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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Souvenir That I'll Never Forget

Yes...that really is a car.....and yes....I really did get to ride in it!   
Jan. 13, 2013

Well...are you wondering what the souvenir was that I mentioned...that I"ll never forget?!'s the parasite that I got this week....yay. haha (that's sarcasm btw) Oh my goodness, I seriously thought I was going to die this last wed, thurs, & fri. I have no idea how I got a parasite....but I never want to experience that pain again. So....Thursday- I was running to the bathroom like...every 4 minutes. It was actually pretty funny, cuz my head hurt, and my stomach hurt really bad, but of course....we had to study! So...I endured personal study, trying to focus. And then....companionship study....okay...I'm the if I'm sick...there's no training. haha So....luckily we had little video segments that we had to watch from the PMG DVD's that they use, so I would play a segment...and while it was playing all of a sudden dash to the bathroom....then come back and by the time I came back it was over. I just sat down, acted like normal and asked "So, what did you like there that we can apply in our teaching?".....I didn't think anything of it until after studies and Sis. Valera and I just laughed thinking about that scene....even though I was trying to hide my wasn't working very well.  haha By the afternoon- I was even struggling to sit up. But...I said a prayer, because we had appointments that we needed to go to. By some miracle, I was able to work...but it only lasted a little while long...because by night time, we were at the Arenas families house and I just nudged Sis. Valera and told her she needed to close the lesson- I was starting to feel light headed and she said Later on that at that time I was turning white. I sat up and left their house and just outside I had to sit down on the dirt- I about fainted....ok...that's when I leaned my lesson and told myself that I really need to follow MOsiah's favorite verse. haha So...we started our walk home haha...there were no tricycles cuz it was dark at night and we were at one of the farthest parts of our areas. Luckily we saw the Melendez family, whom I absolutely love, and they took us by the pharmacy to buy busopan (cuz we thought that'd solve my problem) and drove us home. They're soo sweet. Even though they're so far away all they said was. "Just call us Sisters if you need anything." I just love them! They're some of the kindest people I've ever met. Anyways, Thursday, I seriously still wasn't able to sit we still had studies and weekly planning...but on our beds. haha That was a first time...because of course it's BAWAL....but it's least we still did what we were supposed to. NO rest for the wicked...right!?...isn't that what dad always said. just kiddin.
This week...Sis. Alvaro and Sis. Navarathna moved out to a different apartment....we were soo sad to see them go....our apartment is a lot quieter....but it's what President wanted...they had to find another apartment and move them so that they could become 4 sisters instead of 2 in Manat area, and 4 sisters too in binmaley area instead of just's soo great- with the lowering of ages, they have a LOT more sisters coming here...we're expecting an increase of 30 this march....sadly....It will probably not overlap my time here. :(

We also had Stake Conference here this last weekend, I was shocked when I saw another white person...then quickly realized that Pres & Sis. Monahan, and a new missionary couple that just arrived came!!! It was fun seeing them, oh how I love them! The best part about conference was..I got to see all of my dear family from Lingayen 1st ward!!! Oh my goodness....I was soo excited...they were surprised to see me again! We took soo many pictures....sad part is, I forgot my camera- so next week I"ll have to send all the attachments. OH my goodness....I was soo proud too when they announced the priesthood holders that were advancing to the Mel priesthood- and 4 of them I got to see baptized just last year when I was assigned in Lingayen 1st ward. It's hard to think of a more satisfactory feeling than see them advance in the gospel. I found out that 2 of them are working on their mission papers right now! :)

Anyways, this week was another great one. I do have to say at the area broadcast that we had this weekend, they announced the area focus this year for the filipines- and part of what Elder Teh said was they want to focus on tithing and fasting with every family- and also their goal for temple marriages with all their YSA here. Many of them just marry a non-member. Part of what he said was something about the effect of "There are 2 ways to get through life"....I immediatly thought of he always said "There are 2 ways to get through life....the hard way....or my way...the easy way. haha I just laughed at myself and I think thats what our Father in Heaven also thinks. There are 2 ways to get through life. His way- or the hard way. Let us choose the His way.
I am so grateful that...that I'm still alive..haha I am grateful that this week, even though it was different, it was a great week :)
I love you all and pray for you often!
Love, Sis Allen
P.S., If Sis. Morton's reading this... remember when we were still in the MTC< and we joked and said that if we got a parasite on the mission...we should at least get it toward the end of our mission- like the last 2 months before so that we could get skinny again. Yeah....that wasn't a funny joke. I never want to joke like that again. haha :)

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