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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bahala Na...And I Meant Bahala Na

Feb 27, 2012
And yes I meant bahala na...not bahala ka! haha

Whatever! Oh my gosh this week was filled with
SOOO many adventures...what the heck every
day is so awesome...I learn soo much every day.

Where to start...oh so at the service project we
had last week I think I forgot to mention a
funny experience...that had me laughing for hours...

so I really need to share it with you. So we have this
investigator...Leo Ramos...he came to the service
project and it was great because there were all
the high priests and men from the ward there....

so anyways afterwards Bro Mardane (friend- 25 yr old
rm...he's just great) and Sis. Fajardo and I and
Bro Leo were all standing around and I just asked
Bro. Leo,trying to make small talk or "chika chika"
as they call it here...haha...anyways I said "Kumusta
po ang naranasan mo ng ibang mga lalaki sa ward?" 
hahahahahaha I was trying to say "How was it hanging
out or intereacting with the other men of the ward?"

Instead I said "How was your experience with other men
in the ward?" he just replied "Ano?" or "What" and
Bro Mardane spit out his drink he was laughing sooo hard
...I immediatly busted up laughing tooo hahahah and
so did Sis. Fajardo it was so hilarious! I learned the
correct term is makapaghalobilo hahaha I'll remember
that next time! It was hilarious...Now that we have the
funny story out of the way...this week was great!
Mom. I received your cd's...they are perfect just what

I needed :)  ...ok not really needed but wanted! Also I
did receive the letters from Kenna! I cried when I saw
she mentioned me in her christmas letter that she handed
out to said she missed me! :) haha Sorry I
didn't write about it Kenna...I have a card in the mail
coming to you...and to respond to Steven & Shawn!

So you should be getting it shortly! :)
We had a funeral service for Sis. Esperanza Aquino...

first time I saw a dead person in the Pines...they spend
so much money on funerals, the coffins are all really nice....
what the heck? thats messed up that the nicest thing
they have in their lifetime really isn't even in their lifetime
...its when they die. Also, they put a plate with food and
water on her coffin for her to eat...that was a little 

weird...I guess they believe that it takes time for her
spirit to travel to heaven...i dunno.  The only member in
their family is Bro. we went to their house
and had a funeral service for him.  It was good, the spirit 
was there :)
Bro Briggs is now our newest member here in
Lingayen 1st ward!  Yay!!  Another Baptism!  We
plan on having 6 more baptisms this month...we'll see
if they all work out :) was a really happy
day,  all went well and he is happy.

Well...I have a new companion!!!  Sister Villavito!! 
She is soo magaling!  Oh my goodness I just love her! 
I have been really grateful that my companions have
been AMAZINNG!  She is my follow up trainer...but not
really because our area here is the 2nd largest area in
our  entire mission.  And I'm the only one who knows it
now...I'm in charge..i make the schedule...I tell the
trike drivers where to drop us off, and I am the one in
charge if directions and just...everything.  Scary thought
right?!  haha I know! :)  Anyways...I cried
when Sis. Fajardo left ...everyone laughed at me...the
members here in the ward, even though they're not
supposed to all got together after Bro. Briggs Baptism
and had a little party for her and made her scrapbook was really sweet.
They all really love her just as much as I do :) They all
laughed at me when it came my turn to talk about
Sis Fajardo and how great she is and I just cried. haha :)

Transfer we find out Wed. who is transferring-
we found out Sis. Fajardo then Friday Morning
at 4am we had to wake up and be ready for the jeepney
to pick us both up at 6am. Sis. Fajardo went to Urdanetta
to get her new assignment- which turns out she got
assigned to La onion...San Fernando Zone...malayo po iyon
...and I got dropped off with the sisters that work next to
us in Manat Zone. Sis. Martinez & Bristain. I got to work
with them for the day while they brought me my new
companion! haha It was much fun actually...they
made me lead all the was fun :) haha They
are soo great, and I got to see how they teach and just
pick up techniques and was awesome! Then I
found out Sis. Villavito is my new comp...ah I was soo
excited...she really is great. Her personality is way
different from Sis. Fajardo- she is more loud and out
spoken...but its great, because she's got the "go getter"
kind of attitude- a lot will be accomplished. I'm excited
for this next transfer. I'm expecting it to be my last in
this area :(  !!!!
Anyways, sorry this letter is short and sweet but I have

to respond to questions from the WML Dad forwarded me
and I also have to write a msg to our Newly called Mission
president- he arrives here July 1st...from Gilbert,
Arizona. Should be exciting, I'm really going to miss
Pres & Sis. Jensen though.

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