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Thursday, December 1, 2011

MTC MEMORIES 9-28-2011 TO 11-28-2011

T to B
Me & my black name tag,   Elder Montereith,  Sister Sharap really loved your cheese balls!,
Elder Sasagi and Elder Lausuasu with their 'stashes

T to B
Door knob- We duct taped a scarcrow inside our classroom so when you look in the peep hole this is what you see! haha
Elder Westerschow is a leftie!  We kept bumping arms
And....more studying! At least he's got the "Jesus the Christ" book on his lap!
Oh my I love them!  Elder Branshaw & Elder Bell sharing licorice!

T to B
My fav. part of this Sis. Morton in the background!
Me & Sis. Morton.  Sis. Sharp busted out her camera & took a picture because we didn't plan on praying the same way.  It just kind of happened! haha
Elders Hamson and Kemmy.  they're in my zone.  They'll be coming with me to Baguio!  Serving in the  same mission.
L to R:  Elders Bradshaw, Bell, & Sensen.  This is totally their personalities!

Sister Carr-  she just got here last week
& she's going to Baguio too!
Me and my Comp, Sister Morton
Statue at the MTC
T to B
Elder La'ula,  Elder Alldredge,   Elder Seuseu


Me and Sister Morton by the traditional map


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