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Monday, October 8, 2012

This Week...What A Great One!

Oct 8, 2012
Well, another week has passed by. I apologize ulti that you didn't receive the email from last week, I seriously don't know what happened. and of course, my time was up, so I didn't see it till today that it didn't send. I'm sorry :( That stinks....well at least you get 2 letters today!
This week was great! we now have Christmas lights at the front of our house, they're beautiful! They also I get to go to bed to the sound of Christmas songs every night. hahaha It's cool...maybe by december I"ll be sick of Christmas......hmmm...on second thought...nope...not gonna happen :)
We had Zone Interviews this week, it went well, of course. haha I just love Pres and Sis. Monahan, he is soo inspired it's ridiculous, every time I leave a meeting I just am pumped and ready to go out to work now. I don't know what's going to happen to me this transfer. I love the people here, and of course don't want to transfer...but Pres did mention I've been here for a really long time. Sis. Palmer came out with tears down her face, I just remembered my first interview after my first 2 weeks here too...oh my how hard that interview was, how much I wanted to go home. I am so glad that we're in the same house, Sis. Palmer is awesome, she's adjusting great! She told me of a batch mate who thinks she's going to go home, she's asked president to go home now. Tears started to roll down my face as I told Sis. Palmer "No, she can't do that. She hasn't even given the mission a chance"....and then I realized...I sooo badly wanted to go home when I first got here too....then I started to cry as I realized how now...I don't want to leave. For the first time I really realized that now...I am used to life here, it's as if the only way I've known how to live my entire life. It's so easy now...but was soo hard. It's funny how the Lord works in all of us if we let him. He really does help us through even the most insignificant trails.
The RS broadcast was great, I is soo true, we are never alone, and we do have trails for our benefit; even though when you're in the midst of it, sometimes it's hard to realize that. I know it's true.
Tears started  rolling down my face too as I listened to the soundtrack that Sis. Shattuck sent, please thank her for me! I thought about all my little nieces and nephews, and how some day, they will serve a  mission too...and that day isn't too far off, time goes by really fast. They need to prepare themselves now so that they'll be ready for that "some day" that is quickly approaching.
So, this morning we woke up super early and went out to play a little :) haha We went to Bro & Sis. Hernandez, Bro and Sis. Orenia & Pres & Sis. Fajardo's farms! We got to ride a kuliglig :) and then we got to ride a carabao! haha It was awesome....they are like family now seriously, I will miss all of them! The farm areas here are soo beautiful! :) You can probably tell...hopefully the pictures sent to you...that I was freakin out on the carabao! haha He was nice though at least :)
This week, we actually got the RS visiting teaching assignments passed out, I was soooo happy, especially after the touching story that Pres Eyring shared about that at RS conference. I'm excited for this next weekend, we'll get to watch the general conf broadcast. I still can't believe about them changing the ages for mission..thats exciting :)
Sorry, this emails pretty short too, but it's been another great week. I'll try next time to make the email a little longer
love you all
thanks for eveything, and i hope you had a great experiene at conference...i'm excited to watch it this week...who knows maybe i'll make sausage, eggs and our won't be the same as dad's though :)
Love, Sis Allen
Yep...I was freakin out...just a little :)

or should I say WE were freakin out...just a little :)

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