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Monday, March 18, 2013

What A Great Week!

Gradution from our Career workshop
 Mar 18, 2013

Well Hello there wonderful family,
I don't think i've ever been lacking so much sleep or traveled soo much in my entire mission. We traveled to Baguio one day. Another day we traveled to Aringay- Agoo for exchanges. Another day we traveled to SFLU Bayan to help with a marathon, and earlier- I traveled here to Dagupan. I woke up at 2:45 3 days this week....oh my goodness....its been great. Sulitin ko po ang oras d2 sa mission yata!!! hehe
This week I got asked to lead companion exchanges with (I think it was 9 sisters) it was a great experience! It was a different feeling being the one in charge- and it actually ended up being a really spiritual experience as we did an activity about "Our Purpose" and talked about what we expect from our mission before we came and how we're fulfilling our purpose...everyone was in tears. Yes....sisters kasi kami! :) haha
This week we also got to participate in San Fernando La Union Marathon- It was soo sweet...I totally miss the runners atmosphere...I'm excited to be around it... malapit na ang summer time kasi!
This week...we also got a lot of rain. know the picture I sent you a few weeks ago...did you notice the condition of my umbrella?! Yes...well I haven't been using it cuz it was pretty pathetic...and I don't want to spend money on a new one. decided to rain. haha It was awesome...I got soaking wet...well that wasn't the awesome part...haha but we enjoyed ourselves. IT was Sis. Leuluai and sis. Pamesa's first time working in the rain. I have so many fun memories...I remember the first time I worked in the rain...and I hated it...and then grew to love it hahaha I will miss the Pilipine least even though its not technically rainy season...I got to experience it one last time before I leave! Who knows...maybe it'll rain again this week! :)
This has been soo fun....even though the past few months we've just been planting and planting seeds and finding and finding the "elect" our fruits are starting to pay off...and I"m excited that both Sis. Leuluai and Sis. Pamesa will still be here to see the fruits of their they too understand as I do that everything we do has a purpose. And I mean everything. One of my favorite families right now ( I mean, of course they're all my favorite...but basta...this family is just amazing) Sina Bro. Jonathan & Sis. Elvelyn....they went to church last sunday and had a great experience. Well that thursday (we were on exchanges) we went to their house. I was shocked...we all were and it showed as sis Elvelyn whipped out these 2 pages that she took of notes and she told us about what she read in the book of mormon...and it was soo in detail about Lehi and his family and everything and how she could apply it to her life. Oh my goodness. She said she prayed to know and it was like something came over her...she knows its true. I looked at my 2 companions and then realized quickly that all of our jaws were dropped open....and our eyes were huge. We were speechless. haha words could not express the happiness that we felt. We went back to teach them twice this last week...they're progressing talaga. I so love them, and when I'm there I can just see them in baptisimal clothes and at the temple....It's gonna happen. they are the elect. They are what we call "ripe" or "hinog" and I am so priviledged to know them.
Herra, Heart and Azure

I know that God loves us and he knows us better than we know ourselves. I know that he has a plan for us, and that nothing happens by coincidence in the gospel. I am so privileged to be one of his servants in this great work.
I love you all and I am sooo excited to greet you next week.
In my prayers always
Yours truly,

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