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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maligayang Pasko!!!

Dec. 23, 2012 they say here in the Filipines...Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!!!!!! Or...Merry Christmas to all of you!
So, This week was soo awesome, and soo crazy busy. We had our trizone christmas conference, and watched the Charles Dickens "A christmas carol"....a first time for many of the filipinos. It was great! Not to mention we had a ward christmas party, and soo many members came! It was fun, Sis. Valera & I were in charge of the Christmas was sooo fun...I still can't get over it. the last game, we had everyone involved and we played my favorite game here in the Filipines.... hahaha It's hilarious, and I love the game....some other time, I'll have to explain it. The filipino's just laugh and laugh...I love their sense of humor here!
We're here at CSI right's like a is brand new and just opened up this's soo nice. I remember when I was in my first area, lingayen...they had just started the ground breaking...who would have thought I'd return here to actually see it and go shopping :) I'm excited, we feel pretty spoiled!!!
Brother Steven Bernardo had his baptisimal interview. He looks like we'll be having a baptism this next weekend! I'm pretty excited about it. We also extended a baptisimal date to the Soriano Family for January 24th....they are such a golden family, and I absolutely love them. They went to church this last sunday for the first time...and they both had prayed to know and have been reading the book of mormon, and they both felt good and both received an answer. Before Sis. VAlera and I could extend a date, they asked us how they too could become members of the was such a great experience. Sorry, I've used up all my time now so I don't have time to really accurately explain. Basta, this week was a great week!
What a very merry Christmas...Last year, we had a White Christmas with the Reyes Family being dressed in white...this year, it will be Brother Steven
How very blessed I am to not only be enjoying Christmas...but actually understanding it in a very truly significant way.
Love you all. Even though I may not be "home for christmas"'re always in my heart.
I love you all

Me & Sis. first companion the MTC.

Sis. Alvaro.  She is so cute.  I really love her!

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