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Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Hey...Another Week...

This puts a new slant on "Lunch on the Go"

March 11, 2012

Hey Family! Another week gone by...what the heck...
it's goin by really fast.  Maraming maraming experiences
this week, it was a really great week.  So...Its been soo
fun to prepare Ken & Merla for
fun, I feel as if they're my own children, I seriously
care about them soo much, and it's been fun to watch
 their testimony grow over the past 4 months. They
really have testimonies, I can say that I really
feel contrent with letting them be baptized...they're
ready! They're baptism was such a happy day! Soo happy
because Ali Reyes, our recent convert that was baptized
in Dec...he was the one that got to baptize Sis. Merla...
that was a really cool feeling to watch him progress like
We went finding in a new area this week...over 4 streets
they have 40 inactive was crazy trying to
locate them, quite a few of them have died or studied
abroad now. That day we were close to Ken's house, and I felt
prompted to go and teach their family. Ken's parents are
inactive members, and according to Sis. Fajardo....they
don't have a desire to come back or listen to the missionaries
or anyone at all.  Well...I kind of forced my way in...
so we stopped by mid day..which I though, I dont really
know why I'm coming here because Ken is at school and
his parents are probably not even home. Well, they happened
to be home...and I pushed my way in their door practically. 
haha   We sat down and taught them! We got them to
agree to come to Ken's baptism....and Bro Sison (his dad)
even cried the spirit was really strong, it was a great
 experience ...he remembered a lot about the Gospel,
he has a testimony, he just got hard hearted unfortunately
because of some unfaithful- excommunicated leaders
they had in the past.  
Well...they came to the baptism, and at the baptism I
saw Ken's mom crying...she felt the spirit. So...we went
back and taught them last night...they're going to
start reading the BOM again...sana...and come to church
again...which they also came tochurch yesterday too!
Ah....another level ofhappiness really! :)
This week we also had a FHE at Bro. Hernani's house!
It was soo fun, the Reyes family came with us and I
made flash cards with pictures for the 10 commandments
and made a game out of it...and it was just all fun and
games. They fed us pancit afterwards for our merienda...i
 love pancit! :) At the end of  FHE Bro Hernani bore his
testimony (this is our investigator who is being baptized
on Mar 31) and he just said before...he just
wanted to know what we had that he was missing.  He
wanted to know why we were so happy...and now he
knows. Sis. Gem (his daughter) started to cry as she
talked about how she knows now she can see her Mom
again some day (because her mom died a few years ago). I
t was really sweet...I just LOVE them!
Let's see...we also went to Naguelguel this week,
and there I had for the first time an Inactive lady tell
me she wants her name removed from the church records.
Wow...I was soo taken aback...I pulled out 2 Ne 31:14 and
then told her its better for you to have never known the
gospel than to reject it after you have the truth. I told her
it's the worst mistake she could ever make in her life, and
 sayang po iyon (or thats a waste). The spirit was there
though...dont worry I didn't overstep my boundaries...haha
but she needed to know. Pres. Jensen told us to be
devestated and if there is nothing else we can say, tell
them the truth...and thats the truth. I started to
cry...I couldn't control it. My heart just sunk when she
asked me that. This poor woman has no idea what
she is doing. NO IDEA.
We had a PEC meeting...all the aux were present :)
Also...we had a pre-mcm and MCM meeting with
lahat ng auxilaries. Also...Bishopric counselors were
interviewed by bishop. Church was on time- peopel were
in white polos and ties. Oh by the way dad if you have
any extra ties or anyone there has ties...please send
them this way- they're hard/mahal to find here).
Anyways, the language is so tough...every time
I think wow...i'm good...i'm fluent...i hear something
new that I have no idea what they're saying. haha Its frustrating
too because Sis. V isn't as great at I can't
ask her what anything means really...I have to
figure it out myself. I miss SIs. Fajardo a lot...
she is soo great! :)  Anyways...I'm finding out that
I have had to be stronger this transfer...because things
are harder with different companions...lets
just say that :) But...dont get me wrong, Sis. V is great
...things are great...just different. People aren't
all as obedient... :)
Anyways I love you family and thanks for all!
Till next week!!



Top:  FHE at Bro. Hernani's
Bottom:  A gift from some great friends!
It took me 3 days to re-roll it...but it was worth it!


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