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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Last Transfer Week Here In Baguio Mission

Sis. last borne in the wilderness!

This is our's beautiful!!
Mar 3, 2013
Hello Family!!!!
What another fantastic week here in Baguio...well okay, here in Sevilla :)
I have another child! should have seen the look on all the other missionaries' faces when we took a family picture. haha :)
I cried soo hard......I was surprised. It was just a completely different feeling as I was standing in the Mission home, talking to all the sisters there- and I had a realization that wow...I know every sister here. I love every one of them and I have relationships with all of them. I am going to miss these girls- this is that last time that I will see them. I just started crying...and then they did too. haha we were a mess. We then went to the sacrament hall and I have to tell you it was the best feeling as we all stood and recited D&C 4 and sung our Baguio Mission a huge group of elders and sisters- for the last time. I'm not ready to say goodbye. But.I know that my work is slowly coming to a close here in Baguio Mission. It was a bitter sweet- Sis. Perina and I just cried when I saw her and we hugged...realizing that was the last time I'll be seeing her...I am soo lucky that everything worked out that I got to see all of my children and past companions here at transfer point one last time. That was such a great day!
My newest companion, Sis. Pamesa is from Mindanao---malayo. She is very sweet, and I'm sure these next few weeks are going to be great. She's not afriad to speak in the lessons- so thats a great thing...its going to be fun training again. Its been fun, and it's keeping me busy training 2 at one time....these next few weeks are going to be busy making sure that we're doing everything that we're supposed to- and training them so that they can be trainers. This next transfer- after I go home. They're expecting 22 new Sisters to come...almost all are will be  interesting- I'm kinda sad I won't get to be around for it.
Anyways, all my time is up, but I love you all. Sorry its short- but at least you got tonz of pics!

Our Zone T Shirts

Us Sisters at Transfer Point....Our Family Picture


Another Family Picture

My sisters....oh how I love them!

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