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Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh Hey...Just another week in the Pines

Tommy, Gloria, little Den Den and
investigator, Leo
February 5, 2012
Hey Family! So, another week has come and gone!
What a crazy busy week too filled with lots of fun...and interesting experiences!

This week is going to be a crazy one...I can't believe it...we have Tommy Ferrers baptism! He had his interview on Saturday and syempre, passed with flying colors!
Oh...I can NOT believe that Whitney is pregnant...she JUST got married right before I left...crazy how life goes on without me! haha Thank you so much

for sending that stuff in the mail! I dont know if it's healthy for all the Deet I put on...I put on this lotion stuff I found here, plus I'm mainly worried about the Permatox... Ibasically swim in it daily haha I spray my clothes with hopefully there are no permanent health problems because of it!I just got back from our ZoneActivity for this transfer-  it was soo much fun! We went
on a treasure hunt around Lingayen- We had to run different places and go through obstacle courses- look of different scriptures-it was soo much fun! Then we had a big lunch together!

I've made friends with Elder Evertt and Elder Laulu...we all speak English haha they are awesome- and yeah it was really fun this morning! I tried to attach pics- but this internet cafe isn't letting me attach them- you'll just have to wait till next week! Sis. Fajardo's mom sent us t-shirts from Cebu Philippines- so we wore our matching shirts! So last pday I got asked if I was half American- I just laughed and said yeah- I'm actually just American!

haha I took that as a compliment! :) This week we had once again, a record number of
members attending sacrament mtg again! It was awesome, once again, the chapel was full! :) People are starting to remember their covenant they made, and they're returning, it was awesome too because Bishop is telling them they need to be in shirt and tie now, so they're starting to dress like they're in church, we started on time again, AND we actually had a ward council mtg! It was so fantastic! We talked about our goals, and people are still being visited- and what they can do as a ward to help the retention of the LA's!

This week I had some new, very memorable experiences. When I was in high school I had a friend that used to listen to this song and I would always tell her jokingly but...for turn it off because it was inappropriate it goes "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was lookin at her..." etc...anyways its like this rap song that is catchy of course...but bad. haha Anyways Sis. Fajardo and I took a Trike to a new area we opened, Malawa- and it was like a 45 minute trike ride- it's our furthest area away- but we have a LA who is a focus for the ward that lives there. He used to be in a bishopric- and on the high council- he was sobrang magaling date, but now he totally fell away and has been inactive for a few years. Anyways, we attempted to visit him and I started busting up laughing sooo hard because here we enter this quiet  little town where there are a lot of people there on the street- and our driver is blasting music and as we pull up you here "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club was lookin at her" hahaha soo ironic I just said to Sis. Fajardo people are probably thinking "wow, here come the mormon missionaries!" haha and then I was studying flashcards in the trike ride and I turned it over and it said "damned" hahaha it was soo funny we just started laughing! :) We made it all the way to that area- and he wasn't there. We have a hard time here- it's not like America at all...they don't have phones- for the most part- so you don't ever schedule an appt really- you just show up and hope and pray that they're there. So here we traveled this whole way and he wasn't even cost $100 pesos too! And so...we asked if we could teach some random preach by the way a lesson right then and there, so we did. Then as we were leaving, he pulled up! Talk about a miracle! So, we got to teach him! He fed us a merienda and was soo kind- we got him to agree to come to church...well he said "I'll pray about it and do what the spirit tells me" haha well, that means he'll come! :) We'll see!

We taught the Dela Cruz Family...I love them! They are soo great but Bro. Juan drinks like every night...and it's a real problem for their family!  So...of course Sis. Fajardo and I talked to them about Word of Wisdom :) What a fun lesson- I'm getting good at teaching it because it's probably the hardest thing for people here to understand- likewise the US I guess! Anyways, at the end- I offered him a challenge. I told him I also have a weakness that I like- and if he is willing to give his up, I will give mine. No sweets! So- he agreed- we're doing this together and let me tell you, we're both going through withdrawls! haha 

Anyways, it will be over hopefully by the time I get my package so I can eat it! :) We also have another family, Brother Alberto Deguzman who has the same problem- only he gets like...wasted totally drunk every night, well we made him the promise that I would give up sweets and sis fajardo would give up kanin...rice... which is a HUGE sacrifice hahaha Anyways, he accepted- we'll see how it goes. He used to abuse his wife a lot- actually still does when he gets drunk- Alcohol ruins your life.  Not to mention we taught this lesson to some random people the other day. The one guy was totally wasted and drunk.

It was probably the most uncomfortable I have ever felt. He grabbed my arm, and then leaned in really close for me to kiss him. Then this other guy grabbed me. Then another guy was just talking really loud and saying "sorry sister, promise next time I wont drink or smoke in front of you". I just kept looking at Sis. Fajardo to leave- finally she did. I just cried as we left. That was soo terrible, it made me feel so disgusting, the spirit was totally not present. The one guy we were teaching- who was sober- just kept saying sorry sister, sorry sister- but it still made me feel so terrible! I hated that! Then he kept trying to give me his number...yeah it was just a terrible experience- but again, that's what the effects of alcohol do to you! Lots of crazy experiences- sorry that's all I have to say-
but I've run out of time! I love you all very much! The work here is soo great!
I am so lucky to be here, every day I just think "wow, I'm in the Philippines...half way around the world...speaking" haha

Anyways, life is good, hope it is all well there for you too!
Lagi na Mamahal,
Sister Kimberly Allen

One huge story I forgot to include that is soo important-When  Sis. Fajardo and I were running the other day- actually pretty much I just run and she stays at the end of the corner so she can see me hahaha    Anyways, we ran the other day and as we turned the corner she was like "Sis. Allen, did you see that white person?" And I just turned around and saw this really white person from far away. haha we ran back towards the end of our run and I just stopped and said hi and he said "wow, I couldn't believe it, I saw another white person here!" We just laughed, it was funny! Anyways I got to talk to him, I asked him if he knew anything about the church or heard of the mormons and he said yes! So that was that. I kept thinking about him all during personal study though and was wishing that I had had a book  of mormon with me or pamphlet or something...but I
didn't. So, anyways I took it over to their apartment afterwards- cuz I couldn't stop thinking about him! Later that day I ran into his sister form Ohio- I talked to them IN ENGLISH for about 50 minutes- got to know all about them, gave them a book of mormon and told them to look the missionaries up in America! It was soo awesome...anyways, I don't have time to  elaborate- just wanted you to know that cool experience- what is the chance that they'd be here at this time and so would I...things happen for a reason. Who knows, maybe I"ll never know, but the seed has been planted!
xoxoxoxo ulit!
Love Sis Allen

PS kari i'm sorry i didn't have enough time to write back again but
please keep the letters coming!


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