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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eto Ang...stretchy pants

San Fernando Zone

Feb 10, 2013
hahaha....hello again....ang aking minamahal na pamilya :)
So.....this was another whirlwind of a week. Geez....Baguio was AMAZING....And Sis. Thea dressed me up. It was appropriate...every where I go here my nickname is "Barbie" ( I know, i should be flattered right?!) haha....anyways I really felt like Barbie...cuz Sis. Thea & my amazing companion, sis. Leuluai dressed me up when we were in Baguio. They picked out my 'homecoming outfit'. Sis. Thea told me I couldn't wear my clothes i've been wearing when I went home...cuz I had to look presentable. haha She's right....

Earlier, we went to this place called Botanical Gardens here in Sevilla, it was our Zone Activity...they had a little zoo there, and lots of gorgeous tree's and plants, and flowers. We had fun. Last night...we were trying to pick out clothes that we could wear to the activity. Sis. Leuluai said that she didn't have any jeans that she brought with her. I took out a pair of my stretchy baggy sweat pants and told her she should try it on. She just looked at me and was like...those would be stretchy pants on me....we both then quoted nacho libre the "My STretchy pants"...only she said it in english...and i translated into tagalog. "eto ang stretcy pants" was soo funny we busted up laughing..She's like...does Nacho really say tagalog. haha it was funny.
So Mom, remember that story you told me about my mission presidents wife, how one time she would open up her closet went to put a shirt on and she saw a big cockroach there? Yeah...well I've thought about that story several times since living here in Sevilla. Even if we spray every day and do all we can to prevent cockroaches...There still has not been even one day in where I did not find at least 1 cockroach in our house. Earlier when I was putting my jeans on....i found a body of a dead cockroach there. hahaha the other day as I unfolded a tanktop there was also another cockroach that flew out at me. Every morning in the bathroom the first thing I have to do is check if there are cockroaches. The other day as I was showering I left the tabo...(its like a big bowl with a spoon) that we used to shower....and there was a dead cockroach in the water that I was about to pour over my head. hahaha It's hilarious....I really wish they'd go away. haha

The other day when we were walking we came across a total bible basher. He took my bible and starting reciting all of these verses from the scriptures, trying to say that we don't believe in God the Father and the Son, and trying to get me to say something wrong to which he could point out my mistake. was funny, I just feel bad for him, he has part of the truth....but he doesn't know the whole picture. I used a couple verses like Ez 37:15, and Eph 2 & 4, but I wouldn't argue with him.Of course, thats not my purpose, it doesn't do anyone anygood. I just told him that what he believes, and what we KNOW to be true aren't that different. We're happy to explain to him about the fullness of the gospel if he'd like...but other than that, its getting late and we've got to go. Thanks. But invitaiton for you to come to church on sunday at 8:30 at purok 5. hahaha It was funny we walked away and our fellowshippers (2 sisters who are getting ready to submit their papers) & Sis. Leuluai just looked at me like....I didn't know what to say. Sis. Leuluai just said she was mad at that guy. ahhaa It was funny..she had her first 'bible bashing experience'...I've experienced many. The Iglesia ni Cristo and Born Again's are such big fans of that.

Yesterday I was soo shocked when I saw an unexpected visitor who came to Sevilla ward. It was...Sis. Fajardo!!!!! I was soo excited...I got to see my Mom here in the amazing trainer! She is soo beautiful...and she wears real clothes now...its weird. Not to mention, she's now engaged...ah how I miss her. She said she's going to meet me at the Manilla temple in March so we can do a session and explore manila before I hop on my plane. I'm way excited...oh how i've missed her.

This week, we also had some great break throughs again with Sevilla ward. I cannot get over how amazing our Bishop is here. Not to mention how flattered I was when he was asking me for ideas how to strengthen the ward, and how to help them with their fellowshipping. Of course, I listed ideas that i've used in my other areas, but I told him we should all just fast and pray about it first, and discuss it and come up with a plan for Sevilla ward. So, thats what we're going to do. We set up a 1/2 day mission this saturday. Not to mention we'll be holding a VT and a HT convention in the next few weeks. Also, we're going to be holding a ward family home evening, trying to help with the ward unity. I listed some other ideas too that he seemed to like. Sis. Leuluai said she's never seen Bishop Baro this excited about the ward. I'm excited too...we're going to see great things happen here.

Anyways....I am once again out of time. But...I love you all dearly and miss you. I know that this really is the work of the Lord.
I hope you all have a great Valentines Day!!! I LOVE you very very much! And for all those with no gf/ bf or asawa....happy single awareness day...or as they call it here in the filipines "black valentines day". haha Don't worry about it....there's always next year, right?! :)


Botanical Gardens- part of my area here in Sevilla
We took our last pday and went as a zone here.
It was soo beautiful!

Yep...that's about right for the elders...of course they dashed
to the playground  :) haha

Shaking hands
with the

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