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Monday, June 25, 2012

Magulo Ang Buhay Ko! (My life is crazy!)

Baptism this week....Sister Micahella Duque
 June 24, 2012
Well Hello there family, Hopefully I can type really fast,
because I have a lot to say  this time was
a busy week, I can hardly believe it's monday
again! haha
First of all, Sis. McKinley is now back from the
MRC in Manilla. Sis. Magalogo had brain
surgery,  she had hydrocephalus. We are told
that now she is recovering well, and she will
continue to recover there either return to the
mission field in a month, or be sent home.
They still aren't quite sure what will happen to
her. Sis. McKinley returned back home to me &
Sis. Olila. But... I'm a little jealous of Sis. Mckinley
though, while she was there in manilla,
she got to see Sis. Morton (my companion from
the MTC who is serving in San Pablo mission)
I guess her companion got sick they
went there and they got to meet each other.
Through text I got to text Sis. Mckinley and
say "Hi, I love you" to Sis. Morton...kinda a
weird feeling, but cool! :) we are a trisome, so in a way, yes
I got a new companion...
Sis. Mckinley...trisome is WAY different, it's hard
to keep track of everyone  haha but it's all good, we're happy to have
Sis. McKinley with us. It's also difficult because now we have to juggle the
2 areas,k and there was plenty of work just to be done in my area, in Sto Tomas...
but now we have Carmen East area it's a little hard discerning who are
the top priority and who can go a little while without a visit. We just hope that
our neglect won't keep them from progressing. We also had another ET
or emergency transfer...I have had 2 zone leaders in 1 week... that's not normal.
The elders are having a hard time being obedient hehe.

So yes, we had our Zone Conference this week! It was a really great birthday
present, we got to ride a bus that had aircon (which is air conditioning) and it
was really nice and clean and went to Urdaneta for our special conference. It was
a bitter sweet experience knowing it was the last conference I would be
having with Pres & Sis. Jensen. I will miss them soo much, they are sooo
great!!!! Ah...brings tears to my eyes! :( Anyways, he told us that if he
could pick one thing to give to us, or one thing he wanted for us it wasn't
to be married in the temple, or to be successful at work, or remain active in
the church, although those are all great things. It was that he hoped that we
would always have the spirit to be with us. Because if we have that, we have
it all. It was soo true. Tears started streaming down my face as the spirit was
so strong as it testified to me that that is the truth. That is our main goal.
Be worthy to have the spirit with us and guide us and help us and bear
witness and warn and comfort us. I have been praying a lot lately to
Heavenly Father, asking him to help me have experiences with the Spirit,
and to help me recognize its influence in my life, and of course, He never
ceases to answer my prayers. So of course conference was on my
brithday, so I had the biggest birthday ever! Lots of people came to my
party! hehe Just was a lot of fun though! I got the HUGE box...
everyone wanted me to open it cuz they wanted to know what was in it!
haha I waited till that night. Luckily the Senior couple drove by our
house later that night and brought it to our apartment so I didn't have
to carry it on the bus with me...not that I am even capable of doing that,
but even trying to.
The box was great, I loved the glue traps & sanitary wipes and toilet paper...
I was laughing soo hard, it was hilarious! thanks for the bubbles, the kids
will LOVE it, and my companions are loving all the candy. I think I have
enough to last my entire mission now! Thank you!!!!! hahaha I was
laughing soo hard, there were PILES of candy! aha Um...also thank you
soo soo much for all the shirts, ties, and even pants. You have know idea
how much it means. To some here, it will make the difference of them
being shy because they don't have anything to wear, and now they will
be able to go to church because they have clothes. Thank you soo much,
I have enough ties now for...everyone here in the Philippines now I think
 hehe just kiddin :)

This week...we also had a baptism!!! Yay...she is 10 years old,
Sis. MicaElla Duque....Her dad is an inactive member, who is now active,
he's a returned member, and she had her baptism. It's been fun teaching
her the lessons and watching her grow, she is really cute! :) That night...
we had a special treat. sis. McKinley and I introduced Sis. Olila to cookie
dough! hahaha it doesn't taste so good here though...but nonetheless...
we still made it! We just thought there was something wrong with that,
we made cookie dough in the philippines in a big frying pan because
we didn't have a big eough bowl. haha it was hialrious!

Anyways, we also had, of course, some great spiritual experiences this
week, members that have opened up to us finally that we've been visiting
over and over again and thought their heart was sooo hard, it has now
started to softened. I have been really blessed to notice the differences
in their lives and gradually watch as the spirit works on them. I guess
there's been a lot of disobecience here in the mission field, one thing that
Pres has stressed is obedience. It's soo importnant, a lot of missionaries
are sent home because they're dumb and do dumb things. It's soo not
worth it. I am such a firm believer that if you want blessings in fullness,
you need to obey with exactness. Anyways, I love you all and pray for
you always, thanks soo much again for the box and all of your love and
support always, This was definately, of course, a fantastic birthday!
Love you

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