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Monday, June 4, 2012

Well Hello There...

Blowing out Sis. Olila's birthday cupcake!
June 3, 2012
Hello!!! What a great week, no?!
So this week I think we had like a major event almost
EVERY DAY!!! It was soo crazy...and wonderful! :)
It went by soo fast though! It was the week of
Sister Olila's Birthday!! Wednesday we had another
service project, it was a lot of fun...especially because
it was Sis. Olila's Birthday! :) Elder Antonio called me
the night before and we planned that he would buy a
cake and make a sign...of course I couldn't do it...cuz
I'm not allowed to go anywhere unless she's attached
to my hip :)  haha he and Elder Lucillio
did that, and it was a nice surprise- she had no idea!
Thursday was a lot of fun too because we had cleaning
checks...we were the last apartment they checked though we had to stay in our apartment till 6 that night...
because they didn't come till then. haha  its okay...we
got a lot of other work & planning done while we were
waiting. And...we passed...I think once again we got
the 500 pesos reward...yes! :)
Friday Sis Magalogo & Sis Mckinley weren't there...
so we went out to lunch...that was a fun treat...guess where
we went? Pizza Hut!!!   Civilization!! hehe...not rice!!! :)
Saturday- we had a baptism & wedding. It was really
great, the spirit was strong, and Me, Sis. Olila &
Sis McKinnley sung "Lord I would Follow Thee" in Tagalog-
and Sis. Magalogo played the piano. It was really pertty-
I thought of Daddy...cuz that's his favorite song! :)
Oh I almost forgot to mention S. Olila slipping in the
mud this week...finally it wasn't me this time, it was her.
She had a HUGE mud print on her backside...she just
reversed her skirt so it was on the side and we just kept
going. hahahahhaa we just worries haha
I was surprised she laughed too...haha ah you have to
love the weather here in the philippines :)
Our lessons are going great, and we're starting to see
progress with some of the Less Actives. We also have 3
progressing investigators here now. I was worried,
this area is harder than Lingayen as far as the members go,
the organization is great, but the people are hard . IN
Lingayen it was the opposite. haha But, its okay,
they're really progressing. Brother Ryan used to smoke a pack
a day and drink and now he is down to half a cigarette every
other day. He has a sincere desire to be baptized.
Brother Aldyn is 17 years old, His father was less active
and is now returned, and his mother and sister are recent
converts- so if things go well with him, hopefully it will
complete their family. They are working towards a temple
sealing now, it would be great if Bro Aldyn could be there.
I have learned a lot this week, it is true that ' we see ourselves
in terms of yesterday and today, but our Father in Heaven see's
us in terms of forever". Sometimes things happen to us and
we're not sure why- I see it not only in my life, but in the lives
of the many people here in Carmen, they wonder why it
happens to them especially because they're a member.
But we're not exempt- things happen for a reason. If there
was no opposition, there would be no opportunity to grow
and become better; more like our Father in Heaven. After all,
that is what this life is all about. Like Kelly always used to say
to me growing up, as she would hit my forehead with her
hand "Life's tough, get a helmet" right?! haha ;)
Well, that was my week in a nutshell. This week was
great, I'm starting to realize even more that when I come
home things will be different, I want to stay here...just
import my family here, and It'd be complete...I'd have my
Filipino & American family :)
YUP!  They're everywhere!
Sis. Olila and I opening our birthday boxes!
Love you all &
take care!

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