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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kumusta Ka?

YSAs @Jennifer Madind's house having FHE
We played the "spot flour" fun!
January 29, 2012

Hey Fam! Another week gone by- time is really starting
to fly here- I feel like it was just "p day"! We're preparing
 Tommy for his bap interview this coming saturday-
and then he'll be baptized next week-
Feb 11th! Last week we had 1 bap candidate- Tommy,

this week we now have 7! haha How that happened,
not really sure, but it looks like we'll be having more
baptisms Feb 23, Mar 5, and Mar 18! I cannot believe it-
all of them we've been working with for a while and
being patient- and this week it felt right to extend
bap dates to...we'll see what happens! :) Some of them
are under 21- so we need to get parental permission-
we'll see what happens.
To Answer your question mom, I started laughing so
hard cuz you wrote"Dear Sister Allen po ako" which
basically means Dear I am Sister Allen. haha ako means
"i" and po is just a form of respect you can add to
whatever- like "i hate you po" and its respectful that way
haha jk but kind of true haha :)
Anyways, before you send the package- um...they don't

have deet here-is there a way to send that? :)
there any way to send another bottle of that "big and
sexy shampoo"? I dont know if that is too hard or
expensive- if it is just let me know. My hair is falling
out big time though with the shampoo here...I keep trying
different brands- I even found pantene here- but it still
makes my hair fall out- not as badly though- I can deal with
it...will you still love me if I come back bald with mosquito
scars all over me?! haha
So this week we had many many miracles...again! I cannot

believe it We had 22 less actives attend church- and
12 investigators! As Bro. Ed Fernandez was giving his
talk and I was sitting on the stand b/c I am always either
chorister or pianist- he said "if you bring but one soul
unto me how great shall be your joy" and I started to have
tears come to my eyes at the thought of being on the
other side of the veil and seeing these good people there
too with their families. How great would be my joy!
The church was even more full and we ran out of chairs
once again- and we had to change classrooms there
were too many people- my eyes filled up with tears as
I had to go downstairs to a classroom and I entered it
and it was packed with our investigators and less actives
returned- it was such a great sight to see! :) They showed
a movie on ikapu or tithing- and it was Pres Joseph F Smith
back in the day- and they dubbed it so all these white
people were speaking tagalog- it was the funniest thing
I've ever seen- It just doesn't look normal for white people
to be speaking tagalog! It was funny too cuz last Pday
we saw this white man- and I just stared...and I  asked
Sis. Fajardo- what is he doing here? haha it was so funny-
I suddenly realized how everyone else feels about me!
The Reyes Family is becoming even more and more like

family- they had this ginormous crab! We named it Allen
because I freaked out when I saw it- it was still alive-
and it had claws- and it was climbing toward me...of course
I freaked out! haha They all just laughed! We boiled Allen
later that night- Sis. Fajardo ate her the next day haha!
This week Sis. Fajardo opened up our 3rd area since being

here- it's  a new turf- and we're finding all of these less
actives- we're the first to return in a very long time- and
many of them are anxious to return- have just forgotten
about the church or been lazy and just needed an
invitation to return! So many miracles we saw- from people
crying because they had lost their job- saying that they
were praying for some kind of sign of what to do or how
to make life better- and then we showed up- to new
investigators ready to hear the message of the Gospel-
it was great! Things are starting to change in the church
too now- we started sacrament mtg on time...not half an
hour late! And the hymns were already selected, the program
was run without flaws- the speakers had talks prepared-
they used a microphone when doing a confirmation so that
the people could hear! Others were there to help us set
up the chairs for sacrament- and most importantly-
couldn't believe it! When Sis. Fajardo and I went to visit
them they were all raving about how the bishop came and
talked to them and how special that made them feel- and
then The Galsiem family talked about Bro. Udtu and
Tatay Frederiko- and how they came and did their home
teaching to them. I couldn't believe it. My jaw dropped as
one day we heard that same comment 4 times- I could
seriously not believe it! They accepted the call we gave
them - they're acting on it now! Yay!!! And how happy the
people were to know they were cared about!
This Saturday we had a baptism! It was Brother Udtu- a LA-

well he is pretty active- he's the sunday school pres- but
his wife is totally inactive- and she is not interested in
the gospel at all- so last time we shared Alma 56 and how
important moms are for the stripling warriors- anyways-
his son was baptized. This was decided the night
before- the bishop interviewed him right before the bap-

the family wasn't even present for the baptism- and nothing
was planned out.
so...they still have a lot to learn here about how things run.
Anyways, we tried to make it as great of an experience as

we could! I just kept thinking about Gavins upcoming
baptism and how Logan and Jared and Steven had theirs
within the last few years and how great they were in
comparison- how lucky they are!
Anyways, the work here is so great! I love you all and I wish 

I had more time to write!
Boknoy Udtu's baptism

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