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Monday, May 21, 2012

This Weeks Adventures

YW in the ward...they are super cute!
 May 21, 2012
Hello Family!!! :) Wow I feel like I just wrote to
you guys yesterday!  :) This week was great
...of course! So the week started out kind of
rough- Sis. Olila did somthing to her foot-
I had no idea what she didto it- but she wasn't able
to walk on it- it was completely swolen I thought
maybe it was a bite or something- anyways so we
treated it,  elevated it and medicated her and now
she's back to work :) hahaha
Anyways it was weird not being able to really
work on Monday after Pday hours- we had to take
it easy, it affected our work a little bit, but its okay,
the important thing is that she's okay now and back
in business :) I didn't feel much like a missionary
monday though- I just updated the area books and
tried to keep busy doing extra things that needed to be
done for organizing the IOS and things like that...I
realized that it really makes a difference you can be
a missionary and not really BE a missionary- sometimes
you can just go along with the actions- just barely make
the goals that you have- or you can magnify
your felt weird to sit back and relax-
I decided I don't like it much haha :)
We had an investigator finally attend church! In my
first area it was normal for about 8-10 investigators
weekly to it is SO hard to just even get 1!
haha  But...we did it. Brother Ryan Marzan- we
have 2 progress. investigators right now- even
though they're not really our focus. Ryan came to
church- he's a 16 year old boy- and he acts like he's 24-
He's in this "barcada" or group of friends and
they're up to no good....he smokes, drinks, and does
whatever you could think of....the other missionaries
had been teaching him since december and he wasn't
progressing. I told Sis Olila we either need to drop him,
or he needs to progress...cuz its been a long time haha so
we had a "DTR" ....haha I had to explain what DTR was to
Sis. Olila "Determine the Relationship" they say when
you're dating in america...but's determining our
relationship with them haha...kinda funny. Anyways, we
just said look, you have prayed andsaid you know this book
is true, why do you like the missionaries to teach you?
What are you expecting? And are you willing to give up your
lifestyle for a better one? Ok...maybe we said it a little more
eloquently than that...but pretty much that was our
conversation in a nutshell. Anyways, the spirit was actually
really strong, and he felt it....and ever since then he's been
reading the book of mormon every day- he has drunk only once-
and smoked only 2 cigarettes...which is really a lot of progress
for him. We're really excited. Later---he might meet us here at
SM mall...for us to treat him to a haircut...because its a little
pangit talaga how long his hair is haha. So...we'll see if he
shows up.   Speaking of which...I am getting my first hair
cut here in the pines right after's about time...may
hair is getting soo long!
So, this week was also really happy because we had
a ward temple trip, and we had one family, the
Orenia Family- who just hit their recent convert 1 year
mark they entered the temple and were sealed....and
they were sooo ready, I just LOVE going to their family,
they are soo nice and happy all the time. They live the
gospel...every little principle, even though it requires
sacrifices and sometimes being "sheltered' since right
outside their door literally they have people gambling
every day- and drinking...but they're doing it. And they're
strong. They are soo happy it is soo great. Also we had
Sis Guib enter the temple. We taught her a few weeks
ago and we felt impressed to talk about tithing- I didn't
really know why, but as our conversation
went on she said that she hadn't been paying tithing
the last week because she was trying to save it so she
could enter the temple. Of course, we used the famous
3 Ne 24:10 and we told her that we knew if she paid an
honest tithe, the Lord would take care of her, and she
would be able to attend the temple tour. Of course, her
reason was"good" but there's good better best...right?! :)
Anyways, she wasn't clear on the principle, so we're
really glad we taught that to her.
Also....we have a new housemate, Sis. Manalogo-
shes from Austrailia, but she's samoan. Luckily she
knows english...but not tagalog yet hehe
It brings back memories, and I am soo glad I dont
have to go through that experience again. She doesn't
understand anything, and that's the worst feeling ever!!!
She is great though, she'll get it...just have to be patient...
and try! We also had a missionary farewell for 2
missionaries here in the ward, the left for the mtc this
week after the ward temple trip. Basically, it was a
great week That' s all for my email this week, until
next week ulit
Love you!

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