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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Again From Sto Tomas...

They have signs here for you to find our Church!
 Apr 22 , 2012

Hello Family!

So another week here, I can't believe it's week
3 now in our transfer cycle...half way over with!
We're excited because this weekend we have
national day of service this coming saturday.
All missionaries are required to go out and serve.
We have a huge Rosales zone project
planned with all the wards here and we'll be
planting trees and flowers. Should be great..!?!
It will be a fun change. This week we met many
many less actives- we're still trying to find and see
who is out there. We ran into a family- both were
baptized into the church when they were binata &
delaga (or single) got married in the Iglesia church,
and now have 3 children....they completely forgot
about the church- and now we found them, they
said they were shocked when we came to their house,
they thought they'd been forgotten about. Nope,
their name is still in the church.  Bishop came with
us to that appointment, and invited them to the ward
activity this saturday, they're doing geneology :) I am
blown away by the activities & ward here, they're
great....still have many problems, don't get me wrong-
and they think their leadership is terrible, but it's a
step up from my other area- they have no idea all the
good things they are doing!
Anyways, Bishop worked with us yesterday, he
rotates between the 2 sets of sister missionaries here
every sunday. It was really nice to have him there,
Bishop looks like he's a 19 year old boy haha he is
soo skinny and little and just cute like a little boy
haha :) Anyways, it was great! We have one family
here, the Orenia family, we're trying to get them ready
to enter the temple. They're recent converts and have
3 children, they are really progressing. We walked in
and Brother was studying for how to magnify his calling
and help the young men- I was shocked- he is really
taking his calling seriously, its nice :)  We had a dinner
appt last night at the Rabe family- he's the 1st
counselor in the bishopric; his daughter is the 1st
counselor in the RS Pres, and his other daughter is
the 1st counselor in the RS stake Pres. haha they're
really strong & great, although earlier I was shocked
when he bought a drink when he was working with us
and it was the sabbath day...that will be what our next
lesson is about with them :) Honoring & keeping the
sabbath day holy. Anyways, it was great because
we got the "scoop" on the ward and the problems
that needed to be fixed.
My sunday schedule is a little different. We come
home from church directly, cook lunch, then return for
MCM I don't have to attend all  the meetings here like
I did in my last ward because they're self sufficient...
actually I thought they were until Bro Rabi told me all
the things they're not doing. So maybe we'll have to
start going to all their meetings also and help them
get organized, but yeah I only go to MCM meeting now
because we have a ward misison leader who goes
to then we go out and work sama with or....
with bishop on sundays or other ward missionaries.
They need more older missionaries though to relate to
the other older less actives...we'll work on that too.
One more thing to do :)
Oh, I had the opportunity to talk to this one  boy, his
name is Julius Packlib He is a leader of barcada SI or
(group SI) seroiusly its like a "gang" only they claim
to help teenagers and let them experience and try new
things but in a "safe" environment. He is in charge-
He's a baby too...only 24 years old he said it's a
nationwide club. Anyways, I felt weird- there were
like 10 people gathered around us they all listened
because they wanted to be closer to "papa Jesus"
haha they always call Jesus Christ "papa Jesus" drives me crazy! haha.  So I stated our misisonary
purpose, told them to read the pamphlet and text us
if they wanted to learn more haha it was a really weird
This week we also got to celebrate Brother Jeff
Gabertans birthday! He is leaving for his mission in
ano...3 weeks now! ah...crazy! Anyways, he is sooo
excited- we had a family home evening with them,
it was a lot of fun. His parents are less active
returning...they want to be sealed in the temple,
and they've come a long way! It is soo fun! I will
send pictures of that :)
So we have one LA Tim Villar.
He is in Nursing school & about to begin Med
school to be a doctor. So big deal, right?! Anyways,
he's 20 years old (they end high school here at age
16) Anyways, he said he will serve a mission when
he graduates med school. I told him he'll be 27
and it will be too late. It was probably one of the
top powerful lessons I have shared, when I bore my
testimony and I told him I could relate to him, I had
my schooling, a great job, I had it all going for me back
at home. But...I chose to leave it all, because I know
that it's important to serve the Lord. and what you do
for those 18 months or 2 years will define the rest of
your life. It makes you the person that you are, and
I know that the Lord will bless me when I get home. I
told him that after thinking about it and then reading
the scriptures, he should get on his knees
and ask God to help him know if he should serve
a mission, and then wait for a feeling from the spirit.
He told me he would do that. We followed up with him
this week and he said that he did that, and that
the feeling came, and he felt overwhelmed and a great
love from God. He said his goal first is to be worthy to
partake of the sacrament, then he will work towards a
mission. I asked bishop to interview him and told him
what was going on with him. Bishop interviewed him this
Sunday, and it turns out he gave him his mission papers
that he will be starting now. haha    Oh my gosh I could
NOT believe it. I am still soo happy that he has a desire
to serve a mission, he really does have a testimony, and
he will be a great missionary.
Anyways, that is my report for this week. Many
miracles, of course. Many challenges...of course, but all
in all, it's great because I'm a missionary!
Love you all and you're in my prayers!

The Jeff Gabertan Family

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