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Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Week in Sevilla

Yes...we really are missionaries from
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints.  And yes, our message is one of
Feb 17, 2013
I have sent so many pictures this day, i have had absolutey no time to write youa out this week.
just know that this week was amazing.
We had a great turn out, there were 17 ward members who came to our half day mission, before only 4 would this is progress. not to mention, the members are starting to work.
Sis Leuluai and i sung in sacrament..of course, we sung my fav hymn, "I know that my redeemer lives". The spirit was soo strong. The first 3 verses were in english, and the last was in Tagalog.
We also had zone interviews with President. Mine was more like an exit interview. He just asked me about my plans when I go home and told me I need to start thinking about it.What i'm going to do with schooling oh and of course, all the church leaders' favorite piece of advice...dont delay in finding your enternal companion. Oh man...I just asked him if I could stay here. Actually, at the end he just asked me if I was ready. I just broke down and cried..I just said...i don't want to leave. He told me that I should know that there is nothing else that I could have done to be a more successful or obedient missionary. He told me that my time has come. That the part i'm afraid of is not necessarily to leave, but to leave this great experience behind. The spirit is always so strong, this environment is the best that you could ever have. I have been so blessed to be here.
This week was a good one.
I love you all. You're in my thoughts and prayers always

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