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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm A Mom Again...And Now A Grandma!!

You know your umbrella's about had it
when everyone who drives or walks by
just says,,,"nakakahiya naman ang
payong mo"...or that's "your umbrella is
embarrassing"  haha, I'm trying to
make do.
Feb 24, 2013
Well...what a great week...I can hardly believe it...I got a call from Elder Mayes...again...(one of our AP's) I've been called to be a trainer again!!!!! This will be my 4th Child!!!! haha.....that's crazy....we figured...I spent the first 9 months of my mission learning...and the last 9 months have been spent training! haha It should be fun! :) President said I may also be put in a trisome! I was also really excited because Sis. Valera also got called to be a trainer too!!! :) She's soo great, and she's gonna do a fantastic job training!
Yesterday I had the best Ward Council Meeting that I have ever had in my mission. It was amazing...Bishop Baro is amazing. I just love him! I wish I could take his family home with me in my suitcase...I don't think they'll fit! :) We had all of the auxilaries present,and when it came time to talk about missioary work, we presented our plan to have the members be the missionaries and teach the new member discussions- and they're all on board to do it. Not to mention, we also told them we wanted to have a member present from every auxillary at our MCM meetings so the coordination would be better- and more effective fellowhsippers. We then scheduled EFFECTIVE fellowshippers at that time for this week- this week is gonna be awesome. Oh...and not to mention we went through the entire ward directory with all of them and identified who are the active and inactive- and also the part member families. I told them that's who I want to really focus on- the part member families. You can kill two birds with one stone- you're rescuing the lost members- and at the same time you're finding new investigators- and helping bring families to the gospel- so they can be eternal. sounds like a win-win, right?! haha
Anyways...we also had some funny things happen this week.....this cute kid...Raven came in and was explaining to me how sometmies kids at school are rude to him and say stuff that's not nice. I asked him really?! And then I made the mistake of asking him what they said....cuz i thought it was just picking on him....he started swearing up a storm in front of me...and using just....the worst words. was sooo funny Me and Sis. Leuluai at the same time were like "wooaahh...that's enough. ok...stop na" hahaha it was sooo funny we freaked out. I had another wake up moment about how terrible real life really is. Not to mention....we were teaching a recent convert who is 10 years old with her siblings....and we were talking about eternal marriage. They told me they didn't want to get married....that they didn't want to have kids. they said "it's soo hard to give birth" and were explaining the difficult process. haha I was shocked...then they said well..."when I get pregnant, that's when I need to get married". I think I about freaked out...I had to be sure not to scare them but I got soo mad that that's what these kids interpret marriage as...if you get pregnant- then you have to get married. It's soo messed up! I just firmly told them about eternal marriage and being eternal families.
I got to see Sis. Valera again!!!  She's training!
(BTW this dress...yeah a member bought it for me
for like 50 pesos...that's about 1 dollar in the US!
We taught the cassilla family- they made us eat Bagoong at manga na hinaw...i HATE it...i thought i was gonna throw up...but i had to say "mmmm, masarap!" so they wouldn't get offended. hahaha
Anyways, I"m out of time again
I love you all

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