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Monday, December 31, 2012

Maligayang pasko at Manigong bagong taon!

Is that not like every kids dream shot for his baptism?! Yeah...I know
Bro . Isaac and Bro. Steven
Dec. 30, 2012
What a fantastic in, i don't really even know where to start, especially cuz it took me a while to upload all the photo's....the photos probably speak for themselves....its been pretty eventful!
Of course, for Christmas Eve and Christmas, we had an early curfew, so we were in by 6pm. Last year, I remember Sis. Fajardo and I stopped by this local pizza place, and bought pizza that didn't taste like was soo gross...but it's okay haha then we reparied the hymn books from the chapel. So, this year, we started making a we bought pizza again. Only...they have a Shakeys in the next town over, in Dagupan, and one of our ward missionaries, bro Ammon agreed to go to dagupan and buy pizza for us and bring it to us so we would still make curfew, and we still had a pizza dinner, we were so excited! hahaha real pizza! haha :) Then....we wanted to do a service project again this year, so we were trying to think of something we could do in the apartment, then we realized the baptisimal clothes here were just thrown in a closet and were dirty and not washed and just, we thought, let's wash the baptisimal clothes. That's what we did! Afterwards....I made them no-bake cookies...they had never tried them...and of course we don't have an oven thats what we did. It was a lot of fun!!! :) So whenever a single woman or man bakes or does dishes, or wahes clothes they have a kinda funny frequent saying they say here, thats: "pwede ka na magasawa" or..."you can get married now" when your cooking is good, or when you're masipag at washing christmas night...they said "pwede ka na magasawa sis. allen" yes..pwede na daw. hahaha It was really's true...I was pretty busy washing clothes and baking... celebrate Christmas and New Years...filipino's love mga putok-putok....or lighting we hear fireworks all night long...and even sometimes in the morning. they're not even the really pretty sparkly kind...they're just the noisy big blast kind. haha
I got an extra special christmas present this year. Yesterday when I went to church, I had a present waiting in the foyer for me...the Reyes Family and Bro Brix & Mark....they were some of my first baptisms in Lingayen 1st ward...remember the Reyes family? Last Christmas that's what made our christmas "white" here....they'r wedding and baptism. Well, they all came to say hi....and we got to chat...and this time really chat because I could talk to them!! :) They're soo sweet, I just love them. It made it a really great Christmas.

Not to mention, this Saturday we had a baptism. Even though bro Steven is only 12 years old....he is soo cute, and his testimony really is real. His older Brother, Bro. Isaac got to baptize him. We took one look at the baptisimal was funny because I said jokingly at like 8:50am (the baptism was gonna start at 9am)...well, the water's really dirty, and look there's even sand in it. We might as well go to the beach. And then they said Yeah....lets just do that instead. haha I love it, the filipino's are such spur of the moment, whatever kinda really did to go the beach. haha It was my first baptism at the beach, and it was soo great! It was a memorable experience, as we sung "I'm trying to be like Jesus" on the beach for the musical number...I don't think I'll ever forget that feeling. :)

Anyways, another great year has come and gone. I can't believe tomorrow it's 2013. Whenever anyone asks me about when I go home I always say "ah..matagal pa, next year pa" or "it's still a long way away, not till next year" but now...I can't say that...less than 3 months! ah...crazy.
Anyways, I love you all, I pray for you always, and it was soo good to hear your voices again! Take care, and enjoy the rest of this holiday season!\


Row 1   L: Our Christmas party   R: Me & Sisl Valera
Row 2 L:  Christmas morning  R. Gift exchange under our mini-
Christmas tree...who knew Santa even makes it over here in the Filpines!
Row 3  L.  Christmas Dinner- Shakey's Pizza    R: No-bake cookies

Row 1  L: Yup...a fish and shrimp tree!  R: Me & Sis Penna before trnasfer.
Center:  Us at the manger scene.
Row3 L:  Me & Sis Valera at the Capitol    R: Opening our Gifts

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