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Monday, April 9, 2012


Kid you not... it was not posed- I asked "Ming Ming" to pray and
she just automatically went into pose, haha.  She is soo cute I
will miss her!
 April 9, 2012

Hey Family!
So....this week was a busy week...crazy really.
I cried soo much as I said goodbye to my many
friends & almost family in Lingayen and got
transferred to a new area. I now live in Rosales
Zone- In charge of Sto Tomas area and Carmen
Ward. Our ward is supposed to have over 1000
members. We now have 250 about active- it is
expanding and they're getting ready to split our
ward into 2 wards. That's why we have 4 sisters
assigned to our ward.
Meaning...we have 4 sisters in our apartment, and
it's really fun! I like it! 2 Americana's & 2 Filipinos.
Our bishop is really great, and is dedicated...and

the leadership is just...still lacking, but it's okay...
that's why we're here. The important part is they're
trying. So soon....our ward will be splitting, I don't
know how soon though...maybe months or in a year.
I am now Co-senior companions with Sister Olilia.
She is soo great you guys! I just LOVE her. She is from
Cebu, and we get along really really well. Like really
really well...her & sister Fajardo were like sisters from
before this life really! :) She is soo sweet, and we
teach really well together. This transfer is going to

be fun, I can tell that already!
I remember a month or so ago Shawn asked me in
a letter what the hardest part of the mission field was...
I wasn't quite sure how to respond, but now I know.
It is transfers. Knowing that I won't be there to help
the RC & Invest & LA's continue to's a
heart breaking feeling, to know that I am responsible

for them, but yet I have to be so far away. I love each
of them, they all have a part of my heart, and I am
going to miss them terribly, I already do.
Wednesday- the Single Adults & all the people who

would work with us threw a surprise get together-
we met them at the church center- and they sat in a
circle and each gave me a "SR" or simple remembrance
and talked to me- it was really sweet of them. There
were many tears, and as it came time for Brother
Kenneth Sison (our RC) to talk he started to cry-
so much he had to leave the room. Later his mom
told me he is really struggling with me leaving, I'm
like his Mom in the church. haah he's cute- I am going
to miss him, and I pray he continues until he serves his
mission. Later they all sung with a guitar "God be with
you till we meet again" and I just cried & cried- I

got a video of it I was happy about that! :) It was a
very bitter-sweet experience.
Next day the Reyes family threw a dinner party and a

ton of people from the ward came over. It was so great
of them- Brother Salvador (the dad of Recent converts
Merla & Briggs and current investigator with a bap
date Mark) came over (which gradually his heart has been

softened, and now he likes us...before he hated mormons
because he didn't know about us. Gradually we've
introduced ourselves and been his friend and unti
unti he now just is a great friend). He came over and

started to tear up as he asked if he could say something.
HE talked to me in front of everyone and told me how
he didn't know how his kids were going to make it without
me. How I was like their mother and I helped them come
unto the church, and how he thanked me for teaching

them to be good people. To believe in God & to not drink
alcohol & smoke or even kape.
I just cried & cried- to think that the Lord is working

within this father now- I know that some day...soon...
his heart will be softened and he too will be a member.
That was a moment when I thought...okay-
I did as Pres. Jensen has asked us to do...when we leave

an area- leave it better than you found it. I think I can say
I did that now.
Friday I woke up at 3am in order to be transferred...
and I know what you're thinking but of break,
no extra time to unpack & get settled..can't go to bed a
little early..nope...gotta work just as hard! hha :)
It was a good experience though really it was really fun
to go to Urdaneta and have a little conference, and

all the Elders Ijust LOVE them...they're like little brothers
...some of them like children haha :) So my new home like
I said is with 4 sisters. When we first got there out of
the middle of nowhere it just started to pour rain...I have
never seen rain like this before. I can tell I'm going
to be in for a real treat later in the rainy season! :)

haha We got to go to General Conference this weekend,
what a highlight that was, really! I just LOVE conference!
The people I have met in this new ward I already love,
they're all really friendly, and it's so much better
now because I can speak tagalog, so I can actually get

to know them!  I love it!
Anyways, that is all the time I have so I love you

all and till next week!
Mahal na mahal kita!

Baptism- Hermani Bidan Family
Lingayen....Thank You for the Memories

T: Reyes Family    R: Reyes Family, Bro. Mardane & Ken Sison
L:  My OLD Zone...Lingayen Zone!
B:  Me & old Bishopric & some youth- Lingayen 1st Ward

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