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Monday, April 2, 2012

Less Than A Year to Go!!!

April 2, 2012
CRAZY!!! I cannot even believe I am past my 1/3 mark
now...haha :) my first 6 months are over with...what the
heck time flies by here!
Um...this week was great of course!
I am sorry I"m writing later than usual, we had our

Zone Activity this morning- I woke up at 5 to make
Lumpia for our lunch oh my goodness it takes forever;
but it is delicious! haha then we went to our activity-
it was fun, we played a bunch of games and had lunch!
Anyways, this week is transfer! first

transfer! I dont know really...we find out wed, tapos
if we transfer we transfer 5:30am on time
to pack- just at home when you get home at 9:30 after
planning- but you still have to be in bed by 10:30...I

already hate transfers and I haven't even experienced
it yet- should be fun! I have a ton of letters to write
this week for all the people I love in Ling 1 ward. I am
soo sad, it brings tears to my eyes to think that I will
be leaving this ward. It brought tears to Bishops eyes

when I told him I was transferring maybe this week...
I just told him "gawain ng Diyos" "the work of God"
or whatever he desires.
So we have this one house we have to go to,

and you have to float on this raft- made of bamboo
and held by big buckets on the bottom- and
you pray that you don't tip it over while you're getting

 on it- to get to one of our less actives home. it's a fun
experience. Anyways, when we had transfers, I guess
it tipped- and Sis Martinez (my replacement)
fell haha and she was completely drenched- they

had to go home and change and come back...they
kept saying buti na lang or good thing it wasn't me that
tipped over or else I would have given up on the
mission. haha We laughed about it and I agreed-

then last night- it was super dark out, and when we
walked out of Sis Janice's house I totally stepped and
fell into this disgusting canal- filled
don't even want to know what was in it. haha Anyways,
I was super nervous about getting an infection or
something. haha But Anyways as soon as I fell I just kept
walking and tried not to make a big deal-
everyone saw and I had about 15 people surrounding me-

and they came with a bucket and washed my leg and
shoe off and washed it with soap, oh my goodness I
was soo embarrased...they were soo kind. I am so
grateful they are soo kind here. I just LOVE them.

They all wanted to know if I was okay- I was totally fine
other than the fact that I wanted to pureworks my leg.
haha Sis. Villavito wanted to go home, but I didn't
want to...we still had 2 more appts we needed to go to.
Good thing our next appt was the Reyes family, I
whipped out my pureworks and quickly sanitized
my leg first- then they all just said "mabajo" or that
I smelled just joking...not really but it was a nasty c
anal I fell in. hahaha it was really funny, It wasn't
so funny at the time- but you just have to laugh
and smile at I now have one
more great story to tell my future kids about

some day! :)
This week I cried more than I ever have my entire
mission. haha Actually it was all saturday night-
at the Bidan Family Baptism. Oh my goodness it was
soo special it was great. Last minute, Bro Mardane
asked me to be the speaker, and I felt like a proud

parents speakingto my children, giving them
guidance about baptism, it was soo great.
(Honestly I thought my tagalog was pretty sloppy

though, but afterwards Bro Fernandez came up to me
and said seriously, you were speaking with the gift
of tongues up there. Clear as could made me
relax a little bit :)) I just got up there and started crying.
Oh my goodness the spirit was soo strong in that

room. After the baptism, they all started to cry as
they bore their testimonies about how they had the
gospel, and they knew that it was the true church,
and that it was what they were looking for. and how

they know they can be an eternal family now, and
see their mom again that passed away
years ago. Sis. Jem said before she told herself

she would be a devoted catholic because that was
what her mom was. Then she said she remembered
me saying "in really poor tagalog because it was when I
was first here" haha to pray and ask Heavenly Father
if it was true, and she would feel peace, peace from
her mom, peace knowing that that was
what her mom wanted her to do. She did that, and

that's why she was there. Her testimony is soo strong.
She is so great, and her dad & her both are excited for
her to serve a mission next year.
Seriously.  Elder Barredo, our District Leader even
came to the baptism- he wanted pictures and he told
me "out of my 2 years in the mission field this
is the best interview I have ever had. there's

something different about them." He is soo right,
they are soo special. I can't even tell you how much
love I have for them. I thought as I watched them be
baptized- wow- if I just came here on my mission

just to help them...that's enough. Seriously, they're
great. I'm excited for them! I cried sooo much.
I also cried yesterday as I stood up and bore my

testimony for the last time and had soo many hugs
from the old..old..old women in the ward and just
felt their love I am really sad to be leaving these
people and going to a different area....I think

anyways. It makes sense...99% sure I will be
transferred. Anyways- they will always have
a part of me. They call Lingayen 1 my "birth place"

this is where I was "born" in the mission field.
haha true iyon. But...I know that wherever the Lord
wants me, that is where I will go. Before the
mission field- every day after I got my mission

call I remember praying for the future people that
I would talk to- the future investigators...that they
would be prepared for the I know that the
Lord has a plan, and even though I may just be simple
little me...I am still an instrument in the Lords hands-

and THAT is what missionary work is.
Anyways, time is up now, lots of good times this week,

this next week should be intresting- I should have lots of
fun stories to tell you next week
Thanks for all your love & support. I love you all!

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