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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finally...area 3....guess where ?!?!?! we come...again!
Nov 4, 2012 

Transfer point was crazy! First of all, one of the Elders made the mistake of saying to me. "Sis. Allen, I know where you're getting assigned. I hope you like the heat." and then I asked one of the sisters after he left what zone he was in and he said Lingayen Zone. Well...then I excused myself to the guessed it. Cried. hahaha I did NOT want to be assigned to Lingayen because, althought it was a great expeirence the first time and I will always love the was also the hardest living conditions that I have ever experienced. hahaha
Once again at transfer point I about died when they announced "Sister Allen. Senior. Trainer. Open Area. Will now be serving with trainee Sis. Valera in Binmaley, Lingayen Zone."....ahhh!!! Napakabigat!  Well apparently, I was not sent to Baguio Mission. My call was just to Carmen & Lingayen. Since, my first 5 months here were in lingayen, then the next 8 months were in Carmen, and now...I'm back in Lingayen again! haha I was originally assigned to Lingayen 1st ward. Now I'm in Binmaley ward. Just when I was finally starting to speak a little ilicono...I get transfered to where they speak pangasinan.
Sis. Perina requested from President for her to come to transfer point with me, because she didn't want to say goodbye...and of course, neither did I.  Anyways, she went with, and we got to transfer point a little bit early so of course, we went to the mission house, and met the new incoming missionaries. Sis. Valera, Sis. Velasco and Sis. Lauililau?! was a crazy last name. Anyways, Sis. Perina immediatly turned to me and we both said. "Sis. Valera" that's gonna be your trianee. hahaha It was funny. Later that night. Sis. Valera told me that the other trainers came and visited earlier, and she didn't feel anything. But then, when I walked in the room, she felt and knew that I would be her trainer. Kind of amazing how the spirit testifies of that to you. That's why she said she knew it was inspired, and I also know it was inspried, because I know I will learn a lot from Sis. Valera. She is from Cavite....not sure about spelling...but Manila Mission. She is soo sweet, and she doesn't need a trainer. She came to the mission already trained. She too, like Sis. Perina has a testimony of the Gospel. When she teaches, she teaches with power because her testimony is pure. And...she is obedient and a hard worker. I'm so lucky to be able to serve with her for the next 3 months. I know it will be great.
My experience at the ward...Binmaley ward...well, the leaders are so great, and the Bishop is really nice, and is magnifying his call as Bishop. I'm excited to be able to work with them. We showed up at 1:00 and there were no people at the church. haha I was soo confused. Then Sis. Carr showed me their clock and said that they set the clocks late so that they'll feel like they're really on time, but their clock, even though my clock said 1:00 it said it was only 12:30 according to their time. I kind of laughed to myself. they always joke about "filipino time" here...and it's true...they NEVER start on time. It's funny. haha Anyways, the Young Women teacher didn't show up to church so...we got to teach the Young Women...our lesson...about personal progress. I'm actually really greateful for the experience I had teaching them. they're soo great, and sweet, and hopefully someday too, they will serve missions. Anyways, we then attended Gospel Principles, but I felt like I was in a single adult class. It was soo funny, our topic in young womens earlier was about our goal to eventually be married in the temple. Then in Gospel Principle we talked about Eternal Marriage. church in sacrament one of the sisters bore her testimony about how our goal after our mission should be right after to get married in the temple. was kinda funny cuz they kept saying just go to the temple...don't be picky. But I 100% disagree have to be picky...just cuz you get married in the temple is no needs to be right. sadly, it should be a guarantee...but we all have our agency. Anyways, I was a little frustrated at their "doctrine" haha....but anyways....then at night....someone else mentioned temple marriage too....Sis. Valera just held up her head and mouthed "that's 4 times now" hahaha it was sooo funny.
This last week was a really bitter experience saying goodbye to my family in Carmen, and meeting my new family here in Binmaley. I shed a lot of tears...of know me :)  Bro. Ariel Medina told me a story, he said he saw me when I was still in my first area, here in Lingayen 1st ward. He said he saw two missionaries walking, and he noticed me. Of course...cuz I'm the only white person within miles. haha everyone notices the white skin. haha Anyways, he said, who would of thought that the missionary he saw 8 months ago would be the missionary that introduced him to the Gospel, and then he would eventually be baptized. Now, he is working with the missionaries, and he is preparing to serve his mission as soon as he hits his 1 year mark. I'm really excited for him. It was kinda a cool coincidence....but then again, we know that there are no real coincidences in the gospel. :)
Anyways, the Gospel is true, this has been a fun week, I can't wait to go home and scrub my aparments from ceiling to floor so its actually liveable.
love you all

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