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Sunday, May 27, 2012


A member in our ward has a Pizza business and named it
May 28,2012
So...another week gone by! Wow...this week is
Sis. Olila's better believe we're
gonna party it up...while we walk in the flaming
hot sun in the Philippines...preaching the Gospel. haha
That's about as much of a party as we get here :)
...and it's great!  haha :)
This week we had a service project called
"Brigada Eskwela" So every year before school
starts it's a "national holiday" and everyone in the
whole philippines goes to the schools and helps fix
up the schools and get them ready for a new school
year.  Now their summer is just beginning.  But here,
they're getting ready to go back to school...I think
this next week now!  Anyways the service project
was great- I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as I
had memories growing up-  pulling the strawberry
plants all out because I thought they were weeds...
and let's just guys not being too happy
about that.  hahaha Well...we pulled weeds...without
gloves- they don't use gloves here...just your hands.
I couldn't help but think of that "marks of a Savior"
story- hands were pretty torn up afterwards...
but it's alright...a little dirty work never hurt anybody.
I must say I was a little disappointed in the Elders. As
I looked around...I saw the 4 sisters working...and all
of the Elders sitting...and joking around.  Icouldn't help
but think of what Pres Jensen always says "The harder
you work on your mission, the prettier your wife will be"
haha...well?  haha hopefully they learn.
We have brother ryan, our teenage investigator...he got
a hair cut with us...he looks soo different...and he's been
able to avoid alcohol and drastically cut down his
cigarette he is praying often and still reading
the scriptures.  He's going to's fun to watch t
he changes in his life. His mom is being active now in
the church- we have a family home evening with them
later.   Should be great....the gospel really does change
peoples' lives.
Earlier I was reading over again about Joseph Smith-
and the story how he rejected brandy when he had his
operation. They wanted to tie him down- but he just told
them he'd be fine if his father could hold him.
How he was faced with such opposition and difficult
circumstances at such an early age- because he was
destined to do great things, in order for us to have the
restored gospel again on this earth.
"Love is the power. Obedience is the Price, The Spirit
is the Key, Love is the motive." - Pres Faust
To another week...sorry it's short- but I love you all
Talk to you next week!

Me and cute Sister Alexa

School Service Project


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