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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'll Be Seeing You...

Mar 24, 2011

Well...where to begin?!?!  We're here. I can't believe it...but this is the last email you will get from me before I head back home.
This week has been filled with lots of excitement.. haha We've had a dinner appointment every night this week...I hope I still fit in my skirts when i get home :) haha It was funny we went to Sis. Salvatera's house (I call her Nanay 'mom') because she's like my mom away from home...actually her personality and the way she dresses remind me of mom really. anyways...she asked to have a family home evening over there. I was excited. When we got there...she told us she felt inspired, that she would be giving the lesson. Well...guess what her topic was about. Marriage and family. haha that seems to be everyone's favorite topic these days. haha
I'm sorry but I've gotta throw out another blooper ni sis. leuluai. It was so funny when we ran into the ward clerk and she asked "kumusta and patay?" (or how was the dead person?) and Bro fancis just replied. "uh...patay pa rin sister". or (well, he's still dead). hahaha It was sooo funny. Ah I will soo miss sis. Leuluai...she is hilarious!
Also..Sis. Pamesa taught me how to make a cake....using the stovetop is sweet....I'm way excited to show you. Well...maybe you already know how and I just never knew it...but I was way excited when she showed me how to do that...I thought you needed an oven...I was wrong. I'll teach you next week maybe :)
Of course not wanting to waste any time and try and get every event in as possible that I can before I leave, this weekend we had a ward 1/2 day mission, and we had a great turn out. Also...we had "Sevilla Night". We planned it to be like a ward FHE....but they ended up having a part where they pulled me up to the front and the members all came up and said their goodbye's to me. Can you guess if I cried or not?! haha :) Actually I did pretty good...I held it in.
This week I had one of the coolest experiences happen to me of my whole mission. About a "preach by the way"....and how strong I felt back to talk to him...and how the Lord had totally prepared him. There ya've got a cliff hanger...I'll finish the story in a few days when I see you in person.
Actually the truth is I just ran out of time...haha so I have no choice but to wait to tell you.
This work is the best. The gospel is true. God loves us soo much, and he's given us the ultimate gift. His Son, that we could again return to his presence and be like Him. I love you all dearly, thanks for your support these last 18 months. I may have only had 18 months to live it. But I will have eternity to remember.
I'll be seeing you....

The Casilla family

Dinner with
the Casilla

More of my family here

After missionary coordination meeting, our Bishopric

Me with Sister Kimberly.  She never knew why I
always told her her name was soo beautiful and
she was too...I told her it must be cuz of her name.
We just she knows my secret...
I love her name  :).

Good-bye Sevilla...I love you all!

Red puffy eyes!  Saying Goodbye is very hard to do.

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