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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome to Binmaley!!!

Binmaley Welcomed Us!
This beach is part of our proselyting's so pretty.

Yup. We walk here every week, part of our area.
I love Binmaley!
  Nov 11, 2012

Well...what another great adventurous week in the Filipines!!!! It seriously was an adventure...we were lost together, but it's least we weren't lost alone.

Friday we had our "New Missionary Training" so we took a 2 hour bus ride to Urdaneta for Sis. Valera's training...we didn't get home till 6pm at night...but that's was worth it. Even though I'm not a new missionary, I still feel new, there is still soo much more that I want to learn, and every time I come from a meeting with Pres Monahan I just feel pumped and ready to go.

So everyone is talking about the election here. I knew the very hour that Pres Obama got re-elected. They all wanted "Bro. Romney" to win again. hahaha It was really funny...when I found out, of course I'ts BAWAL or we're not supposed to talk about I just cried inside instead of vocalizing how sad I was. haha

So I found out one of our "housemates' - Sis. Alvaro said she totally knew me before she got here to the Mission, cuz she stalked my blog. I thought it was funny, she said my blog was her favorite because it was promptly updated every tuesday. haha So...thanks Mom for the prompt update...I knew I could count on you :) haha

Last P Day I told you that it was an adjustment here, and I Really wasn't looking forward to the rusty water. Well...I've been surprised at myself, because I feel right at home again. Last p day we went home, and we just cleaned our little hearts out, until the aparment was spotless and we felt comfortable. haha :) Then, I spent hours fixing the area book (the area book is there, and that's the only information you have about the area, and about the members that and investigators that they were teaching before..if there is no area book, you are completely lost.) Well...the area book hasn't been used for a while...and our teaching pool is literally 0 people because it's open area....but, i fixed all the less active papers, updated everything, asked for new copies of the ward directory- color coded it by area...created little tabs so it'd be easier...yep I seriously spent's I feel comfortable...and things are good. It's under control and so now we can work our little hearts out, and I won't be concerned in the back of my head. We went to our district meeting and when I expressed my concerns all Elder Wood said was "sounds like you're just a little bit of a perfectionist. Do you have OCD?" that not a typical 19 year old Elder response?! jhaha...I just said "yep...and there's nothing wrong with that, especially when it's the Lords work. Read 3 NE 12:48...there is especially nothing wrong with it, when its the Lords work." was kinda funny.
I also really laughed when one of the speakers sunday read D&C 84:80 and said that not one hair of our head is lost and goes unnoticed by God...well....espeically I laughed kasi....that's like the number one concern of all the missionaries...I will be surprised if I don't come back bald....there's a lot of hair loss goin on in our apartment. haha

Anyways, I'm running out of time. Just know, that this week we have been lost...but not really. The Lord is by our side. We found 10 new investigators this week that we got from preaching by the way, and we've had less actives come to church this week that have been visited by the missionaries for months, and they finally came to church this last week. I am so grateful for the Spirit, and for God's trust in me and in all of His missionaries.

Love you all and have a great week,

This is not an animal...there's a trike underneath all of that!

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