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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Week In The Life....

They actually eat's part of a tree
trunk.  It's called "kahoy kamote" or
something like's disgusting,
but they love it.
Aug 20, 2012
Hello Family!!!! What a great week, can I just say that enough?! :)
First of all, I did not notice Shawn, but I did see the Philippines flag, and I said to my companion, Look, it's the I did point the flag out, however sorry Shawn, I didn't see your face
:( haha but that'.
s way cool that you got to do that for Pres Monson's birthday!

This was seriously such a great week, we set up appointments to meet with the RS & EQ presidency and review the less acitve work, the RS pres no showed to our appt, but the EQ pres mtg was a success! :) I copied a list of all our appts and gave it to him for the week so he can assign people to work with us, and then I gave him my "plan" for the workshop that we held this last friday to all the EQ & YM in Carmen ward. It was soo great, Elder Matthews & Elder Terry came to workshop friday too- we taught them the basics of home teaching and how to approach, many of them are scared because they really don't know how to approach these less actives for the first time, or what they should say. So...we taught them, then we had them voice their individual concerns, then we role played or demonstrated fake situations for them to see how we would handle them. Then we taught them about what they should do at a home teaching appt. to use doctrine and bear testimony those are techniques here that we call "BRT & ALDT". Build Relationship of Trust & Ask, Listen, Discern, and Teach. in that order! haha

My companion, she is soo great, just I love her, she is soo cute and little and just...a sweetheart, our personalities are perfect...and she's a great missionary. Your companion really makes a difference in your teaching...that's one lesson I've definatly learned here. We both have to be worthy, we both have to be diligent and want to be instruments in His hands...and Sis. Perina...wants that, so we've been able to have a lot of really cool spiritual experiences just in the last week, and I know we have many yet to come! It makes me miss my nanay or mom here in the mission field, sis. feels like just last week she was my comp.

We had a baptism this week, Bro RJ Ancheta, he is the cutest kid...still a kid, but it was really happy, they are now a complete family too! :)

We visited a lot of less active members for the first time, and are having a lot of success with our investigators, The hernandez is really preparing for their baptism Sept 1st, they're active in all of the activities, bro. hernandez wants to help the less active members in his area and visit them, and they're keeping all of their commitments, it's been fun to watch them progress!!!! I cried this last week when I received a letter from bro. Hernani Bidan (convert in first area) his daughter is now the YW president, and he just received the melchezedik priesthood....and is waiting for his calling....he is such a leader, I am soo glad that they are so active in the gospel!!

I LOVED the birthday broadcast ni Pres was fun to hear some songs that weren't from EFY but musicals haha I cried when they sung "All I ask of you" hahaha I know, I know...but it's such a good song! :)
Ah...I almost forgot...guess what?! I rode in a car yesterday...what in the world...I know, I was soo excited, I forgot what it felt like hahaha first time in almost a year! haha :) Sorry, I was kinda excited, I just had to share my excitement with you! :)
Anyways, I love you family and pray for you often, especially Mom, Dad, and Melissa, that you all will heal na maayos...or heal properly :) haha

Us with the Uminga family!

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