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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ayaw Ko Po Mga Aso!!!! At....MALIGAYANG PASKO!

The Reyes family gave us real live crabs-
that was crazy they laughed as my eyes got big
when they started crawling out of the pot towards me...

(FYI My title says I hate dogs!) hahaha They are EVERYWHERE here! And they bark and chase you haha its okay though...I have not gotten bit yet. Sis. Fajardo says the umbrellas we have aren't for the rain, but really to beat the dogs away haha. True true.
To answer your maraming questions...Pureworks has saved my life...I actually am not even through with my first bottle yet, and you sent me with two. I'm thinkin 5 bottles could probably get me through my mission. I'm surprised, because I use it all the time, but it doesn't seem to be going down that fast. It's awesome. Maybe God is just blessing me with that tender mercy cuz he knows I need those every once and a while. haha As far as packages and letters go, I usually get my letters every week at district mtg, if they have a chance to get us the mail. All of our pkgs and letters go to the mission office in Urdaneta, which is about a 4 hr jeepney ride from whenever someone travels this way like a zone leader or ap, then we get our mail. I only get packages like...every 2 weeks I think...just again, whenever they can get it to us. To email you we just go to a local internet cafe- wherever we can. We just get to spend 45 min emailing and reading and then 15 min to write our white letter weekly to Pres. Jensen. So my pic was up on the buzz in baguio? Cute...haha They had us back up there this week for continued "New Missionary Training". We got pizza...and also had a mtg just to make sure we know the rules and everything about baptisms...etc. Also to make sure the trainers were doing their job. Don't worry about me not eating...I've found the treats and things I like here...nope...haven't lost any weight haha. And I've made improvised american food for my comp haha it's kind of fun to show her american things! I think...that answered your questions.
Well they had me speak in sacrament yesterday...that was fun...for everyone I'm sure. haha Everyone just kept saying Unang area sa iyo? talaga? Magaling sa tagalog! (First area for you? really? You're so good at tagalog? Seriously...they're all just way too kind. They know it's not true. haha I talked about Elder Jose L. Alonso's talk which, back home I probably never would have paid attention to, but now that I'm here, it has been very useful. It's about doing the right thing, at the right time, without delay. And fellowshipping non members and rescuing them. Which, is very appropriate! We need their help. There are 750 in our ward. And there are 2 of us assigned to it. Yep, we've got a lot of work to do with only about 150 of them active. Seriously without the missionaries, they'd have a hard time functioning. We got to church early, set up all of the chairs in all of the many rooms, got all of the books ready for all of the classes, and hymn books out. I played the piano as people started to come in. We cleaned the chapel, I led the music in relief society, Sis. Fajardo taught gospel doctrine, then afterwards we met with the RS pres again, EQ pres, had PEC, MCM, and then got to work for the day. We usually just bring a sandwich and chips with us that way we dont waste time. We don't need a lunch, just to be kept busy. Every minute counts here. So...yesterday we actually had like 7 men...ok really boys from the ward come with us to visit families, it really is a theme here.  All of the youth LOVE to be actively involved. Our ward clerk is 21. Our EQ president is 21- both just got back from their missions. Our assistant ward clerk is 18. The whole EQ Pres is under 21. Its crazy. At least they're all Elders- I had to ask though because they don't look old enough to be. Thank goodness for them though. One of the pics I sent was of some of them laying on the little kids' mats waiting for Sis. Fajardo and I to finish our comp study in the other room so we could get to work sunday after our mtgs. They're so great! They kept teasing me and were impressed that I could say araw-araw without sounding american apparently thats a hard word for most of us to get down.
Saturday Night was the Reyes Family interview to see if they could be baptized. They passed! haha Yay, we knew they would! They are going to be so strong and great! The whole ward is making a huge deal about it! On the 23rd we have their kasal (marriage) at 1:00, binyag (baptism) at 2:00, and then Ward Christmas Party at 3:00. What a day! See...I still do get my white christmas here...only we'll be dressed in white :) That will be my 6th baptism since I've been 2 weeks...and baptism isn't even our focus on the mission. haha CRAZY!
So...usually every thurs night we eat at the stake pres house, Pres Nick De Guzman. It was cute. They made fried shrimp, but then fried chicken just for me haha with katsup haha they were so proud they tried to americanize it for me. Still had rice though. haha Dinner was awesome until I saw a HUGE cockroach- we're talking the size of a small mouse crawl right next to my feet and across the kitchen floor. My eyes got huge I'm sure, but I tried to cover it up and no one seemed to notice. After we got out I told Sis. Fajardo and she just started laughing. That night on our way back from the Castillio house- we were walking through the wet market- next to the jail/ courthouse- and it's a darker alley way- don't worry Mom, I was safe- but all of a sudden I saw a cockroach and I started freaking out, then I saw like 20 more and they started flying- then I turn to the other side and I saw a HUGE rat crawl- and then a few more- I was hopping and running through the alley way and Sis. Rose (member &ward missionary) & Fajardo just started laughing at me and I was freaking out. It was funny. THEN we returned to our apartment. i went into our bedroom after daily planning, turn on the light and see this huge lizard on the wall. I screamed. haha and then when Sis. Fajardo got near it I swear it started flying from wall to wall. I just got on my bed and started jumping everywhere trying to get away. It was sooo funny. Then it ran out of the room so I hurried and shut the door so it couldn't get back in and Sis Fajardo was STILL laughing. Then I told her we had to find it. She said dont worry about it, lets go to bed. after we tried and couldn't find it. So that night was a rough night, I didn't sleep much. haha But again, I'm getting used to it now. hahaha
This morning we had our first District Activity @ 5:30 AM since I've been here! Oh my gosh it was fun! We went to the beach! We talked about Luke 15 the parable of the silver coins- and how even if you have 6 and loose the 1 how you still look for the one, and tell your neighbors and rejoice when you find it. They drew out areas in the sand for us and he said there were 7 silver coins- find them. First companionship to find them wins a treat. haha So we did- it took forever! Then afterwards he said dedicated to me, since he knew how hard it was to not have a white christmas with snowmen- that we could go build snowmen out of sand! so we built sandman and I wrote "Maligayang Pasko" merry Christmas! :) So, I attached that picture too!
This week we have a zone activity on wed- its our christmas activity, everyone is really excited about it! This christmas will definitely be different, but I have a feeling It will be my best one yet!
We taught a lot of great families this week. So many spiritual great experiences yet again :) Also, they are great woodcrafters should see some of the stuff. Pres & Sis. Jensen have a Captain Moroni that I want to get for you Mom & Dad. you would LOVE it! Super cheap too, of course. Your 12 days of Christmas keeps me going every morning Mom! I love the little things! I opened the paddle ball this morning- I'm sure that little Den Den in the Ferrer family would LOVE it so I think I'm going to give it to him next time I see him!
Pictures- soo many, The Reyes family gave us real live crabs- that was crazy they laughed as my eyes got big when they started crawling out of the pot towards me. haha It was fun to kill them haha . Also I have a pic with a group of kids- they just started following me...cuz I'm "Americano" haha We have the bridge that I walked on- that is like 2 poles wide- it was fun hiking in the jungle to the Ferrer family haha then lets see...I also have pics oh..the baguio sign...isn't that hilarious? They dont even know what cold is.
Anyways, I'm out of time but love you all dearly! I will talk to you on...I think Saturday for you! :)


Our first district Activity  @ 5:30 am.  We went to the beach.  It was fun!

Since they knew how hard it was for me to not have a white
Christmas with snowmen- we went and built snowmen out of sand! 
So we built sandmen and I wrote: "Maligayang Pasko"- Merry Christmas

A group of kids- they just started following
me...cuz I'm "Americano"

The bridge that I walked on- that is like 2 poles wide.

The Baguio sign...isn't that hilarious?  They don't even know what cold is!


People from the ward at Ward FHE
                                        Oh...and remember Maligayang Pasko!!

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