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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Munting Langit sa Lupa

 Dec 9, 2012

Well...what another crazy, amazing week!!! Well...I know everyone was a little depressed last week when I announced my mission call got extended...but...joke lang yun or...that was just a joke I guess. haha They extended the calls of the Elders...but the Sisters- they weren't allowed to extend. Instead...I will be coming home: March 26th!!!!! Crazy....time is going by SO fast!!!!! I have soo much still I want to do before I go home. When they told me at first that I would be extending to May...I just remember praying and telling Heavenly Father if he wants me here till that long, of course I'll stay...but that I"d like to be home for Derek's baptism and the birth of my nephew...and that Gee wasn't doing so good.......but of course, "Thy will be done" attitude. Because...My ways...are not always His ways. And....I came home one night and Sis. Carr told me she talked Pres monahan into letting us go home on our original date. Then she said...just kidding...she wanted to take credit, but actually the first presidency wouldn't let them extend the dates for the sisters-just the elders' dates got extended. haha So...Yep...March 26th it I guess...that is the Lord's will. Although, President did email me earlier and asked if he could extend my mission call another 5 years. haha I just replied and said...if you do that...YOU have to be the one to tell my family. :) haha
This week has gone by really fast...and it's been a fun one. We just got done with our zone activity...which was just pertty much a trivia game and eating...but its cool. haha
So our "tagalaba" or the sister who does our laundry was the RS president in Lingayen 1st ward- my first area. It's been really fun to see her all the time. It was funny because the other day she was talking to Sis. Valera bout me, and about how it's a good thing now I've learned how to take care of myself and that I look good...because before she just said I would just stand there, and sweat...and I didn't know how to take care of myself...or speak the language. It was just funny to hear her tell the story...because it's soo true. hahaha It was also fun because last night at the Christmas devotional it was at the stake center- so I also got to see members from my first area and reminisce and just tell stories...oh how I love and have missed them soo much! It was soo fun, they were all amazed now that I speak pure tagalog. It was funny at first, they tried speaking in part english to me...i guess thats what they used to do. haha
So, the member work here in Binmaley is a little shaky....or should I say...non existent at the moment...but unti unti or little by little we are working it out. This week, we had a family home evening at our Bishops house- trying to gain his trust. He is sooo humble, and such a great guy. HIs family is so wonderful...and of course we shared with them, and then asked them if they could work with us sometime. And they agreed- so they went to one of our new invesitgators' houses...which...actually came to church for the first time this week- and I think it's because we had fellowshippers. Also....we found a medyo less active faimly- and asked them to come with us to another less active's house to share a message...and they now they're working...and they were also all at church because of that...then...we taught another less active family....who recently started returning, and taught about the joys of sharing the gospel with others, so we have a fhe scheduled this week with them and they'll be inviting their friends who aren't yet members. Not to mention we also have a FHE scheduled later on tonight with our 1st councelor in the stake presidency here in our ward, trying to gain his trust. We're just really trying to work on gaining the trust right now, and getting the members to work. Thats the hardest part...but the missionaries come and go. They need to learn to be self're trying to work it out. Now with the new dates...i'm not sure if this will be my last area or if I wll be transferred this january...but...I'm hoping I'll get to stay that I can help them to be self reliant...we'll see. Gawain ng Diyos. :)
Well, I love you all, sorry for the short message once again...
I pray for you often, and love you

Hiking...Sis. Valera, Me, Sis. Carr, Sis. Alvaro


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