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Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh Hey!!!

November 18, 2011

Me and My Girls!  My Zone!
L to R
Sis. Morton,  Sis. Sharp,  Sis. Ycmafl, Sis. Tamang,  Sis. Allen,  Sis. Blake

So...I WAS going to write something funny on the bubble...but then Elder Alldredge saw the picture & in all seriousness was like: "Wait, is this suppose to be a blonde joke?" haha "Cuz the bubble is empty."
It was hilarious.  I just yelled "Rude...No!"  and the whole class busted up laughing!  I thought Dad would think it was funny!  haha

This week was usual!  First of all I want to appologize for the phone call home yesterday!
My tooth was bothering me a litle bit and I'm just way paranoid about having dental work done in Baguio, so I went in and they said that they don't have any dental insurance here, and so they asked if I wanted to call
my mom to see if I could do to the dentist.  I wanted to say hey...I'm not a 19 year old boy...I don't need my parents permission lol but instead I thought ok, she wants to call my mom and I'd love my mom's opinion on if she thinks I should go or not.  I didn't know they were going to call and say Hi, can I speak to the mother of Sister Kimberly Allen, and make it sound scary!  I am so sorry if that freaked you out or if your heart dropped at all...that was not my intention.  And then she sits there and talks to you literally I'm within reach of the phone.  I was so tempted to just rip the phone out of her hands and start talkin!  hah  That was hard!  Well...I ended up going to a dental appt. yesterday to a place where they give free evaluations to the missionaries.  So the Dentist was really nice, they were mean to me and made me cry because they shot cold water at the tooth that's been bothering me to try and narrow down which tooth it was.  Turns out it wasn't the one that Sis. Schofield  (I guess Dr. Schofield)  said I might need a root canal on.  It's the one behind it.  He said that's normal and they put this de'sensitivity paste on it and said that they wished they had more time to work with me but honestly my fillings looked great and he did't think I'd have any problems.  It was kind of cool because then his assistant came in and talked to us about how her mission defined her and made her the person she was.  She said you will never find youself in a deeper, darker lonelier hole than that time, but somehow in the end you come out walking hand in hand with God.  At first I was like this message suppose to be uplifting...haha but it really did end up making me feel better!  It was kind of cool because when we were waiting for the shuttle to come pick us up from the dentist there were 2 elders going to Czech that just got here last week!  We got to talk to them.  They told us Tagalog sounded sweet and asked us to bear our testimonies or to say something, so we did.  Then we asked them.  It was amazing to me because I was once again reassured that we are on the Lord's errand.  They've been here a week and are totally able to bear their testimony and they sounded awesome!  It also was so great because I didn't even have to try and translate in my head like usual...I just knew how to say it!  It was great!  Then it was cool because we got in the shuttle and we stopped at another dental office and Elder Seuseu and Elder Bradshaw hopped into the shuttle  Haha ..that was awesome, a surprise... it turns out that Elder Seuseu has to have his wisdom teeth taken out today...poor guy!

On Wednesday, we got to be host missionaries!!!  It was soo much fun!  Actually it was kind of sad at first because we just stood there and watched all of these Elders and Sisters hug their families for the last time in 2 was really sad to watch, and it brought back a lot of memories.  But I know they'll be taken care of and watched over!  It was funny  because the Sisters I was next to were talking about how long they'd been here and how they're so sick of it and they just want to get out into the field and I asked them where they were going and it was state side.  I just laughed inside because I though...oh haven no idea! haha   They'd only been here 2 or 3 weeks.  I for one am really glad I got to be here for 9 weeks.  I am because...I would have had a terrible experience if I was only here for 3 takes some adjustment...but once you adjust to it, it is the best experience you could ask for!   I have learned so much, and made so many great friends!  It's funny because when Sis. Morton was hosting one of her Sisters she was crying hysterically and she appologized and Sis. Morton just said,'s ok to cry!  It's gonna happen again...actually like a lot here!  haha it was hilarious.  She said it jokeing...but let's be's the truth!

Now for a sad story...If you can keep Sister Sharp in your prayers, it'd be much appreciated!  She has been in and out of the Dr.'s  office for the past week.  She's had several scans and xrays done, and even an MRI done yesterday on her leg.  It all of a sudden started hurting  her in her tib-fib area.  She had kind of tripped up the stairs and thought maybe she'd sprained it...but it was hurting her.  I had her elevate and ice it...but told her to see the Dr.  She finally agreed to go, and they think it might be a growth.  Could possible be cancer. She showed me the xrays afterwards and it's crazy...something is definately there.  She may have to have surgery, and she may not be able to go with us to the Philippines next week!  Please keep her in your prayers!

For exciting news...WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS YESTERDAY!!!!!!!  I am so so so excited!  I could hardly teach last night I was so excited!  haha  So we leave here on Mon the 28th at 4:30.  We catch our first plane and arrive at the LAX at 9:10 pm.  The from there at 12:50am we catch our plane to go to Korea!!!!  how crazy is that...Then we will arrive in Korea at 7:15 am Nov 30th and 45 min later we have to catch our next plane to the Philippines and arrive there around 10:55 am on Nov 30th!  I am sooo excited, way nervous though!  I'm hoping since I am headed to Korea on the way there maybe I will get to go to Hong Kong on the way back.  Sis. Morton and her group are going to Hong Kong. I am actually the travel leader of my group...I'm in charage.  Makes sense give the person whose been on an airplane once the responsibility of being in charge...haha  I don't understand it, but hopefully my Elders will help me figure everything out.  Elder Davis, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Bell, and Elder Monteith, and Elder Kemmey have already promised me they'd take care of me!  haha  Between all of them...hopefully I'll manage haha   jokelang! haha

Last night at TRC I was pumped because we already had our travel plans...and it was our last night teaching volunteers...which is really sad, but exciting too...anyways we finished our lesson and Ty, the name of the person we taught, just said, your Tagalog is awesome, you're gonna be just fine.  I really, really needed to hear that.  Even if it wasn't gave me hope! haha insight I learned this week...Elder Tad Callister came and talked to us on Tues. for our devotional.  He is so great, and is so profound!  He was talking to us about the apostasy and how it was necessary and how it is so important that we teach this to our investigators, because they can't really understand  how our church is different from all of the other churches unless they understand the apostasy.  He then related it to the Bible and explained how the Bible would not have ended had there not been an apostasy.  Why else would God have stopped communicating with his prophets and apostles and children had there not been a reason.  It really put things in a new perspective for me.  I never thought about it.  That's why there is an end to the Bible...because the authority of God was removed from the earth.  It was then restored by Joseph Smith, when we were ready.  It gradually happened over time, because God wanted to ensure that it was not restored quickly, but carefully.  So that it would never again be removed from the earth.  Anyways, hopefully that was new insight for you as well.  I had never had it explained to me like that, and I definitely had an epiphany (sp)!

Well, I gotta go get my hair cut now...which I'm really scared about because every Elder I know that's gotten their hair cut's been way messed up...and how hard is it to cut a guys hair- Not that hard!  haha  We will see...hopefully they'll still accept me in the Philippines even if I look butch!
Mahal na Mahal Kita
Sa Susunod

My sweet cleaning glasses!

We love cleaning the bathrooms
for service!

Sis. Westover in her cute
cleaning "get up"

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