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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh Hey...What the heck...Another week gone by!

March 19, 2012
Oh Hey!!! Oh my
goodness it's crazy here...I cannot
even believe we're on week 4 now of this transfer
cycle. Ibig sabihin...(meaning) that I'm going to be
transferred in 2 weeks. I am trying to get everything
set up. They have what's called a "BR page" or a

book of remembrance page. All the elders and
sisters make one for each other, but then you're
also supposed to or expected to make one for
your fav families here that you serve. They all
want me to make one for them...and leave it is pretty much going to take up

my whole pday pero ayos's for them. I :)
I am really struggling with it though.
I know most likely I am going to be transferred,

but I really don't want to leave. Like REALLY don't
 want to leave. There is so much work here to be
done, and I'm worried if I don't stay it won't happen.
Bro Mardane (pretty much runs lingayen 1st ward)
and Bishop told me last night when we were talking
to them that I can't go...nothing will get
done. haha  :) That made me feel good...but

kinda bossy too haha anyways, it's true though...
they need someone to push them along, so
hopefully my replacement will push them too. I
have such a love for this ward though, everyone
here is soo great, and I just love them
all. Ah...its parang...they're my children
! :)

This week Sis. V and I got called to teach our

District Meeting workshop...It went well I was
excited. I made a little game for us and talked to
them about how important it is and how to get the less
actives to go to church. It was fun...I think it

went really well!  We taught the Galsiem Family
this week...they have so many marital
problems. She talks about how all their marriage

as their kids grew up she had to do all the work.
She worked, she took care of the house, and she is
tired because she's felt alone for so long. And now she
is paralyzed (1/2 of her body b/c of a stroke) and
she can't do it for herself and it's frustrating.
Wow...I just could really sympathize with her.
I will never settle for anyone who makes me feel that
way, or who makes me do all the work. Marriage is
an equal relationship.

This week we also found 10 more less active families.

One of them I was sooo taken-a-back because as I
was talking to her she said she was baptized when
she was 15 years old. She is now 39 and has children all
grown and just...hasn't been to church since she

was 15. She said an Americano came here, she listened
to their lessons, went to church 4 times, was baptized,
and then never went back. her barcada (or group
of friends) was all doing it, so she just joined in.

The missionaries and no one ever visited her after her
baptism...she baptized for the fun, and shame
on that Americana who just wanted a number for
baptisms. It makes me sooo galit when I hear that.

Grabe...she didn't even know who Joseph Smith was...
so I told her it was a blessing that she was baptized even
if she doesn't really understand why or what it means.
We will come back and teach her family together about
the Gospel....and told her because of that its a step in 
the tamang direction to being sealed with her family for
eternity. She was accepting...but she has no idea. It's
like starting over from scratch...really.

The other night Bro Mardane & Kenneth Sison came
to work with's a good thing he did. Seriously
we were walking in Quibaol Dike and all of a sudden
these dogs came running to me & Sis V....and
were about to seriously kill us haha...but out of

nowhere Bro. Mardane jumped in front of us and
just made a noise and it scared them away
and they turned completely around. Seriously

there is no other way that would have happened
had Heavenly Father not been protecting us.
Because they seriously were running towards us full

force teeth ready to bite was soo scary...Bro Ken
...14 years old just was all shaken up all of our hearts
were pounding soo fast. I am so blessed and grateful
Bro. Mardane came with us. Ah I just have a lot of
respect and love for him, he is soo great! I wish he

was the Bishop here haha :) Anyways...Bro Ken is our
recent convert. Oh my gosh when I first met him he
had his head burried in a book and wouldn't look at
you when he talked...would only whisper, and was just

so completely awkward. Now....he is working with us.
I taught him how to have a firm handshake now...
haha and he is conducting our visits...and bearing his
testimony, oh my goodness...I am soo proud of him.

He has grown soo much. Seriously, he's like my child
...I just love him! He bought me an
Angry Birds keychain to remember him by haha :)

Well, church attendance was great, meetings went

alright...I'm still struggling with bishop. He said we'd
have a mtg sat night at we went around and
walked to all of those peoples' houses to let them
know about the mtg...because they're poor and don't

have phones...then we got there and he texted us and
said he wasn't gonna make it. We would just have it
sunday.'s all good it's like D&C 3:3
says....the work of God can not be frustrated...

only the work of man.
Love you all and hope you have a great week!

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