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Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh Hey!

Lingayen Zone Conference- Feb. 2012
  Mar. 4, 2012
Oh hey...once again my time is short cuz I had a lot of
letters I needed to write that I didn't get a chance to write
last week. Oh my goodness monday mornings are the
quickest of all the days of the week!  haha :)
Thank you for sending me a package! I actually have

1 bottle of pureworks still here- so I think with the
pureworks you sent me I will probably be good for
the rest of my mission so thank you! Also don't worry
about sending more deet or afterbite- because that
will last the rest of my mission too! Thank you soo
much I really do appreciate it!  :)
One request...can you send me some cute wallet

size pictures from the ones that we took before my
mission- the ones with me and the book of mormon-
...with the brown background- the one that is my
fb profile picture so I can hand them out for BR
pages (book of remembrance pages)?!
20 of them?! Salamat! you have any extra
pics of any of the sisters marriage pictures in front
of the temple with the family or something. I think it
would be good I use as a teaching aid.  So my companion
is great, Sister Villavito! Her dad passed away a
few years ago, she is a converts since 2009 to the
church! She is the only one in her family- and she
has 10 siblings! She is so strong, seriously no support
from her family whatsoever- maybe a letter 2 times
a emails...its rough...but she is still
happy and great! She is also very clean...oh my
goodness I am so grateful for that you have no idea!
So this week Merla & Ken passed their bap
interviews! We have a double baptism scheduled
for this friday! Yay!!! They're excited...we taught
law of chastity & word of wisdom multiple times cuz
those seem to be the hardest part about the gospel
..also I thought since they were youth they should
have the strength for youth pamphlet. I really think
all investigators of youth age should have to read
that and discuss it before being a member, because
they're going to be exptectedto live that for the rest
of their lives. So anyways, yeah, they're ready...they
really do have testimonies. Now on the other hand...
we have brother Leo Ramos who was scheduled for
a baptism on the 18th...I told Bishop that he needs to
interview all of the investigators with bap dates
so he knows them, and that they should be having
follow up interviews after their baptism- b/c that
wasn't happening.
I found out the Manat sisters (the Sisters assigned
to Manat area who I worked with a week ago when
I didn't have a companion for a day) well they said
that the family we taught- which they made me
teach the whole lesson because it was on priesthood
and I told them I wasn't super confident in my tagalog
skills Teaching that lesson...anyways so they made
me teach the lesson- and I started to cry as I bore my
testimony about Priesthood leaders and how important
it is to be a worthy priesthood leader (because the
dad is inactive) and talked about my Dad and how
he's always been worthy and it impacted my life-
and anyways, just taught about how great the
Priesthood is...the spirit was really strong...
SO could pop it! haha Anyways,
turns out for the first time after 3 months of teaching

him before, he went to church that sunday! I was so
happy to hear that  from the Sisters that normally work
in that area!
So...there was no sunday school teacher that
showed up to teach the Investigators and LA 
returned this week in church soo...guess who taught
the lesson? What the heck..yep I did.
I was a little nervous about talking in tagalog straight
for 45 minutes in front of a huge class...but it turned
out okay.
Really....I feel like a trainer more than a trainee
with Sis. V. which is a good thing I guess. I'm feeling
the pressure though. If the schedule gets messed up or
if we get lost its my fault...luckily that hasn't happened
yet, but it stresses me out a TON!
Also...I lead all the discussions now pretty much...
and teach all the LA lessons...which are not straight
out of PMG-so it really tests my tagalog skills...its crazy
...but good! :)
This sunday we also had a workshop for all of the
auxilaries in the ward. Guess who taught it? Yours
truly. Sis. V is really talkative- but when it comes
to teaching stuff...she shy's away yep...I taught
the workshop. Also bishop wants me to train
him and his counselors- and I layed my foot down
and told themsome things have to change's
kind of nerve racking having this much power...
I dont like it! :/ What if I mess up?'s long as the Lord is involved I
guess...we'll see... I've fasted many hours on what
to teach them though...I just want them to function
properly. Sis. V has served in 4 areas and she says by
far this is the worst area. hahaha.....thats why I
had such a shock initially maybe when I got here.
Anyways, life is good, we have more mtgs this week....
and a baptism for 2! yaya
Love you all,

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