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Monday, January 21, 2013

Malamig na dito sa philipinas!

Jan 20, 2013

Well hello there wonderful family! What another wonderful week here in the has been soo cold here...its probably only like 75 degrees...but i have literally had the chills at night time...i think I'm gonna have a hard time adjusting back to Utah weather...haha :)

This week we had another sister added to our area, we became a trisome...Sister Lagrimas was our companion, and we absolutely love her. We call her my "ampon" or my adopted daughter...she is very sweet, her companion got sent home- so she was without a companion- I am really grateful for this past week, and for the opportunity that we've had to be together, I just love her.

This "friend" left me....I'll spare you the details and just say that...I no longer have a parasite in my body....and I am feeling much Much better now that my 15cm white-pink worm is no longer in my body. haha

This week- we had a lot of miracles happen in Binmaley. First and foremost, I finally got the opportunity to have a workshop for the leaders here in Binmaley...and it was sooo successful.  A few weeks ago they announced the 2013 philipines area goals at a conference- and so we focused our workshop there. You have no was one of the clearest- distinct impressions that ihave had on my mission when I was brainstorming ways of how we can get the ward working and meeting the area goals- the impression came that we need to focus on families. So...we put a chart together so that every family in Binmaley ward can have a copy so they can keep track of their daily family scripture study & prayer, their weekly FHE, and their tithing & fast offering. Not to mention we presented the idea of organizing "FHE groups" according to where they life- so they can build relationships with the other members and in turn their goal is for every family to meet and pray together- as a family and pick one additional less active family that they want to rescue as a family. They are to invite them to their FHE will be composed of 4 or 5 families- and each month they will rotate which family is in charge. Also...we put together a study plan for the ward to all be on the same page. Because sometimes, even the active members don't do everything that they really should be doing. As in the mission field, i have had some pretty strong impressions come from the spirit...but as the spirit whispered that we need to develop a step-by step plan for them and focus on families- the prompting was soo strong and clear- so I know this plan will be successful.  This next Thursday we have a ward FHE scheduled- so we will announce our plan to the whole ward. We announced it a little bit last Sunday- but that was just a sneak preview- we'll have printouts and tools to help them change and grow a firmer testimony. This Saturday we also have a RS VT workshop scheduled with the RS. We got to finally have a meeting with the RS presidency yesterday and we're getting the VT worked out. I also suggested to the RS president that we organize meaningful rs activities for them- like doing a family home evening chart they can put on the wall...or making a 'quiet book' so their kids can flip through it in sacrament time- they're used to just activities where they all get together and needs to have more meaning. Anyways...this last Sunday was busy...we also taught the primary class about being a 'child of God'- then about 5 min before sacrament meeting started they asked me to be the speaker- for about 20 min...Sis. Valera and Sis. Lagrimas just gave that assignment to me...haha so that was fun. It has just been a really busy week- but we have got so much accomplished. I am really grateful too because I don't know if I will be the one transferred this week- or if Sis. VAlera will be. It will be a surprise for both of us. She has finished her training program this week- so we know we will be saying goodbye. I will be sad to see her go- I've really loved it this last week because we didn't have enough beds for 3 of us- so Sis. Lagrimas is in the nice bed- and Sis. Valera and I took the its been more of like a 'slumber party' than anything- ah how I will miss her. She will do great things for Baguio, that's for sure. She is trained. She is ready...and I can't wait to see what she does while she's here.

We also had to laugh because one of our preach by the ways yesterday- were to teenage girls and their names were "kimberly & camille'....that's mine and Sis. Valeras' names. haha :) it was cute...lets see...we also got chased by dogs again...and had 8 dogs surround us...i seriously thought i was going to get's a miracle we didn't. haha all that kept flashing through my mind as i was waving my umbrella at them was 'rabies' 'rabies''s true...all the adventures come towards the end of your mission. haha
Anyways I'm out of time. I love you very much....and i attached the forms...which are simple---but you can see what we're doing with the ward
till next week

Reunion with the Reyes family.

The Lopez family.

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