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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mabilis talaga ang oras d2!

Just waiting....hoping they'll open the church.
Hello Family, another week gone by!
This week was of course, a great one :) haha this week we had our first Zone Training (that's something new) we didn't have that before with Pres Jensen, but with Pres Monahan, we have it now. haha It was really great actually, I learned a lot, and I guess we'll be having that every transfer now so (every 6 weeks). We also got to go to Urdaneta again this week for the New Missionary Training. They don't say everything to the new missionaries their first day there because frankly they're exhausted, and they don't get much out of the first few days. haha Now, they've been here 2 weeks, so we returned for more training. Even though I'm not new, I still feel the spirit so strongly and leave the meetings feeling charged and ready to go, I just Love Pres Monahan.
This week I have been sick. I lost my voice and my throat was really sore. I think it's because of the weather changes. One minute it's sooo hot, the next it's pouring rain. But it's okay, I'm recovering now, I got a priesthood blessing, and even though I've felt really crummy....I've still been able to teach and work at a normal pace, thank goodness to answered prayers.
We had a couple of really great experiences. One experiences was to a new investigator, we had taught her once, I found out that she is really devoted to her Protestant religion, and she told me that's why her kids haven't gone astray, because of their faith, because of the church. I just tried to relate to her,and she is very gospel oriented. Anyways, we left a book of mormon and covered the first 3 principles of lesson 1 with her, but didn't go too in depth. Anyways, we showed up at her house again, and she wanted to listen, she said she had some questions about the book of mormon. Panic quickly came through my head as I thought uh oh...hopefully I know the answers. hahaa anyways we sat down and she just said "I've read this book, and it's a good book. It doesnt seem to be evil, but I want to know why we have it. Why isn't the bible enough? I've read about the prophets here like Alma, and Nephi...why weren't they mentioned in the bible?" So...I was first panicked because usually here in the Philippines, they don't ask very in depth questions like that, they just believe. But...I was grateful...i did know the answer. haha then I dont know why but "2 Ne 29:8-10" flashed through my head- anyways I didnt know why and I thought...i'm not really sure what exactly it says there but ok...i'll trust my thought. haha good thing. We turned there, and it was perfect for her, she understood and the verse there was just a simple verse about needing 2 nations to testify- but it was what she needed to here, and the spirit was very strong as we bore testimony of the truthfulness of the restoration and taught her. I will always remember our experience with Sis. Ditas. Sure, experiences happen kind of like that every day- but for some reason, this experience was more intense and it was just a good day. :)
Later that day we went to the hernandez family because their baptismal interview was this last saturday. By the way, the passed! And, when we were their their kapit bahay (neighbor) is also a less active member and his wife has serious anal cancer. They can't do anything about it, because they dont' have any money so she can't get medicine really or treatment or figure out what the problem really is. She is always in pain, and she cries a lot. Luckily, she was having a little better of a day. We were standing up outside next to her as she was seated and started making conversation which (thats the first time in 5 months that she's actually talked to us). I dont know why but somehow next think I know I took a seat and started testifying about how I know she's had a lot of trails and problems, and that especially her, but all of us- we dont know when our last day will be on this earth.I asked her about where she is going after this life- she didn't really know but she said she had hope that she would be with her family, but if it wasn't possible, this life was just gonna be it for her. I testified that because of the Gospel- I do know where I'm going after this life, and that she can know to. I told her that is why it was so important for her to listen to our message, because through it she will find that hope and peace that she's looking for. She told me with tears in her eyes that she wants that, that she wants to be with her family. I dont know how it happened, but somehow as I was preaching...I challenged her to be baptized and prepare now. Her response was, when I'm feeling better and can listen. I told her, 'kung hindi ngayon, kailan?" or...if not now, when? She just looked at me and said...okay, now. we will be teaching her the discussions. The spirit was sooo strong- all 3 of us were teary eyed.
The Hernandez family, I will have to tell you their story completely next week...its a really good one. *talk about cliff hanger, right?* hehe jk  Anyways, they passed their interview, and their baptism will be this next week.
This gospel is true. It is why I am here, and it needs to be a part of who we are. We do not know when our last day on this earth will be, but if we are faithful we can be rest assured that there is a mansion being prepared for us in the Kingdom of God.
Anyways, I love you all,
Have a great week!

Hernandez family passed their interview!

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