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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Diyos Di Agngina

Caribao swimming
  May 6, 2012

Well, I've now learned Tagalog, Pangasinan, and now
Ilocano! haha :)
"Diyos Di Agngina" is Ilocano- it means God bless you :)
This week was great- I can't believe we're now on week
5 of 6 weeks for this transfer- it is quickly coming to a
close- and it's been great. I truly have loved every
minute.  So...lots of really great funny experiences this
week...can't wait to share.
So...we had an activity this morning- 5:30am haha
because here at 5am it is soo hot already so we were
going to have a waterballoon activity with all of the
ward misisonaries "ward missionary bonding activity"
haha anyways the plans fell threw so we just played
other games, it was super fun. Sis. Olila & I wore our
matching basketball shorts that we had made for ourselves.
They say our name and Sto Tomas- It cost P180 that's
equivalent to ano...maybe 5 dollars in the US. haha soo
cheap and hand made for us haha So- I thought that'd
 be a cool gift to bring back for my pumunkin (nephews)
if they would like that...they're pretty sweet lookin.
Anyways- so this week...I broke my 2nd payong
(umbrella)...that's not a good sign- it's not even rainy
season yet hahaha So...we were teaching after our first
appointment- so it was only like 1:30 pm all of a sudden it
started sooo hard. Bro. Joenice was working
with us and he forgot an umbrella so he pretty much just
took a shower as we walked to our other appointments-
so we were walking in this muddy, rocky area and all of a
sudden-bam-I fell and slid haha I was COVERED in mud...
hahaha and my payong broke :( hahaha Luckily I had a
rag with me so I just wiped myself off- and I had plenty
of water to wash the rag out with because it was raining so
hard- anyways so I was covered in mud the rest of the day-
luckily my skirt was grey and surprisingly it covered it up
pretty well. yeah, I looked a little dirty haha but what could I
do? oh well- it was really funny...that same day we taught
this brother that...let's just say ang puso niya ay parang bato.
(his heart is like a rock) haha He is soo impossible, but
we thought we'd give him another shot before we labeled
him "dead wood" haha So he was sitting at a waiting shed
parang...a bus station) and there were tons of noisy trucks
passing by- and he wouldn't move he insisted that we teach
him there- so we did haha And we sung our song like we
usually do and it was just hilarious the look on peoples
faces as they passed by...grabe it was hilarious- I was
trying soo hard not to start laughing.
We have a few new investigators who will be "completing
families" if they choose to be baptized. It is fun to see their
families participate in the lesson- they are soo anxious to
share the gospel with them. We have a new ward mission
leader, as our last ward mission leader here will be leaving
for his own mission May 19- malapit na! (close now) He was
working with us, his name is Bro. Joenice- he kept asking us
about how many baptisms we had and how many progressing
investigators we had- and I just kept trying to explain the
mission is different than it was for him. Our goal isn't
investigators- but reactivating all of the lost souls. He made
it seem like it wasn't as great as what he did, but I just kept
thinking, we all have a different purpose. I truly believe I am
here for a reason right now. I just love all of these lost souls,
and I so desperatly want to be an instrument in the Lords
hands to help them, because I know that the Gospel is true,
and I know that their life can be so much happier if they live
the gospel. Sometimes they don't see or get that- and that's
why I'm here- to help them understand that, and to help the
spirit testify of that to them.  I 100% believe that even though
after my mission I will return to the US, and hopefully visit
here again, and keep in contact with all of these sweet people,
that some day, in our next life I will see them, and if they
held to the truth I will be soo exceedingly happy. I know that,
to know that I could help even one person it is soo true:
"how great shall be your joy if you bring but one soul unto me."
Anyways, another week thats great :) I love you
You're in my prayers always
Mahal ko kayo!

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