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Monday, March 11, 2013

Greetings From Sevilla

One of my fav. sisters...of course. I got to see Sis. Valera for
the last was hard saying goodbye!  :(
 Mar 11, 2013

What a week. Actually, this week has been a great one. We have been struggling with Investigators here in Sevilla. This area has seriously felt like open area, because (I think i've mentioned this in previous emails) but they were teaching like the same 10 people. Over and over and over again. And then when her trainer would get tired they'd just go to the members' houses and hang out. we started from scratch. Thats why I have loved staying in my previous areas for so long, because when you stay there past the first 4 months, thats when you really start to see the fruits of your success. We have been planting, and planting, and planting seeds. This week- I watched our sacrament attendance boom. Our Investigators Gospel Principles class was completely full. We have 8 people now progressing for baptism.
It broke my heart last night as we found this one family- Apilado family. Si Brother...he was baptized when he was a child- and his family went inactive so he's a member, but he doesn't really undestand the gospel. Sister- his wife-(they're not yet legally married) they have one child- months old pa lang. Anyways- they came to church....and they had such a great time and made a lot of friends. It was soo great to see. Last night, we went over and taught them. When we were there the spirit was soo strong as we talked about eternal families- and how they can be together forever. I sat back as I watched my two daughters teach the lesson- because I told them (sila and bahala) or it was up to them.....they had to take control of the lesson and teach it haha..I know, I'm mean. haha Anyways...they did a fantastic job. At the end- Sis. Pamesa extended their baptismal date (which will of course be after their wedding) for May 11. Their reply was Yes, of course. Then Sis. Apilado just looked at me and said wait...Sister Allen won't be here. Of course I said, well there will be a replacement- and they'll be here. The important thing isnt' that i'm there, it's that she's taking the first step towards being an eternal family. At this time, my heart broke. It's true- I won't be here to see her baptized. I have grown so close to them in such a short period of time- I will miss them. But....I know that what they've felt...they will never forget. They know the gospel's true. Even though missinoaries transfer- they're never permanent. What they do for those people; and their influence-- Well, that is permanent.
Sunday was also an emotional day, because Bishop Baro got released as bishop- because he's moving to bacnotan. He asked us to sing a song- he wanted hymn 97 "lead kindly light" but we wanted it to be a surprise. So...I sung the first 2 lines of lead kindly light. Then my companions joined in and we went in to "God be with you till we meet again". Everyone was crying. It was really pretty. Sis. Leuluai's voice is amazing.  It was also sweet listening to Bishop say his goodbye to the ward. He is soo sweet, he absolutely loves his wife and 3 daughters. It is so obvious- he started to get teary eyed as he talked about his wife- how she was a modern day emma. They truly are an amazing couple- and they've influenced more lives than they may know. I know they've influenced mine. I so want my relationship some day to be like theirs.
Anyways, of course this week has been one full of learning.
I love you all, and youre always in my thoughts and prayers


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  1. Thank you for having a space for the Baro Family in your blog specially in your heart!!!