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Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Week

October 15, 2012
What a great week! I cannot believe that we're on week 4 now of 6 for this transfer. Meaning, I am close to transferring, this Nov 2 I will be transferring...well I guess I don't technically know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that's gonna happen.
I received a huge letter from Amber...she started it in July...thanks Amber! I loved it....I was soaking it up last night when I was reading...laughing to myself...haha :)
Well I have to say when I was watching the saturday conference I couldn't help but wonder if Shawn was watching, cuz Pres Monson even said his one regret or the thing that he wished he would have done was stick with the piano....hopefully you choose to do that...all of you! Even now, here in the mission field, I have used that skill soo much, and I'm not even the best at playing.  Imagine if you were actually really good at it, you would use it soo much and be so beneficial to the mission! seriously! So...stick with it!
This week, as I watched General Conference, I just cried like a baby, the spirit was so strong. haha It was really's okay, when the heart overflows through tears in the eyes, right?! :) that's what I keep tellin myself anyways.
This week I have had a lot of great spiritual experiences and a lot things that have reminded me about why we are here. What is our purpose. Why is it hard sometimes in life? Why do even the best of people and most righteous have bad things happen to them. It is because God loves us. Yesterday, as we watched general conference I just as embarrassing, I was literally crying as Pres Holland speaks.  He always gives the best talks (for me anyways :) PS  if you have time look up safety for the soul 2009 by Jeffery R Holland) anyways, as I listened to him talk about the original apostles that Jesus called and Peter, and his question. "do you love me more than all of this?" He said we need to be disciples, and we need to be them forever. This is the work of the Lord; and that is to change the world. tears came streaming down because I know it's easy to be a disciple of Christ when you're a full time's what you do, day in and day out. It's harder to live in the world, work, care for your children, be a good spouse and parent, manage activities, magnify your calling, and find balance and life, that truly is the hardest part. I am so sheltered now; and I really realize that. I realize that my responsibility, as is each and every one of our responsibilities is to be a disciple of Christ. automatically the scripture 3 Ne 5:13 popped into my head as he was saying that. It says something like "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to delcare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." Well...that is me. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. That is every one of us. When we were baptized, we literally covenanted with God to always be his representative and always remember in him. All of us are disciples of Christ. It is up to us to magnify our responbility and act like a TRUE disciple of Christ by living the Gospel. Like Elder Holland said; we can't go back, and we can't give up. Our father in heaven expects our loyalty and our love. I thought about myself personally reuturning home, and standing before the judgment bar of God. I more than anything don't want him to say to me "Kimberly, I know I have given many commandments while you were on earth, but you couldn't even keep my first commandment, which is to love me?" I can't even imagine the guilt that would come to me, if I couldn't tell him that I followed that, that I loved him. I was soo struck by this message of Elder Holland...I decided to use it in a lesson last night. haha Cabatic Family. They were baptized a year ago. For the last 4 months, they've gone inactive in the church. Sister is now gambling and smoking again, they don't come to church anymore because Sister was offended by one of the members. I can't even tell you how many times we've taught them about the reasons for going to church, and it's not for the others, but for God. Well...I have been stuck, I seriously have not known what to teach them. Well, we had a lesson planned about about service to teach them, but when I got there it just didn't feel right. I started asking Brother if he knew that God loved him, and what has happened in his life to help him feel that. What tender mercies or blessings has God given him? Then the Mosiah 2: 20-24 popped into my head. Yeah...I knew it was pretty bold...but it's okay haha as long as I get my message through :) Anyways, so we shared that, luckily somehow sis perina got the memo that I changed lessons on her haha and she's great, so she expounded about the verses. Then we talked about how we are soo eternally indebted to God for all that he has given us. I then asked him. Bro Cabatic, Do you love God? He automatically said of course I do. Then I asked again...Do you really love god? Then what are you doing in your life to show him that? Well, tears started to fill his eyes, and he said he knows he's not doing anything right now to show that. It was a really great experience...yeah I know...normally that would be on the border line of rude...but...I was prompted- as clear as ever- and good thing Sis. Perina and I listened, because Brother Cabatic is starting to wake up again.
I love this Gospel. I am so grateful to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ, as should we all. I am so grateful for his trust in me here in Carmen. And I am so grateful that not just for 18 months of my life I will be a Disciple, but for my entire life.
I love you all, sorry this email is like a sermon...but that's what I wanted to share this week. The work is the same....lots of new things to be grateful for every day.
I love you all again....

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