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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Agrugi Tayong! (ilicono iyon)

Sep 2, 2012
I am so sorry that I seriously am not creative at titles at all...This week was pretty great! I am starting to learn a little bit of Ilicono....I feel pretty cool when I can speak Ilicono because first of all their really confused when they see that an americana can speak tagalog...they're REALLY confused when I speak ilicono. hahaha I love it! :)
This week we were very surprised to receive a phone call from Pres and Sis. Monohan while we were having personal study. He just asked me to clarify the directions to our apartment, so I did, he said okay, see you in 5 minutes, we're almost there. Fear came over me. haha Oh no...I hurried and made sure that our apartment looked descent...and then tried to act calm and cool as they pulled up to our apartment. They came and had companionship study with us! They were great, and I just absolutely love them. One I love them because they're soo nice and want to help and are magnifying their calling....and I have not once left a conversation with Pres Monahan where I did not feel the spirit super intensely sp? (ps don't make fun of my english haha, i'm sorry its gotten really bad now) And two...I love them because they're brilliant and I learn a TON from them. We can spend an hour just dissecting and discussing one verse from the scriptures. and three...they're strict. There's no messing around, and there's no way to get away with anything now in the mission. They're very strict...but of course loving. It's like they say. "the more control from within, the less control from without. The less control from within, the more control from without." totoo yun. Anyways, I just love them :) And four. I love them because they have a great relationship with each other...they remind me of and dad :) They just are happy and so polite and just cute with each other...even after so many years of marriage...i just love them :)
This week was also great because...we had a family baptism! The Hernandez Family, and Brother Ariel Medina! I was soooo excited, I could hardly sleep friday night. Especially because they were soo ready to be baptized. So my cliff hanger story....not really a huge cliff hanger, but it is one story that I will never forget. The story of the Hernandez story, maybe I've already told you about them but...they're sooo special to me.  their next door neighbor is a less active member, so When Sis. Olila and I were companions about 6 months ago, we went and found Brother Elmer, their next door neighbor. It was night time, maybe lke 9:15 at night, we were about to go home, and it was pouring was raining really hard! Anyways, as we left their house, I saw this man standing on his front porch...he had just finished a cigarette...anyway I looked at Sis. Olila and said...lets preach by the way. She just looked at me like...are you kidding me...and then an expression that said, okay, if you want to. haha Anyways, we went over to them, and I just said Hello, do you know brother Elmer? We're coming form there, he's a member of church, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, do you know other missionaries like us? And that opened up a huge conversation. I found out that his name was Jerry Hernandez, he was from La Union (about a 3 hour bus ride from here) and he was baptized, he was a member and he hasn't been to church in about 18 years now,. He said he was offended so he never went back. He was an active member, he with is family, and he wanted to serve a mission and had prepared. He submitted his papers, he worked with the missionaries before and he was even their cook and tagalaba...what is that in english? the person who does the laundry for the elders at that time) anyways he was close with them. So after he submitted his papers,  his stake president wouldn't let him go on the mission. He kept him back because he said they needed the priesthood there in LaUnion, that he shouldn't leave. Because of that, he became less active. At least, that is what he told us, I dont know if he actually submitted his papers yet or not...but anyways he said he was ready to go to the MTC, but was held back. Anyways, his heart was soo hard, we tried to leave a book of mormon but he wouldn't accept it.  The next week, we returned to teach Brother Elmer (his next door neighbor) and he had a visitor, sis. Adelaida Hernandez, I kindly said "stay for the lessson, we're teaching brother Elmer, stay!" And she said, oh...okay. She was soo shy and just sat in the corner, but she at least stayed. As I met sis. Adelaida her face looked SO familiar to me, almost as if I had known in...I knew I knew her somehow, but I wasn't sure how. Anyways after the lesson we talked and I found out she was the wife of brother Jerry who we had met last week. We kept pushing to teach their family, and finally Brother Jerry opened up and siad, oh before when I was a member we used to have Family home evenings, I said thats a great idea, lets do that. so we set an appt for that thursday and had their next door neighbors who were members come over and it was soo fun, and the spirit was present, and he remembered what i was like to be a latterday saint. Anyways...we continued to visit them. After a few months now, the son of brother Elmer Medina (his less active neighbor) was baptized with the wife of Brother Jerry and his 2 children. this last saturday. Brother Jerry is now very active, and he had the priviledge of baptizing his children and sister this last saturday. The spirit was soo strong, and they all cried as they bore their testimonies at their baptism about how they know this church is true, and it has changed their family for forever. Brother Ariel is lookingn forward to serving amission in one year. And Brother Elmer, his father is now a returning less active member. WE are now teaching the discussions to his wife who is not yet a member, and his other son who has a baptisimal date set for Sept 22. I still don't know how I know Sis. Adelaida, but its like we've been friends for forever...I honestly feel that we knew eachtother before this life. My life will forever be changed because of the Hernandez family.
This sunday, we had our ward council meeting. I talked to bishop before the meeting and asked if it would be alright or help if we met with all of the auxilary leaders individually and taught them how to have a weekly meeting, since none of them have a meeting at all EVER...and he agreed and said thank you. haha Then, in ward council he announced it. He kind of joked as he said that I wouldn't let any of them escape their weekly meeting, so to help with that we scheduled the meeting and I told them their assignments that I wanted them to do before we met with them, so we will have a ton of meetings this saturday and sunday. I scheduled it with RS, EQ, YM, YW, Primary, HP. all of them, should be great, I'm looking forward to this week.
Anyways, "The standard of truth has been erected. No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. It will go forth boldly, nobly and independent till it has penetrated every continent, swept every climb, and sounded in every ear. Till the great Jehovah shall say, ' the work is done'." I know this is the only true church upon the face of the earth, that Jesus Christ established himself when he was here. I am soo grateful for His trust in me to share that message with everyone here in Carmen.
I love you all, have a great week


AFTER!  The baptism of the Hernandez family and brother Ariel!
When I look at this I just think, wow...there's a lot of future
priesthood holders and leaders there :)  Ah I just LOVE them!

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