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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Learning the Ropes...

Oct. 12, 2011

How cool is this?
Elder Bartleson bought 2 pictures;  the regular one of Christ
 and then the army of Helaman all cut out and he just
 glued the two pictures together.  It looks like
they're literally coming our of the heavens. I love it

Me & my mga sister!
L to R:
Sister Funaki,  Sister Maiava,  Sister Allen,  Sister Morton
Sister Vickers,  Sister Stromberg,  Sister Dennis, Sister Westover

Things are going great!  Today I taught our new progressing investigator, Joseph, a 75 year old widowed man.  He was so sweet.  I got really frustrated though because I can't communicate.
Bro. Cook talked to me during his normal scheduled time.  He said he's never seen someone come in here with as big of a challenge as I'm faced with.  He said that....and I immediately thought of Dad telling me..."You asked for it!" HA
Anyways, he said his recommendation would be for me to neglect my lessons & just learn Tagalog!
 He said spend about 10- 15 min.  on a basic outline for your lesson & just work on learning.  I have been running around all day trying to find an English to Samoan dictionary.  They don't sell it at the bookstore and my teacher & training leader said to try the international services.  They called a bookstore and said it was $42 and they didn't want to spend that kind of money.  She just told me that this would be good for me...I will learn patience.  Can I tell you how sick I am of hearing that?  Most people don't ever have to learn this amount of patience.  And to be honest...the last few days have been good...and I am a lot more patient.  Anyways- We decided to sit down & after tonight we are only going to speak Tagalog to each other.
Me, Sister Morton, Sister Funaki & Sister Maiava found a study room & decided we'd spend the next 3 hours learning ANG, NG, SA, MAG & I & Mayroon & a bunch of other verb conjugations & everything so we could start forming sentences.  I gave them a pep talk- & then I asked if we could kneel & pray together before we began.  I offered the prayer.  In English --&  after I said "Our Dear Father in Heaven"- I just stopped.  I couldn't say anything else- I tried to control my tears but the spirit was so strong.  After a long pause, I began again.  Asking for the spirit to be our teacher and the Gift of Tongues to be exercised.  I ended that prayer & everyone was in tears.  We all just felt the huge, overwhelming surge of the spirit. 
Anyways, life is good.  It's taken time- but my head is finally in the right place.  I just needed to forget myself.  Truly, that is the key.


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