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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Buntis na ako...ulit!!!!!!! (I'm pregnant...again!) hehe

At "train the trainers" meeting.  These are all my batchmates! 6 of us
that came in at the same time are all training together!
I just love them.  They're great missionaries!
 Oct 29, 2012

 You complained about my titles was this one for you?! did you freak out a little bit?1 hahaha
Well, I'm pregnant again...that's what we call when you're going to be training again!!! haha
what a crazy but fantastic week!!!
So wednesday night, Sis. Perina and I decided to go to bed a little early...10:15 instead of we did.....after we had just climbed into bed...we got a phone call. It was our zone leaders. I answered the phone and the first thing he said was "Sister Allen?!" "Opo"" "Sister Allen!!!! Congratulations!!!! Ikay ay magiging Nanay ulit!!!! Yay!" Which means Sister Allen, congratulations, you are going to be a mom again!!  haha So when we train we're called a Mom or Dad (Nanay or Tatay) and our trainee is called our anak or (child). Anyways....I thought it was a joke...nope. He told me to be in Urdaneta 11:00 to say, I had a hard time sleeping that night. haha. That's the first time that's happened....2 times in a ano ba iyon?!?!'s okay...of course, it will be another challenge, but a great experience. I'm a little nervous because we have 19 elders coming friday...but only 3 sisters. My choices are 1 Samoan (but she's from america), 1 Pakistani, or 1 Filipina. Well....I'm a little scared...I'm hoping I get the Filipina! :) HAHA
Thursday- we had a successful baptism of Bro Emil Patubo. He is the Nephew of Bro & Sis. Orenia...probably one of my very favorite families here in carmen ward. they're like my real family, I love them! They actually remind me of Kari & Michael a little bit...its funny! Anyways, we were soo excited. Bro Emil is 21 years old. He is the person who we first met and he gave up his smoking and drinking the next day. The spirit was soo strong when we taught him that first time. Anyways, he used to smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day, and drink...or get drunk every night. He immediately gave it all up. And he had 1 time that he slipped up in 2 months...he is so incredible, his testimony is so strong already. It makes a huge difference becaues he lives with the Orenia family now, and he see's the difference in their lives, so he sees the gospel in action, when you actually live it. He's really excited to serve a mission in 1 year.

So we also had a jersey done this week...we had them sew one for us...its pretty sweet. The front has the Utah Jazz logo but instead of utah jazz it says carmen zion. It's pretty cool...its navy blue...and white so I can wear it to the byu games. haha :) they wanted red...but Sis. Palmer and I convinced them into blue...cuz we said we can't wear it if its red when we go home. hahaa :) Anyways, next week I'll send a photo, we haven't yet taken a picture of it.

Yesterday I spoke in sacrament meeting and gave my talk. Oh my goodness I just cried and cried...I shared from Alma 5 about singing a song of redeeming love, and have you seen his image in your countenance and had a mighty change of heart. and if you have...can you do so now?! Oh my goodness I cried soo was like a farewell address. I just look at each of them, and I just have such great love for each of them. I will truly miss them soo much. I know this transfer is going to be the hardest...i think of my entire mission. Well...friday....friday is the day I will be transferring. Look foward to some great adventure stories next week.

Well, I love you all and pray for you always. I especially am praying for my county, and the elections. Vote...all of! haha
This week....I have learned that life is full of trails and tests. It's not just about IF we endure, but HOW we endure.
Love you




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