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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ahhhh, Sunday...A Day of Rest.......Not So Much

My 2nd District @ MTC in front of the Temple

  October 14, 2011

Well first of all...I like Dadalog a LOT better than Tagalog!  haha!  Your letters & box of goodies were much appreciated!  In fact...I'm still appreciating the rolo's as I'm writting this letter!
You asked me a little while ago what we did on Sundays...
Wake up @ 6:30 am.   Study time till 8:00 am breakfast.   Study time till 9:30 am when we watch Music & the Spoken Word.   Relief Society a@ 10:00 am.   11:00 am study time.   12:10 pm- District Mtg.   Lunch @ 1:00pm.   1:45 Sacrament Mtg. (which by the way you have to prepare a 5 min. talk for every Sunday.  They announce who will be speaking @ the beginning of the mtg!).   2:45 pm Temple walk with District.  3:35 pm Interviews with coordinating Sister.   Then study time till 4:30 pm choir practice.  5:45 pm dinner.  7:00 pm MTC Fireside.   8:00 pm Church Film.   9:00 pm Daily planning.   10:15 Quiet time.   Lights out @ 10:30 pm.
Every day is so planned out.  It's crazy trying to get everything done.  Even P-Day is like that.  But, It's good!
So, apparently I talk a LOT in my sleep!  I didn't think I talked that often, but since I've been here I've dreamed every night & been talking a lot.  This morning the Sisters were all laughing at me when I woke up.  They said last night I kept talking in Tagalog!   "Alam ka po na totoong pro peta po si Thomas A. Monson"...etc haha.  "I know that..............."  We were all laughing!  That' a good sign, right?  Talking in Tagalog in my sleep!
So I have lots of friends here Dad.   And yes, they're keepin me busy.  The Sisters are all so great & the Elders are like my Brothers. I love everyone!
Gee- I really miss your goodies & cooking!  I miss coming in and talking to you & Rusty
I know I'm on an errand, and I have truly lost myself in the work.  This is the Lord's time.


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