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Monday, June 18, 2012

Well Hello There :)

June 18, 2012 
Well hello Family...I really don't even know where to
start with this week.
First of all that's cool that it's Cedar Hills Days
there....kind of ironic because here it is "Rosales
Days" lasts for like a few weeks, and its a BIG
deal here...they even have school off for 1 day
to celebrate haha. They also had was
fun to see!...but their fireworks for
2 minutes, and it was sponsered by SM or the mall
here. :) We were in the middle of teaching a lesson-
outside of course and it was 9:00 and they went was beautiful! :) They also celebrated their
"Independence day" June 12th.
To answer your question, yes, they do have
father's day here, But we didn't really notice people
celebrating it because this weekend we had
our special conference for North Luzon Philippines,
 it was good! :)  This week seriously is a blur- all
I know is our work was pretty much down the drain
because of circumstances that happened to Sis.
Magalogo. She had mentioned to me before that
she was in a car accident. Her mother passed away,
and she lived, but years ago when she was 15 she
was in a coma for months. She is now totally recovered,
and here serving a mission. Anyways, because of it
sometimes she blacks out. We got a text from her comp,
sis. Mckinley one night and said to buy gatorade
for her that she wasn't feeling well, so we came
home with gatorade for her and....I found her on the
bed, shaking, and totally not communicating, her eyes
twitching. I opened them, used a light to check her
pupils, took her pulse, called her name, it was
crazy....she was sweating...anyways, we got her
taken care of. Had to put socks on her feet...nurse her
back to health pretty much. haha It was crazy.
Sis. Mckinley was just standing there because she
didn't know what to do. Luckily, we had come
home just in time. Sis. Mckinley just started freaking
out and crying. Sis. Magalogo said she couldn't
talk but she could just she wrote to us her
problems. Her speech was completely
compromised. Anyways, Sis. Mckinley said that
Sis. Magalogo was afraid to go to bed because
she might not wake up. I just thought that was a
little ridiculous, she was fine. Honestly I sensed
that it was a little of her home sickness, plus she
had only drunk like 1 cup of water and eaten 2
pieces of toast that day...her body was just shutting
down. So I forced her to drink and eat. They
all laughed at me, and called me mom...and trust
me...i felt like a mom...but it worked and she
was ok. We called president, I talked with him and
President was more upset than antyhing because on
her medical history she hadn't mentioned anything
about it. It was new news to her. He siad he was
99.9% sure that she would be sent home. Anyways,
he told me it was up to me if it was life or death
I could make the call and take her to the hospital,
but he said quite honestly here the hospitlas do
some weird things, and they'll sabotage a patient
first to get more money out of them and then nurse
them back to health...anyways it's a little ridiculous.
So he told me that she was better off there in my
care with my medical background then going to
the hosptial. No pressure, right?! haha Anyways,
the next day she continued to get a little better.
She kept having relapses though like she thought
she was in a car crash then and there and would just
start yelling & crying...and then the thought came
to me maybe she suffers from PTSD (post traumatic
stress disorder or something- and maybe it's stres
induced from the mission...but I didn't know really) 
One night when she was freaking out I was sitting
there, stroking her head while Sis. Mckinley went to
finally take a was like 1:00 in the morning-
and she confided in me that her Father abuses her
he hits her and likes to hit her in the head- and she
has a lot of memory and brain problems because
of it. This story just gets more and more interesting,
right? haha crazy. Finally they went to Urdanetta
and met with President- and had an interview, and
she was sent to MRC in Manilla MRC is a
Medical/missionary recovery Center- I guess they
made it like a medical center for the missionaries
and they made it out of the old mtc building there
before they redid it. Anyways, she and Sis. Mckinley
are now there in Manilla and they said that she was
interviewed by a psych. They determined that
she was never in a car accident, she has some mental
something...I don't know ... we haven't heard
any news yet from Sis. Mckinley, they are stilll there. I
guess I"ll let you know next week. Anyways, its been
a crazy week!
Especially because now we have to cover their
schedule- because they have a bap interview...
and our schedule's just crazy! ah! haha
Kind of ironic because I was just praying, asking
Heavenly Father to send my way something so that
I could continue to learn cuz I feel at a stop- like
I"m not spiritually progressing- it's easy...I don't want
it to be easy. I want to learn. Well....ask and ye
shall receive, right? Anyways, I learned a little
more about me as a result of this. I learned that
more than anything...I want to be a mom. And...I'm
very grateful for nursing, and the subject I've
chosen to study.
Oh...yesterday morning, we also had an Earthquake!!
No joke...our room shook a little bit...but no big deal...
hehe oh the fun adventures in the pines...gotta love it :)
Our work was kind of crazy this week....but we did
have some great experiences with fellowshipping the
less active members. Bro Adolfo, whom we've been
visiting for 2 months since I've been here finally
expressed the reason why he doesn't want to go to
church, and it was because of a fellowshipper that
we brought, he felt comfortalbe with him :) The ward
doesn't need us to fellowship...they just need the
members to step it up, and help each other. We
taught Bro. Ryan and I was surprised when we
were talking I asked him where he saw himself ending
up in 10 years and he said he didn't know, maybe he
wouldn't even be alive. I told him he's 16 years old....
he's still a kid...he will be alive haha Then we talked
about planning. The attitude of the typical Pinoy is
life for today...they get their support from work
daily so they can eat, food storage...whats that?
emergency fund?...that doesn't exist. They live for
today now. Anyways, we made him make alist of the
goals in his life. It's good to have goals. If you have
no goals, you have nothing to live up to. No reason
to live. That is why we all have the end goal to reuturn
to the presence of our loving Heavenly Father &
Savior, Jesus Christ.
Anyways...basta magulog ang buhay ko para sa
linggo na eto, pero ayos lang.
Love you all and pray for you always!

Me at the pump or "bomba" here, this is actually in front  of a house
...this is where they shower :)  And...that's completely normal here :)

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