what a highlight that was, really! I just LOVE conference!
The people I have met in this new ward I already love,
they're all really friendly, and it's so much better
now because I can speak tagalog, so I can actually get

to know them!  I love it!
Anyways, that is all the time I have so I love you

all and till next week!
Mahal na mahal kita!

Baptism- Hermani Bidan Family
Lingayen....Thank You for the Memories

T: Reyes Family    R: Reyes Family, Bro. Mardane & Ken Sison
L:  My OLD Zone...Lingayen Zone!
B:  Me & old Bishopric & some youth- Lingayen 1st Ward

Monday, April 2, 2012

Less Than A Year to Go!!!

April 2, 2012
CRAZY!!! I cannot even believe I am past my 1/3 mark
now...haha :) my first 6 months are over with...what the
heck time flies by here!
Um...this week was great of course!
I am sorry I"m writing later than usual, we had our

Zone Activity this morning- I woke up at 5 to make
Lumpia for our lunch oh my goodness it takes forever;
but it is delicious! haha then we went to our activity-
it was fun, we played a bunch of games and had lunch!
Anyways, this week is transfer! first

transfer! I dont know really...we find out wed, tapos
if we transfer we transfer 5:30am on time
to pack- just at home when you get home at 9:30 after
planning- but you still have to be in bed by 10:30...I

already hate transfers and I haven't even experienced
it yet- should be fun! I have a ton of letters to write
this week for all the people I love in Ling 1 ward. I am
soo sad, it brings tears to my eyes to think that I will
be leaving this ward. It brought tears to Bishops eyes

when I told him I was transferring maybe this week...
I just told him "gawain ng Diyos" "the work of God"
or whatever he desires.
So we have this one house we have to go to,

and you have to float on this raft- made of bamboo
and held by big buckets on the bottom- and
you pray that you don't tip it over while you're getting

 on it- to get to one of our less actives home. it's a fun
experience. Anyways, when we had transfers, I guess
it tipped- and Sis Martinez (my replacement)
fell haha and she was completely drenched- they

had to go home and change and come back...they
kept saying buti na lang or good thing it wasn't me that
tipped over or else I would have given up on the
mission. haha We laughed about it and I agreed-

then last night- it was super dark out, and when we
walked out of Sis Janice's house I totally stepped and
fell into this disgusting canal- filled
don't even want to know what was in it. haha Anyways,
I was super nervous about getting an infection or
something. haha But Anyways as soon as I fell I just kept
walking and tried not to make a big deal-
everyone saw and I had about 15 people surrounding me-

and they came with a bucket and washed my leg and
shoe off and washed it with soap, oh my goodness I
was soo embarrased...they were soo kind. I am so
grateful they are soo kind here. I just LOVE them.

They all wanted to know if I was okay- I was totally fine
other than the fact that I wanted to pureworks my leg.
haha Sis. Villavito wanted to go home, but I didn't
want to...we still had 2 more appts we needed to go to.
Good thing our next appt was the Reyes family, I
whipped out my pureworks and quickly sanitized
my leg first- then they all just said "mabajo" or that
I smelled just joking...not really but it was a nasty c
anal I fell in. hahaha it was really funny, It wasn't
so funny at the time- but you just have to laugh
and smile at I now have one
more great story to tell my future kids about

some day! :)
This week I cried more than I ever have my entire
mission. haha Actually it was all saturday night-
at the Bidan Family Baptism. Oh my goodness it was
soo special it was great. Last minute, Bro Mardane
asked me to be the speaker, and I felt like a proud

parents speakingto my children, giving them
guidance about baptism, it was soo great.
(Honestly I thought my tagalog was pretty sloppy

though, but afterwards Bro Fernandez came up to me
and said seriously, you were speaking with the gift
of tongues up there. Clear as could made me
relax a little bit :)) I just got up there and started crying.
Oh my goodness the spirit was soo strong in that

room. After the baptism, they all started to cry as
they bore their testimonies about how they had the
gospel, and they knew that it was the true church,
and that it was what they were looking for. and how

they know they can be an eternal family now, and
see their mom again that passed away
years ago. Sis. Jem said before she told herself

she would be a devoted catholic because that was
what her mom was. Then she said she remembered
me saying "in really poor tagalog because it was when I
was first here" haha to pray and ask Heavenly Father
if it was true, and she would feel peace, peace from
her mom, peace knowing that that was
what her mom wanted her to do. She did that, and

that's why she was there. Her testimony is soo strong.
She is so great, and her dad & her both are excited for
her to serve a mission next year.
Seriously.  Elder Barredo, our District Leader even
came to the baptism- he wanted pictures and he told
me "out of my 2 years in the mission field this
is the best interview I have ever had. there's

something different about them." He is soo right,
they are soo special. I can't even tell you how much
love I have for them. I thought as I watched them be
baptized- wow- if I just came here on my mission

just to help them...that's enough. Seriously, they're
great. I'm excited for them! I cried sooo much.
I also cried yesterday as I stood up and bore my

testimony for the last time and had soo many hugs
from the old..old..old women in the ward and just
felt their love I am really sad to be leaving these
people and going to a different area....I think

anyways. It makes sense...99% sure I will be
transferred. Anyways- they will always have
a part of me. They call Lingayen 1 my "birth place"

this is where I was "born" in the mission field.
haha true iyon. But...I know that wherever the Lord
wants me, that is where I will go. Before the
mission field- every day after I got my mission

call I remember praying for the future people that
I would talk to- the future investigators...that they
would be prepared for the I know that the
Lord has a plan, and even though I may just be simple
little me...I am still an instrument in the Lords hands-

and THAT is what missionary work is.
Anyways, time is up now, lots of good times this week,

this next week should be intresting- I should have lots of
fun stories to tell you next week
Thanks for all your love & support. I love you all!