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Sunday, September 9, 2012

It's a "BER" month...that means...CHRISTMAS HERE!!!

"Tubo" or sugar is really sweet's a snack for the's a really cheap snack, you just go chop down a tree!
Sep 9, 2012

So again, I just can't get over the fact that because it's a "ber" month, meaning the month ends in ber "septemBER" we're seriously celebrating christmas, I was soo taken aback the other night we went to one of our recent converts houses and she had a big christmas star on her front door all lit up. hahaha It's hilarious!
This week- when I walked into our CR or bathroom in the morning, I was shocked when I was greeted by a "palaka" or frog instead of "ipis" cockroaches in our bathroom. hahaha we just have all sorts of fun things crawling around in our on earth a frog got in there- I have no idea. haha
So I also heard something really funny this week that I had to share with you. There was some girl that got married last week, and this guy was telling us this story- inactive member- and he is a little bitter because he's like 48 years old now and asawa or wife...haha Anyways- he was like "yep, she got married and she got 3 rings". I said "huh, 3 rings?" seriously confused- then he said yep, "her engagement ring, wedding ring, and sufferRING. hahaha we all laughed...I thought it was funny...he's soo bitter.
One other thing I heard this week from Pres Fajardo, he said to talk to God you dail "22211" I was confused...then he said "2 Knees, 2 arms folded, 2 eyes folded, 1 broken heart and 1 contrite spirit" I thought that was if you need help, can't text...but you can dial 22211 :) haha
This week we had a lot of meetings. We met with the EQ Pres, RS Pres, Primary Pres, YW Pres, and Bishopric and of course our regular MCM meeting- it was soo great, I feel like we got a lot accomplished. I introcued them to the callings "RS coordinator and RS supervisor" for visiting teaching-bishop didn't even know it existed- i'm grateful that was one of my callings before the mission, and hopefully we'll get that up and operating now. our meetings were very successful- we'll continue meeting with them until we get some of their issues worked the fact that before now- none of them had ever had a presidency meeting...yep...things will be changing here in carmen ward :) haha
I found out one of my recent converts, Bro Hernani Bidan from Lingayen was called to serve as 1st councelor in the bishopric there! My jaw dropped...he is soo great, I just am soo proud of their whole family, they're doing great, not to mention his daughrter is now the YW President! :)  We had another baptism this week! This one was soo special for was Brother Ryan Marzan. I feel as if he is my son..haha I just love him and his whole family, and I remember our first appointment with him and afterwards telling Sis. Olila I wanted to "drop him" because he wasn't progressing and he had no interest. Then I told her we needed to talk to him and see what he wants..after that, he began to change...and he has completely turned his life around. A year ago, you would have found him on the street- having a drinking party, with lots of body piercings, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, ditching school, swearing a ton, and being rude. haha Now...He's at church, or seminary, or working with us, when you talk to him, his testimony is soo heart felt...its that "true conversion" that takes place if you have real intent. I'm really grateful that Heavenly Father let me be a part of his experience finding the truth.
The work is good, the work is is great of course, i love the people, i love everything about it here...i can't imagine a day when I'm not here...
love you all, and of course pray for you always

Bro. Ryan and Bro. Joenice-
baptism of Bro. Ryan this week

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