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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another week in Paradise...ah...Binmaley pala

Nov 25, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Feast!  Lechon Manok!!! Soo good...
and let's not forget the rice  :)

US eating our Thanksgiving Feast!

 Well...where do I even begin. First of all, this was another great week. We had our thanksgiving feast...Lechon Manok and rice...just kiddin, we did cook peas and made mashed potatoes. I guess it's tradition in Sis. Carrs family to do a bubblegum contest too, so we did that just for fun too. It was fun!
Kind of a cool thing-  Sis. Carr and I both remember going to EFY one year when we were like 14 years old....and it was at Idaho...and then she asked me about the people in my group...and that was a long time ago so I don't really remember..but we both remember a Ben who played the guitar and a backstreet boys dance/song...haha so we're guessing we were in the same group...who would have known we'd be serving in the same mission together like 10 years later...crazy God's plan for us that we don't know!
I also was really excited because I rode in a car 2 times this I felt different, I actually didn't like it, I asked them if it was okay with them if we could just walk instead, so that it wouldn't draw attention. Even if I wore rags as clothing, because I'm american I still have the steriotype that I'm filthy rich....if only that was true. haha Anyways...I just don't want to add more attention to it by riding in a car. I was freaking out though, it was soo nice. I  know I'm gonna freak out when I come home. hahaa One thing I will not miss is every morning waking up to the smell of dried fish coming from the renters in the basement...I soo hate that smell!! haha Yesterday it was soo bad I had to grab a towel and breathe into it...ahhh....and Sis. Valera's favorite food we go to the "wet market" every pday to buy fish for her....I want to throw up every time. Yes, even though I'm here in the Pines...that still hasn't rubbed off on me....who knows...I've still got 4.5 months left could still happen. :)
This week we had a lot of tender in...a lot. The longer I am here in the mission field, the  more I realize God's part in our every day life. We are so blessed- we had a ton of appointments this week- and almost all of them were either not there when we went to them, or when we went there, they asked if we could come back later, they didn't want us to share. So...I don't know why, but I had a name that I was looking at awhile ago pop into my head, so we went there- turns out we ended up extending a baptismal date to them that night- we now have 5 IBD's or bap dates- they were prepared to receive the gospel. I don't know why at that exact time we went there, it just so happened that their dad was visiting from his work far away, and was leaving later that night- but I know that God had a plan for us to share with them our message, at that exact time, and it wasn't an accident.
Anyways, hopefully that experience was clear, I'm running out of time, but I love you 45 minutes to email goes by way too fast!
love and pray for you always

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