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Monday, April 30, 2012

Labis Kitang Namimiss

Kim and Sister Olila
 Apr. 29, 2012

Hello Family!!!!
How was your week? Mine was soo great, of course! :)
So many great experiences, of course, and time is
flying by! I cannot believe it's may bukas!
So...I went throught my first Payong (umbrella)
here in the mission field...and it isn't even rainy season.
We were working saturday night and we heard this huge
thunder sound, tapos lightning, it scared me  haha then
Sis. Olila just said, grab your payong, get ready.  I said,
but there's no rain. She just said, just wait for it. haha
all of a sudden it was pouring...and I mean POURING haha
I have never seen rain like that.'s not even rainy
season. Next thing I know I'm covered up to mid calf in a
baha or (flood) haha    and then I saw this cute little old
man with a cane hiding under like a bus waiting
station or waiting shed- and he had groceries in one hand,
I felt soo bad for him. So I tugged Sis. Olila and she and I
agreed we should help him haha    so we did, and I was
SOAKING wet...because I used my umbrella to cover him.
I just laughed...what more can you do!? haha
Then we walked him to the door, and he just went in and
slammed it, he didn't even say thank you. haha
oh well...haha it was a funny experience really. Then we
didn't have any appointments, because we got "pantid"
or they weren't there, but we still wanted to work, so we
decided to try the "bautista" family, they were lasing
or (drunk & drinking) the middle of the rain we saw
this cute family and they motioned for us to come over so
we did, and then they said for us to wait there while the rain
passed, so...we did- we ended up teaching 7 young men-
like 18 years old age it was a good experience, of course
they didn't really take us seriously at first, but by the end
I think they felt the spirit. Because of the rain, we were able
to teach them, and it ended up being a blessing. One of
them is a cousin to brother Jeff Gabertain ( active siya, and
he is leaving on his mission in 3 weeks now) so...small
world, especially in the Philippines.
Saturday day we had National Service Day. It was soo
much fun, we got  to go hiking haha in order to get to the
service project. Our ward all piled in the back of this pickup
truck and it was just...a fun day, I loved the hiking, it was
beautiful! :) I saw caribao swimming & I slipped & fell....
and cracked my camera screen, that was sayang...or
sad but it's alright because at least it still works :) haha
Anyways, it was just a great experience!
Anyways, I am running out of time, because I've been
uploading pics , but it was a great day.
So I read Proverbs 22:6 this morning, it really is soo
true, family is so important, and it is so important to
teach your children the principles of the gospel so
they wont loose their way. The orenia family is a good
example of that now, they are so sweet, we taught
them last night, pres & sis fajardo came with us again,
I am amazed at the unity in the ward here, it is soo great.
Sis Tessie Villar (mother ni brother Tim villar the 21 year
old who is now starting his mission papers) she was
talking to us about how she asked her husband
questions about what she was reading in the book of
mormon and he answered, and they were talking about it,
she is excited because now he is getting involved in the
church unti unti (or little by little) and that night they
were gonn a have a "date night" at the bukid haha
it's cute to see their life change :)
Last night we taught sis Jovita Jeinar too...she doesn't
go to church, she goes to the catholic church because
she got offended by bishop a while ago, cause she said
he told her that she wasn't a member, because she didn't
have a record. Anyways, bishop doesn' t know why she
thinks he said that, but bishop is kind of a joker, so maybe
she just misunderstood him. Anyways while we were
there I texted bishop and told him we finally were able to
teach sis Jovita and that he should come over if it was
ok...he came over, and apologized and added to the
lesson, he is soo willing to help and magnify his calling
it is soo great. Ah, I'm overwhelmed with love for the
people here, the leaders here and just everything.
Many other great experiences but no time to write,
I"m sorry but I love you all and pray for you always!

Our hike to get to our service project

Labis kitang namimiss
(ha dad, figure that one out) :)

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