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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 6...again :) (meaning transfers!)

Me, Sis. Perina with Sis. Ardoum

Sep 16, 2012
Well Hello there Family! What another great week!  I'm waiting a little anxiously- I'm not sure if I'll be transferred this week, or not. I'm guess not, because we haven't finished the 12 week training program...but I feel like maybe I will...cuz if I don't- It will end up being almost 8 months in one area by the time I transfer.

This week was great, we had a Tri-Zone Conference, and Elder Ardourn (of the 70's) was there. They told us all to prepare just a 3 min scrip thought- of course I thought about it, but I seriously could not decide what scripture I wanted to use. Well, of course- Elder Ardourn called me up out of the Audience filled with missionaries...and I shared what came to my mind- the verse that changed my service here in the mission field Mark 8:35. Oh my gosh then he kept me up there for a long time, kept asking me questions about the work, and how to overcome things...just totally put me on the spot....and of course- as I was bearing my testimony- I cried....because I realized how much I really have changed throughout my mission, how much I really have learned to rely upon the Lord. It was a great experience.  I was a little shocked, after that all the Sisters met together, and Sis. Ardourn (his wife) talked to us. She talked about Marriage, and marrying the right person. I seriously just thought to myself 'really, do we really need to talk about this right now? We're missionaries...I really don't even want to worry about this right now." haha But it was good, the things she said. She said to think to ourselves always- when we're looking for our future spouse "Is he a man of God, or of the world?" she said if we can answer, he is a man of God, then we'll be okay. The more I thought about it, the more I agree with her, but of course, if he is a man of God....that means I also have to be a woman of God- becuase I can't expect more than I am willing to be in my spouse.Anyways...that was interesting...I then realized- soon I will be back in a singles ward...yep, so not looking foward to that! haha

Friday- we had exchanges- with Sis. Perina's batch mate here, Sis. Urbano- It was werid being the senior and evaluating companion of the other- teaching her what I know, instead of being taught. I thought to myself did that happen? When did I become the older missinary here in the field? haha

Bro. Sadi passed his baptisimal interview, we will be having a baptisim this next saturday! We're excited; of course! :) I got to watch sunday, as Bro. Ariel & Jayson (they were baptized 2 weeks ago) wore their brand new white shirts and ties and passed and blessed the sacrament, as in...I was like a proud parent. Speaking of proud parent- it's fun to watch Sis. Perina, she does what I do, her tendencies, and her teaching style is exactly like me...we were laughing about that earlier this week, cuz we realized that must be what it's like to be a real parent, and watch your kids grow up and become like you. haha :)

We have one referral from an active member that sometimes works with us, Sis. & Bro. Orenia, their nephew that lives with them- he was always drinking, as in getting drunk nightly and before he smoked 1 1/2 boxes of cigarettes a day- we taught him the first lesson-the spirit wa soo strong, and knowing that the "word of wisdom" would be a problem, I left him a pamphlet about it.  and when we returned for the second appointment, he completely went "cold turkey" and got rid of his cigarettes and alchohol. He knows that the gospel is true, and he is one of those golden investigators. We're soo excited...he's 21 years old. He now has a baptisimal date Oct 27. :)

Anyways, overall this week has been a great one, can't wait to see what this next week has in store.
thinking of you and loving you always

The Sisters table!  Kain tayo! (Let's eat!)

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