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Monday, November 7, 2011

We Started a Legacy!

My pumpkins!
Make me smile every morning!
Me & Sister Sharp.  Her mom sent her a mask too in a package!  She put hers on so I had to wear mine too!
P.S.  Don't worry.  That's not my bed in the background.  This is Sister Ycmatts!
Me & Sister Morton dressed up for Halloween!

I'm lovin the treats!
 Actually I wrote Elder Davis' girlfriend a few times & she sent me the hot tamales & M&Ms.  I gave them to the Elders & they loved me!  Oh...& I'm eating Gee's popcorn she sent!

  Oct 28, 2011

O Hey Pamilya!

So this week was another awesome week!!!  Kari... thanks again SO much for the Halloween package...I have pics of us enjoying the food coming your way! haha :)  Mom thanks for EVERYTHING!!  Yes the only store  I have here is the bookstore so I purchase things quite frequenetly haha that and the Temple cafe when we eat breakfast every fri morning! name I did work for was Ada A. Allen from NY born in 1844.  I wonder if somehow we're related?  I was really excited we had the same last name!  I am wondering if you could possibly send me the copies that we have of the "As Sisters in Zion and We'll Bring the World His Truth" medley...I think we all want to sing that for our week that we leave the MTC and I'll be super careful with it and send it right back before I leave the MTC!  Also...random you think you could find the sheet music to the "Prayer of the Children" you remember me singing that song in choir?  um...I LOVE it and it kind of reminds me of the work I'm doing now so I wanted to sing it.  It's the one that goes like "can you hear, the prayer of the children, softly pleading...crying Jesus help me, to see the light again" somethng like that?  Do you remember it...wish I could sing it to you so you would know what I'm talking about.  It is SUCH a great song! you get my recording I sent  home too?  How was that?  Thank you for the packages, and thank you Dad for slipping your little letters and milkduds in them....LOVE it. :)
Mom to answer your question: my mission home is located in Urdaneta Philippines now, but it is still called the Philippines Baguio mission!  And they put it as that on my plaque too...I think.  So...I know you can send packages to the mission home and they have an address on the blog and a bunch of shipping info that Sis. Jensen put on there to let Moms know.  Just go to their blog and look.  I think it's  It should be titled "Buzz of Baguio" I seriously can't find out any more info right now about it cuz I have no access to the computers  and nobody here knows haha so hopefully that will help answer questions.  I can ask too when I get to the Philippines.  Also...don't forget I get to call you from the airport too when I leave!
Honestly this week was fantastic, but I don't have much to say.  I learned that the Filipinos use their lips to point to things and move their eyebrows up and down a lot haha..also...guess what?  Pres Monson sent me to pretty much the the texting capital of the world!  I will get to text message on my mission a LOT! yay! jk...but I thought that was funny!
I have been really sick this I'm back to 100% I think and good to go!  Sis. Morton also was sick for a portion of the week, so my nursing skills got put to use! haha :)
The language is obviously very frustrating...but kind of not at the same time, because honestly I"m doing everything I can right now, so I just have to trust that the Lord will take care of me.  I was thinking about it this morning at the temple and I just thought Wow...there is NO way if I was learning Tagalog on my own that I would be able to teach discussions and learn this much in 4 weeks!  NO WAY!  so we had the best devotionals/firesides this week.  Well actually they're all the best, but seriously Elder Donald L. Hallstrom came and talked to us and he was fantastic...I can't remember what his role is..I think he's one of the 70's.    He talked abaout whe he looked out and saw us that he didn't just see us.  He saw our posterity.  He saw all of the lives that we are going to affect, and the loved ones that care about us.  He said that even though this is just 18 months or 2 years of your life, every day hereafter will be shaped and cemented by your missionary experience and that we will be forever changed.  He asked us a question:  "Have you decided what kind of missionary you are going to be?"  I loved it...because serioulsy it's something we all should have decided or be deciding now before we actually get there.  It's mission is no longer 18 months.  Now it's 17 months!  How CRAZY is that?  Anyways, he kept talking about how this is our legacy.  I'm not just serving for me.  I'm serving for my posterity.  Then afterwards at our group devotional we talked about what it meant to us and as the words came to my mouth I realized that Kenna and I are the first to serve missions in our family.  Ever.  That is crazy...we started a legacy!  How awesome is that-

Well, Alam ko po na natatanggap po natin ang pahahayag sa pamamagitan ng pagbabasa ng aklat ni mormon.  That is what we taught about last night at TRC-  "I know that we can receive revelation through reading the Book of Mormon"   Anyways...mahal ko kayo!
Kapayapaan Salabas---peace out


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