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Monday, August 6, 2012

Buntis Pala Na Ako! (I'm pregnant now)

Aug.  6, 2012

NO worries....that's what they call it here when you've been called to be a trainer! :) I'm training...I cannot believe it!
Sadly, our baptism this week did not follow through. Oh my goodness I was soo sad...I wanted to cry when Ryan announced that he smoked a cigarette....he cried when he found out we had to postpone his baptism. We postponed it to Sept 8th now...hopefully it will follow through. But we still have a double baptism this week, this monday! Alexa Uminga & Ginilyn Marzan, they are the cutest and some of my closest friends here in Carmen...they're 9 years old. haha Yes, but I LOVE them, they are soo adorable and when you're with them, you just want to smile :)  Anyways, I'm really excited for their baptism! We extended the baptism of the Hernandez family, which I am very excited about! August 25th is their baptism. If you remember, Bro Jerry has been inactive for 19 years, and he is now a returned member, and his family is now getting baptized...they're soo great I'm really excited!
So Wednesday while we were having our companionship study we got a phone call.  I was very confused when Elder Tolman said "Sister Allen, we have good news, do you want to guess what that is?"  I just said I'm not a very good guesser, please just tell me haha I have no idea.  He said "You've been called to be a trainer! We'll see you in Urdaneta friday for your 'train the trainers' meeting." Then he asked me how I felt...I just said "Naku Elder, Kinakabahan na naman ako!" haha or "Ah! Elder, I'm really nervous now" haha I then had a little freak out for about 5 minutes, and tried to move on so we could continue our studies. haha
Friday- we had our "train the trainers" meeting. Me & one other sister, Sister Garnacea (who will be going home in 2 months) are the sisters training, and 8 elders. As Pres Monohan started I just wanted to cry he said "I want you to know you are called by revelation.  Each & every one of you are here because of inspiration. You have a lot to live up to because you are the first trainers that I have called as a  mission president and our goal with the Baguio mission is to lift the entire mission. You have been called to represent and set the tone for the mission." Lets just say I felt like I needed to run to the bathroom and throw up.  I all of a sudden felt all of my inadequacies and things come rushing to my mind.  I don't know how I will do this, but I know that it was a call from the Lord, and that if he thinks I am capable, well...bring it on, right!? :)
Anyways it was a crazy week, sorry that I'm out of time so this letter is pretty short. I love you all xoxoxoxo
take care and I will let you know next week how the training goes

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  1. I'm a Mother of an Elder in the Philippines Cebu mission and I've been silently following your blog since you started your mission. I found out about it from a Mother on LDS Missionary Moms site. Sister Mortenson's Mom is a Mom that joined, and when I read her daughter's blog she mentioned you, so I came across to have a look. Let me tell you that reading your blog is one of the highlights of my week, (one of the others is getting our weekly email from our son!!). I love seeing what your week has been like, what adventures you've had, who you've taught, and the progress of the wonderful people you are teaching. I've seen your growth, your diligence, your love for Our Savior, the Gospel and the Filipino people. You will be an amazing trainer. Remember...who the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies. He knows you already rely on Him and want to do His will, now He wants you to show someone else how to do that as well.
    Regards, Terri Cox - Sydney, Australia.