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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib.

Sep23, 2012
Well Hello Family,
The subject of this week's email yes is "tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib" which literally means in english "push with your lips, pull with your heart" which is an idiomatic expression here in the philippines, that's what I learned this morning in language study. What that means is that, you say you want one thing, but you really mean another thing, your heart says something different. I was reading in the conversational tagalog book this morning. It said that filipino's, when it comes to relationships, they will say stuff to irritate another person, to see how deep their interest is, and find out what their reaction is, but they secretly have a 'crush' or interest on the other person. I said that line to Sis. Sandoy as she came down the stairs this morning, and we all just laughed, apparently they think it's really funny when you say that. haha Anyways, don't worry, I do study the gospel in tagalog too..butu sometimes it's fun to study other parts :) haha
What a great week, again. I did not transfer, I am still here in Carmen. I have no idea when they sent me to the Philippines that they were not sending me to Baguio Mission, but rather Carmen mission. haha. Because I did not transfer, that means I will be here till November 2nd- the next transfer day. Meaning, I will have spent over 8 months in one area. That's like...unheard of. haha But, I know there is a purpose for it :) I still have unfinished business here :) We do however have 2 more sisters that got assigned here to carmen, so we are not alone anymore, thank goodness, because our area was sooo huge! So...Sis. Sandoy, and Sis. Palmer (she is from park city, utah) boy has it been fun to watch her go into culture shock...I just laugh and remember all of those funny memories now, wasn't so funny when it was happening to me. haha They are cute, and we're really excited that we are 4 now in our apartment, masaya!
So yes, last monday when I emailed you I thought i had hit the worst part of my sickness, to my surprise, I got really sick that night and I still have a cough even now, but I am doing good now :) There was a day or so when I had a fever of 102....but its okay, haha they laughed at me, cuz of course, I worked still- then we got home and realized how high my fever was...I had no idea it was that high we came home a little early from our work, around 8 o'clock, and i took it easy that night. Luckily, God gave me another tender mercies, and that was enough time for me to get feeling better- so I was up and at it again the next day. :)
This week we had the baptism of Bro. Sadi. We have one investigator, Bro Emil, he is the nephew of Sis. Orenia (so active, and great sila. Anyways, I told you about him in my last emails.) It has been soo fun to watch him literally change, his countenance has changed- and he is excited to be baptized, and wants to serve a mission. He has still had no problems with cigarette smoking or drinking. He is amazing, we're really excited!
We did have on interesting experience this week, when we went to the house of one of our progressing investigators, finally her husband faced us, after several times of him hiding when we came, but...what happened was unexpected...we spent almost 2 hours there, he was just telling us about his understanding of the truh, and his belief. He wanted to debate with us. haha it was intersting- he said all the churches just want to have more members- because it's more fun, and the leaders make money, and that's why i'm here. Of course, I corrected him- and said that none of our leaders received one cent of money- then of course he said "you mean to say, you don't have have sallary right now?" Of course I proudly said, nope. I saved up my money, so I could come here and preach the gospel. then he said "ano gust mo patunayan sa sarili mo?" hahaha I just said excuse me? because that basically means "what are you trying to prove to yourself by coming here?"  then he rephrased his question and asked why i was here on a mission and I just said...Because I love God, and I know through the power of the Holy Ghost that this is his church. He couldn't argue there. haha anyways, it was very intersrting, even a year into the mission- there's never a dull moment and never an opporutnity passed by to have a "first experience" that was a first for me.
Anyways, the work is good, it is true. :) I can't believe this week is my year mark!!! Yay, time flies! :)
I love you all and pray for you always,

I guess I passed the judgement day!


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